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St. Louis Union Station

The 2018 members meeting, Gateway Rails, is at St. Louis Union Station. See the complete agenda. We have people registered from 27 states and one from Sweden.

Railroad History 218: "Inside EMD"

In the spring-summer 2018 issue of Railroad History 218, we begin a multi-part series by Preston Cook, "Inside EMD," a step-by-step look at the locomotive manufacturing process. Turning to another industrial giant, we examine the railroads of Ford Motor Company's River Rouge plant at Dearborn, Mich., thought to have been the biggest industrial railroad in the world. We also step back to the 19th century with three articles on noteworthy surviving locomotives.

The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society, Inc., founded in 1921, is the oldest railroad history organization in North America, and among the first anywhere to pursue formal studies in the history of technology. The Society promotes research and encourages preservation of documentation and photography of business history, finance, labor history, biography, and technology. The 2018 members meeting is May 31-June 3 in St. Louis.

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