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Book Reviews

Here are presented copies of every book review published in Railroad History and its predecessor the R&LHS Bulletin through 2008. The first book reviews began to appear in 1934, and the number per issue has steadily increased until currently there are usually 25 or more reviews per issue. The table below lists all reviews in alphabetical order of author's names.

Note: Abbreviations used in Reviewer column: G. M. B.: Gerald M. Best; H. H. H.: Herbert H. Harwood, Jr.; J. H. W.: John H. White, Jr.; R. C. P.: Robert C. Post

The year of publication is not shown in review headers in Bulletins No. 120 and earlier and is missing in some later others. Where missing in the review header, this table shows the year of publication of the review as the two-digit year preceded by "R-."

AuthorTitle / [Subject]Year
Abbey, Wallace W.The Little Jewel: Soo Line Railroad Company and the Locomotives that Make It Go1984Don L. Hofsommer154
Abdill, George B.This Was Railroading [Pictorial]R-59  100
Abdill, George B.Pacific Slope Railroads [Pictorial]R-60  102
Abdill, George B.Rails West [Pictorial]R-61  105
Abdill, George B.Civil War Railroads [Pictorial]R-62  106
Abdill, George B.Civil War Railroads: A Pictorial Story of the War Between the States, 1861-18651999H. Roger Grant182
Adler, Dorothy R.British Investment in American Railways, 1834-18981970John F. Stover125
Adley, RobertTo China for Steam [Contemporary]1984Ralph W. Huenemann153
Ahearn, Robert G.Rebel of the Rockies [Denver & Rio Grande Western RRR-63 108
Albert, Dave and
Melvin, George F.
New England Diesels [Pictorial]1977E. D. Galvin138
Albi, Charles and
Jones, William C.
Otto Perry: Railroad Photographer [Mainly D&RGW and UP]1982Ralph Greenhill150
Albi, Charles et al, eds.Railroading in the Rockies a Half Century Ago
[Three remembrances of railfan trips]
1990David H. Hickox164
Albi, Charles et al, eds.Dreams, Visions and Vishionaries(Colorado Rail Annual No. 20)
[Variety of articles]
1993Mark Hufstetler171
Albi, Charles et al, eds.Journeys Through Western Rail History (Colorado Rail Annual No. 22)
[Variety of articles]
1997Keith L. Bryant, Jr.178
Aldrich, MarkSafety First: Technology, Labor and Business in the
Building of American Work Safety, 1870-1939
1997Frederick C. Gamst178
Aldrich, MarkDeath Rode the Rails: American Railroad Accidents and Safety, 1828-19652006Imre E. Quastler195
Alexander, E. P.Iron Horses [Pictorial]R-42  58
Alexander, Edwin P.The Pennsylvania Railroad -- A Pictorial HistoryR-48  73
Alexander, Edwin P.American Locomotives, 1900-1950R-51  82
Alexander, Edwin P.Down at the Depot; American Railroad Stations from 1831 to 1920R-70H. H. H.123
Alexander, Edwin P.On the Main Line -- The Pennsylvania Railroad in the 19th Century [Pictorial]R-71Herbert H. Harwood, Jr.125
Alexander, James R.Jaybird: A. J. Moxham and the Manufacture of the Johnson Rail [Street railway rail]1991Carol Poh Miller166
Allen, Cecil J.Modern Railways [Emphasizes British Railways]R-60  103
Allen, G. FreemanThe Fastest Trains in the World1979Bill Withuhn142
Allen, G. F.Luxury Trains of the World1979John H. White143
Allen, Richard SandersCovered BridgesR-58  99
Allen, Richard SandersCovered Bridges of the Middle Atlantic StatesR-60  103
Allen, Richard S. et alRails in the North Woods: Histories of Seven Adirondack Shortlines1973Rodney H. Peterson131
Allhands, J. L.Gringo Builders [Building of the St. Louis, Brownsville & Mexico RR]R-38  46
Allhands, J. L.Boll Weevil: Recollections of the Trinity & Brazos Valley Ry.R-48  73
Alvarez, EugeneTravel on Southern Antebellum Railroads 1828-18601975J. H. W.133
Amberger, Ron, Barrett,
Dick and Marling, Craig
Canal Boats, Interurbans and Trolleys: The Story of the
Rochester Subway [New York]
1985James Henwood156
Ambrose, Stephen E.Nothing Like It in the World: The Men Who Built
the Transcontinental Railroad 1863-1869
2000John Gruber185
Ames, Gregory P.Old Maud -- A Life and Times: America's Pioneer Mallet [B&O]2006Craig F. Ash199
Anderson, Garry W.Canadian Pacific's Trans-Canada Limited (1919-1930)1990Fritz Lehmann165
Andreae, ChristopherLines of Country: An Atlas of Railway and Waterway History in Canada1997Leslie S. Kozma179
Andrews, Cyril BruynThe Railway Age [Early British Ry. history]R-38  46
Angier, Jerry
and Cleaves, Herb
Bangor and Aroostook: The Maine Railroad1986George F. Merriam158
Angus, FredLoyalist City Streetcars: The Story of Street Railway Transit
in Saint John, New Brunswick
1979Comm. James Plomer142
Arbuckle, J. W.Cowan Pusher District and Tunnel [NC&SL]1995Robert H. Hanson173
Arbuckle, J. W.
and Shook, Alan C.
The Mountain Goat [Tracy City branch of NC&SL]1977Richard G. Prince169
Archer, Robert F.A History of the Lehigh Valley Railroad1977H. H. H.138
Armstrong, John H.The Railroad: What It Is, What It Does, the Introduction to Railroading1990Arthur M. Bixby, Sr.170
Arnesen, EricBrotherhoods of Color: Black Railroad Workers and the Struggle for Equality2001Kornweibel, Thomas, Jr.186
Arnold, BessUnion Pacific: Crossing Sherman Hill and Other Railroad Stories
[Reminscences from Wyoming]
1999H. Roger Grant182
Asay, JeffUnion Pacific Northwest: The Oregon-Washington
Railway & Navigation Company
1991Howard B. Durham168
Aspin, B. TerryFoundrywork for AmateursR-55  93
Assn. of American Railroads, pub.Railroads in Defense and WarR-54  90
Atkins, PhilipThe Golden Age of Steam Locomotive Building [Great Britain, 1850-1960]1999John H. White, Jr.185
Australian Railway Hist. Soc.A Century Plus of Locomotives [Australia]R-67  116
Avery, Carlos P.E. Francis Baldwin, Architect: The B&O, Baltimore, and Beyond [1870s-1916]2003Carol Poh Miller190
Baer, Christopher T., Coxey
William J. and Schopp, Paul W.
The Trail of the Blue Comet: A History of the Jersey Central's
New Jersey Southern Division
1994Herbert H. Harwood, Jr.172
Bagwell, Philip S.The Railwaymen: The History of the National Union of Railwaymen, Vol. 2:
The Beeching Era and After [UK]
1982Frederick C. Gamst154
Bailey, Michael R., ed.Robert Stephenson, Eminent Engineer2003J. H. White, Jr.191
Bain, David HawardEmpire Express: Building the First Transcontinental Railroad2000John Snyder185
Bain, David HawardThe Old Iron Road, and Epic of Rails, Roads and the Urge to go West2004Larry Duffee192
Ball, Don, Jr.The Pennsylvania Railroad, 1940s-1950s [Pictorial]1986James N. J. Henwood158
Baker, George P.Formation of the New England Railroad Systems1937  78
Baker, John E.Winnipeg's Electric Transit: The Story of Winnipeg's Streetcars and Trolley Buses1982James Plomer150
Baker, Stanley L.The Railroadiana Collector's Price Guide1977S. A. Wrabel137
Baldwin Loco. Works, pub.Baldwin Records of Recent Construction, Nos. 56, 72 and 79R-63  109
Baldwin Loco. Works, pub.The Story of Eddystone [orig. pub. 1928]1974H. H. H.132
Ball, Don, Jr.Portrait of the Rails [Pictorial, 1945-1970s]R-73Herbert H. Harwood, Jr.128
Ballard, Charles L.Metropolitan New York's Third Avenue Railway System2005Tommy Meehan195
Ball, Don, Jr. and
Whitaker, Rogers E. M.
Decade of the Trains: The 1940s1977H. H. H.138
Bang, Robert A. et alForgotten Railroads Through Westchester County2007Tommy Meehan198
Bardwell, John D.The Diary of the Portsmouth, Kittery and York Electric Railroad1986Edward D. Galvin156
Barger, Ralph L.A Century of Pullman Cars. vol. 1: Alphabetical List1988Richard G. Prince161
Barger, Ralph L.A Century of Pullman Cars. vol. 2: The Palace Cars1988Richard G. Prince164
Barnes, Catherine A.Journey from Jim Crow: The Desegregation of Southern Transit1983Jeffrey Mora154
Barnes, E. G.The Rise of the Midland Railway, 1844-1874R-67  116
Baron, Steven M.Houston Electric: The Railways of Houston, Texas1996Richard L. Allman178
Barr, Howard N. and
Barringer, William A.
Q: The Definitive History of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company's
Q-Class Mikado Locomotives
1978Alan Stout139
Barrett, Ada LouiseGeorge Stephenson, Father of RailwaysR-49  78
Barrett, Richard C.The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Railroad Lighting, vol. 1: The Railroad Lantern1994Byron W. Stutzman172
Barrett, Richard C.Souvenir Guide to the New York Museum of Transporation
and the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum
1995Richard G. Prince174
Barrett, Richard C.Boston's Depots and Terminals: A History of Downtown Boston's Railroad Stations1996Frank Kyper176
Barrett, Richard C.
and Gross, Joseph
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Railroad Lighting, Volume Two:
The Railroad Signal Lamp
1999Sarah H. Gordon183
Barrie, D. S.Modern Locomotives of the London, Midland & Scottish Ry.R-38  46
Bartels, Michael M.Missouri Pacific: River and Prairie Rails -- The MoPac in Nebraska1997Keith L. Bryant, Jr.179
Bartels, MikeThe C&NW Cowboy Line [Wyoming]1998LeRoy O. King, Jr.180
Bartels, Michael M.Rock Island Town [Fairbury, NE]1999Bob Crane182
Bartels, Michael M. and
Reisdorf, James J.
Ghost Railroads of Nebraska -- A Pictorial2001John F. Stover188
Bartky, Ian R.Selling the True Time: Nineteenth Century Timekeeping in America2000H. Roger Grant184
Bates, Beth TompkinsPullman Porters and the Rise of Protest Politics in Black America, 1925-19452001Simon Cordery186
Baughman, James P.Charles Morgan [Steamboat man]R-68  119
Baxter, Raymond J.
and Adams, Arthur G.
Railroad Ferries of the Hudson and [the] Stories of a Deckhand1987George W. Hilton158
Beauregard, Mark W.Railroad Stations of New England Today, Vol. 1 --
The Boston & Maine R. R. [Pictorial]
1979Herbert H. Harwood, Jr. 142
Beberdick, FrankChicago's Historic Pullman District [Pictorial]1998John Austen182
Beckham, W. Forrest, Jr.
and Langley, Albert M., Jr.
Central of Georgia Railway Album1986Richard G. Prince159
Bednar, MikeLehigh Valley Railroad -- The New York Division1993Dan Cupper173
Bednar, MikeLehigh Valley Railroad: The Wyoming and Buffalo Division2003Scott E. Randolph192
Bedwell, HarryThe Boomer [Fiction]R-43  61
Bedwell, HarryThe Boomer, A Story of the Rails [Republication]2006Neill Herring196
Beebe, LuciusHigh Iron [Pictorial]R-39   49
Beebe, LuciusHighliners [Pictorial]R-40  52
Beebe, LuciusTrains in Transition [Pictorial]R-42  58
Beebe, LuciusHighball [Pictorial]R-46  67A
Beebe, LuciusMansions on RailsR-60  103
Beebe, LuciusMixed Train DailyR-62  106
Beebe, Lucius20th Century [The New York Central "Limited"]R-62  107
Beebe, LuciusThe Central Pacific & The Southern Pacific RailroadsR-63  109
Beebe, LuciusThe Overland LimitedR-64  110
Beebe, Lucius with photos
by Clegg, Charles M., Jr.
Mixed Train DailyR-47Richard C. Overton71
Beebe, Lucius and Clegg, Chas.Virginia & Truckee, A Story of Virginia City and Comstock TimesR-49  78
Beebe, Lucius and Clegg, Chas.Legends of the Comstock LodeR-50  81
Beebe, Lucius and Clegg, Chas.Hear the Train Blow [Pictorial, general]R-53  88
Beebe, Lucius and Clegg, Chas.Steamcars to the Comstock [Virginia & Truckee and Carson & Colorado RRs]R-57  97
Beebe, Lucius and Clegg, Chas.Narrow Gauge in the RockiesR-58  99
Beebe, Lucius and Clegg, Chas.Rio Grande, Mainline of the RockiesR-62  107
Beebe, Lucius and Clegg, Chas.Virginia & TruckeeR-63  109
Beebe, Lucius and Clegg, Chas.The Trains We RodeR-66  114
Beebe, Lucius and Clegg, Chas.The Trains We RodeR-67  116
Bendersky, JayBrooklyn's Waterfront Railways: A Pictorial Journey1988Theodore W. Scull164
Benson, Gary J.The Art of Railroad Photography: Techniques for Taking Dramatic
Trackside Pictures
1993Ted Wurm171
Berge and LoftusDiesel Motor TrainsR-50  81
Berger, Terry
and Reid, Robert
Great American Scenic Railroads1985Carol Poh Miller154
Berglund, LeeWheat Belt Route: Wichita Northwestern: The Story of a Dust Bowl Railroad1998Keith L. Bryant, Jr.181
Bell, J. SnowdenThe Early Motive Power of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad [orig. pub. 1912]1975Howard N. Barr, Sr.134
Berg, Walter G.Buildings and Structures of American Railroads, 1893 [Reprint, orig. pub. 1893]1977H. H. H.137
Berk, GeraldAlternative Tracks: The Constitution of American Industrial Order 1865-1917
[Theories of industrial organization]
1994Robert C. Post171
Bernhart, Benjamin L.The Derailment of the Congressional Limited:
Pennsylvania's Worst Railroad Disaster
2007Dan Cupper198
Bessette, Richard P.Rods Down and Dropped Fires: Illinois Central in the Steam Age in Perspective2004Elsie Voigt192
Best, Gerald. M.Minisink Valley Express [Port Jervis, Monticello & NY RR, part of NYO&W]R-56  95
Best, Gerald. M.Ships and Narrow Gauge Rails, The Story of the Pacific Coast CompanyR-64  111
Best, Gerald. M.Nevada County Narrow GaugeR-65  113
Best, Gerald. M.Snowplow -- Clearing Mountain RailsR-67  116
Best, G. M., cplr.Locomotives of the Dickson Manufacturing Co.R-67  116
Best, G. M.Mexican Narrow GaugeR-69  120
Best, Gerald M.The Ulster & Delaware -- Railroad Through the CatskillsR-73Thomas B. Annin128
Best, Gerald M.Railroads of Hawaii:...Narrow and Standard Gauge Common Carriers1978Henry E. Bender, Jr.140
Best, Gerald M.The Pacific Coast Company: Ships and Narrow Gauge Rails (Reprint edition)1997James L. Martin179
Bezilla, MichaelElectric Traction on the Pennsylvania Railroad, 1895-19681980Bill Withuhn144
Bezilla, Michael and Rudnicki, JackRails to Penn State: The Story of the Bellefonte Central2007Frederic H. Abendschein198
Bianculli, Anthony J.Trains and Technology: The American Railroad in the Nineteenth Century --
Volume 1: Locomotives
2001Robert S. Butler186
Bianculli, Anthony J.Trains and Technology: The American Railroad in the Nineteenth Century --
Volume 2: Cars
2002Steven G. Collins187
Bianculli, Anthony J.Trains and Technology: The American Railroad in the Nineteenth Century --
Volume 3: Track and Structures
2003Byron W. Stutzman189
Bianculli, Anthony J.Railroad History on American Postage Stamps2004David Oliver192
Bickel, Alexander M.The Unpublished Opinions of Mr. Justice BrandeisR-58  98
Bickleman. Eric J.The Story of the Stewartstown Railroad: The History of a Little Railroad
That Refused to Die
1995Herbert H. Harwood, Jr.178
Biddle, GordonGreat Railway Stations of Britain: Their Architecture, Growth and Development1986R. A. Buchanan157
Biernacki, Daniel G.Erie USRA Heavy Pacifics1992H. Roger Grant168
Biondi, Arnold S. and
Lyman, Frederick W.
Abandoned Railroads in Maine: Their Potential for Trail Use1973Bill Withuhn130
Black, Robert C., IIIThe Railroads of the ConfederacyR-53  88
Black, Robert C., IIIThe Railroads of the Confederacy [2nd Edition]1998John F. Stover180
Black, William R.Railroads for Rent: The Local Rail Assistance Program [Contemporary]1986John F. Due156
Blanchart, Charles et alLe Rail au Congo Belge, Vol. 1, 1890-1920 [Belgian Congo]R-95AugustusJ.Veenendaal,Jr.173
Blassingame, WyattGreat Trains of the WorldR-54  90
Bobrick, BensonLabyrinths of Iron: A History of the World's Subways1981James N. J. Henwood149
Bock, Hans and
Garrecht, Franz
Julius Dorpmüller: Ein Leben fur die Eisenbahn
[Bio of top German Ry. official, 1926-1945]
1996Alfred C. Mierzejewski176
Bodkin, OddsThe Banshee Train [Children's book]1995Bill Withuhn173
Bogart, Mary HattanConquering the Appalachians2000LLewellyn C. Davis184
Bohi, CharlesCanadian National's Western Depots1978Herbert H. Harwood, Jr.140
Bohi, Charles W.
and Kozma, Leslie S.
Canadian Pacific's Western DepotsR-94George E. Pettengill170
Bollinger, Edward T.Rails That Climb: A Narrative History of the Moffat Road
[Denver & Salt Lake Ry.]
1979Stephen F. Mehls144
Bonavia, Michael R.Twilight of British Rail? [Critique of post-1948 policy and management]1985R. A. Buchanan155
Bonavia, Michael R.The Nationalization of British Transport: The Early History of the
British Transport Commission, 1948-1953
1987R. Angus Buchanan159
Bonds, Russell S.Stealing the General - The Great Locomotive Chase
and the First Medal of Honor
2006David C. Lester 196
Boner, Harold A.The Giant's Ladder [David Moffat and the Denver, Northwestern & Pacific RR]R-63  108
Booker, FrankThe Great Western Railway: A New History (2nd ed.)1985George W. Hilton153
Booth, DerekRailways of Southern Quebec, Volume I1982Robert B. Shaw149
Booth, DerekRailways of Southern Quebec, Volume 21985Robert B. Shaw154
Borchart, JoachimDer Europäishce Eisenbahnkönig Bethel Henry Strousberg
[Prussian railway tycoon]
Borgnis, Mervin E.The Nearside Car and the Legacy of Thomas E. Mitten
[1911-built street railway car]
1994James N. J. Henwood174
Borzo, GregThe Chicago "L"2007David Hart Nelson199
Borzoch, Jerry, Polaritz
Jack, and Sparico, Joe
Freight Car Equipment of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad,
Vol. 1: P&LE's Gondola Cars
2004Matthew Hiner193
Borgnis, Mervin E.An Inside Story of PRT and PTC, 1930-1957 [Philadelphia]1995James N. J. Henwood174
Bosley, PeterLight Railways in England and Wales1990R. Angus Buchanan165
Botkin, B. A. and
Harlow, Alvin F.
A Treasury of Railroad FolkloreR-54  90
Bower PeterTwo Divisions to Bluewater [Canadian National lines in Ontario]1983James Plomer150
Bowman, CharlesThe White Plume [Pictorial; Britain, West Germany, Canada]R-77James Plomer137
Bowman, Hank WieandPioneer RailroadsR-54  91
Boyd, JimOutbound Trains: In the Era Before Mergers2005Jeremy F. Plant195
Boynton, James E.4-10-2: Three Barrels of SteamR-74H. H. H.130
B&M RR Hist. Soc., Inc.Mountains, Moguls and Memories [Boston & Maine Pictorial]1979Richard F. Dole144
Bradley, George K.Fort Wayne's Trolleys, 1870-1963R-64  110
Bradley, George K.Fort Wayne and Wabash Valley Trolleys1983John P. Stover150
Bradley, George K.Indiana Railroad: The Magic Interurban1991Arthur L. Lloyd170
Bradley, George K.Northern Indiana Railway1998George W. Hilton182
Bradley, Glenn D.The Story of the Santa Fe [Pioneer 1920 scholarly study of the AT&SF]1995Keith L. Bryant, Jr.174
Bradley, James T.North American Locomotive Production, 1968-1989 [Locomotive rosters]1989Col.D.A.Woodworth,Jr.163
Bramson, Seth H.Speedway to Sunshine: The Story of the Florida East Coast Railway1984James Henwood155
Brasher, Larry E.Santa Fe Locomotive Development: The Journey to
Supreme Steam and Pioneer Diesel
2006J. Parker Lamb198
Bridgers, Captain Henry C., Jr.East Carolina Railway: Route of the Yellow-HammersR-74C. K. Marsh, Jr.130
Brill, DebraHistory of the J. G. Bill Company2001Jeffrey Mora187
Brinckman, JohnPemberton and Hightstown: A Chronicle of Railroading Through
the Farm Belt of New Jersey
1987James N. J. Henwood158
Brockmann, R. JohnClear the Tracks [Autobiography of a locomotive engineer]R-44  64
Brockmann, R. JohnTwisted Rails, Sunken Ships: The Rhetoric of Nineteenth Century
Steamboat and Railroad Accident Investigation Reports, 1833-1879
2005Scott E. Randolph194
Bromley, JosephClear the Tracks [Autobiography of a locomotive engineer]R-44  64
Brough, Lawrence A.
and Graebner, James H.
From Small Town to Downtown: A History of the Jewett Car Company, 1893-19192003James N J. Henwood191
Brouws, Jeff and
Delvers, Ed
Starlight on the Rails [Classic nighttime railroad photography]2000Norris Pope188
Brouws, JeffA Passion for Trains: The Railroad Photography of Richard Steinheimer2004Norris Pope192
Brown, D. AlexanderGrierson's Raid [Civil War, Union cavalrymen, 1863]R-55  92
Brown, Daniel JamesUnder a Flaming Sky: The Great Hinckley Firestorm of 18942006Matthew G. Anderson199
Brown, John K.The Baldwin Locomotive Works, 1831-1915: A Study
in American Industrial Practice
1995Matthew W. Roth174
Bruce, Alfred W.The Steam Locomotive in America, Its Development in the Twentieth CenturyR-53  88
Bryant, H. Stafford, Jr.The Georgian LocomotiveR-62  107
Bryant, Keith L., Jr.Arthur E. Stilwell: Promoter with a Hunch [Kansas City Southern background]1971Donovan L. Hofsommer126
Bryant, Keith L., Jr.History of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway1974I. E. Quastler133
Bryant, Keith L., Jr.Encyclopedia of American Business History and Biogrphy, vol. 1:
Railroads in the Age of Regulation, 1900-1980
1988John G. Muncie159
Bryant, Keith L., Jr.Railway Station Architecture in Scandinavia: A Survey1995George E. Pettengill176
Buck, George H.From Summit to Sea [Canadian Ry history to 1939]R-98Leslie S. Kozma179
Buckley, James J.The Chicago & West Towns: Transit Service in Chicago's Near West Suburbs2006David Hart Nelson196
Buder, StanleyPullman [The "Model town" established by the Pullman Co.]R-68  118
Bullard, Thomas R.Street, Interurban and Rapid Transit Railways of the United States,
A Selective Historical Bibliography
1984James Henwood153
Bullard, Thomas R. and
Shapotkin, William M.
Faster Than the Limiteds: The Story of the Chicago-New York Air Line Railroad
and its Transformation into Gary Railways
2003LeRoy O. King, Jr.191
Burg, WilliamSacramento's Streetcars2006Gene D. Gordon195
Burgess, George H. and
Kennedy, Miles C.
Centennial History of the Pennsylvania Railroad CompanyR-49  .78
Burgess, George H. and
Kennedy, Miles C.
The Centennial History of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, 1846-19461949H. H. H.125
Burgess, Jack A.Trains to Yosemite2004Carlos A. Schwantes193
Burke, DavidAmerican Steam on Australian Rails2004Scott E. Randolph192
Burkhardt, D. C. JesseBackwoods Railroads: Branchlines and Shortlines of Western Oregon1994Richard R. Anderson174
Burkhardt, D. C. JesseThe Ann Arbor Railroad2005Matthew G. Anderson194
Burness, TedClassic Railroad Advertising: Riding the Rails Again2001John Austen188
Burns, GrantThe Railroad in American Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography2005Larry Duffee195
Burns, Stella E.The Lonesome Whistle's Call [True stories of a hobo]1997John Austen180
Burrows, Roger G.Railway Mileposts: British Columbia, Vol 1: The CPR Mainline Route
from the Rockies to the Pacific
1981Fritz Lehmann154
Burrows, Roger G.Railway Mileposts: British Columbia, Vol 2: The Southern Routes
from the Crowsnest to the Coquihalla
1985Fritz Lehmann154
Burton, AnthonySteaming Through Britain [Contemporary preservation]1987Neil W. Hogan160
Burton, AnthonyThe Railway Builders [Construction labor on early British Railways]1992R. J. Powers170
Burton, AnthonyThe Railway Empire [British-built railways around the world]1994Simon Cordery175
Burton, AnthonyRichard Trevithick, Giant of Steam [pioneer locomotive "inventor"]2002Andrew Dow189
Burton, AnthonyOn the Rails: Two Centuries of Railways, 1804-2004 [Pictorial]2004Scott Randolph192
Burton, Timothy J.The British Columbia Railway, vol. 11989Frank Leonard164
Bush, Edward ForbesEngine Houses and Turntables in Canada 1850-19501990L. S. Kozma166
Cafky, Morris and Haney, John A.Pueblo's Steel Town Trolleys1999Jeffrey G. Mora182
Caloroso, BillPennsylvania Railroad's Elmira Branch1993Richard Stemples172
Cameron, W. N.Rimutaka Railway [New Zealand]1992Robert R. Crane169
Cammalleri, Joseph A.Santa Fe's Eastern Oklahoma Railway: Book One -- The Stillwater District2001Keith L. Bryant, Jr.188
Camp, Mark J.Railroad Depots of Northeast Ohio and Railroad Depots of West Central Ohio2005Edward H. Cass195
Campbell, Donald G.Steam Locomotives of the Kansas City Southern2000Robert Le Massena184
Caplinger, Michael W.Bridges over Time: A Technological Context for
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Main Stem at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
1997Carol Poh Miller181
Carling, D. Rock4-8-0 Tender LocomotivesR-72H. H. H.126
Carlisle, NormanThe Modern Wonder Book of Trains and RailroadingR-47  70
Carlisle, NormanThe Modern Wonder Book of Trains and RailroadingR-48  73
Carlson, Norman et al, eds.The Colorful Streetcars We Rode [Pictorial]1986James N. J. Henwood156
Carlson, Stephen D. and
Harding, Thomas W.
Worcester Trolleys Remembered [Massachusetts]1985James Henwood156
Carlson, Stephen P. and
Schneider, Fred W., III
PCC: The Car That Fought Back1980Jeffrey G. Mora144
Carlson, Stephen P. with
Harding, Thomas W.
From Boston to the Berkshires: A Pictorial Review of
Electric Transportation in Massachusetts
1990Leroy O. King, Jr.164
Carmen, Bernard R.Hoot, Toot & Whistle [Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington RR]R-64  110
Caron, FrançoisHistorie des Chemin de Fer en France: Volume 1, 1740-18831997AugustusJ.Veenendall,Jr.182
Carpenter, Richard C.A Railroad Atlas of the United States in 1946, Volume I, The Mid-Atlantic States2003FredericH.Abendschein190
Carpenter, Richard C.A Railroad Atlas of the United States in 1946, Volume II,
New York & New England
Carranco, Lynwood
and Labbe, John T.
Logging the Redwoods [The logging industry]1975Henry E. Bender, Jr.135
Carson, Robert B.Main Line to Oblivion: The Disintegration of the New York Railroads
in the Twentieth Century
R-72Ernest W. Williams, Jr.126
Carson, O. E.The Trolley Titans: A Mobile History of Atlanta1981James Henwood148
Carter, E. F."0" Gauge TrackworkR-52  87
Carter, Ernest F.'0 0' Gauge Layout and DesignR-55  93
Carter, Ernest F.Unusual LocomotivesR-60  103
Casey, Robert J
and Douglas, W. A. S
Pioneer Railroad: The Story of the Chicago and North Western SystemR-50  80
Casler, Walter, Kline, B.F.G.,
Jr. and Taber, Thomas T., III
The Logging Railroad Era of Lumbering in Pennsylvania1979J. H. W.141
Casler, Walter (anon.)The Heisler Locomotive, 1891-19411982Thomas T. Taber149
Cass, Edward H.Hidden Treasures: The Story of the Ohio River & Western Railway1997Richard G. Prince179
Cassels, K. R.The Sanson Tramway [New Zealand]R-63  109
Cassels, K. R.Uncommon Carrier: The History of the
Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company, 1882-1908 [New Zealand]
1993Robert R. Crane172
Castner, Charles B., Jr.The Dixie Line: Nashville, Chattanooga, & St. Louis Railway1995David C. Lester175
Robert F.;Durin,Patrick C.
Louisville & Nashville Passenger Trains: The Pan-American Era1999Ron Palmquist185
Robert, and Dorin,Patrick
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Robert, and Gordon, Lee
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