Out-of-Print Issues: Bulletin 14 (1927) through 27 (March 1932)

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1927. The Baker Library opens. Locomotives at Purdue University (B&O No.173, C&NW No.5). Early Scottish Locomotives of the 4-4-0 Design (8 pages, with drawings). The Grand Trunk Ry of Canada (6 pages). Old Michigan Central RR Engine in Service (1887 Schenectady built ten-wheeler, now NYC No.8131). History of Schenectady Locomotive Works (the ALCO predecessor, on 16 pages, including 4 illustrations and a listing of the first 100 locomotives built 1851-1855).



November 1927. The "Fair of the Iron Horse" (B&O RR in Halethorp, Maryland, on 6 pages). Famous Locomotives Still on Exhibition (CPR No.1 "Countess of Dufferin" and D&IR No.3). Locomotive Building at Taunton, Massachusetts (5 pages, with 3 illustrations). William Mason (1808-1884, famed builder of lovely locomotives in Taunton, on 14 pages, with 5 illustrations). The First Locomotives in the State of Maine. Some Interesting Diaries (kept by a Henry Richards of Dedham, Massachusetts, with RR commentary running from 1845 to 1899). The "Three Spot" (an 1883 ten-wheeler still in use on the Nevada Northern pulling the school train). A Bury Engine on the Great Southern Ry of Ireland. Saint John and the Canadian Pacific Ry (New Brunswick, on 8 pages). The Previous History of El Paso and South-Western No.1 and Something of Her Contemporaries on the Saint Paul. Notes on English Locomotives. Some Historical Items. The Genesis of the Locomotive Truck.



May 1928. Our Society (3 page R&LHS history). Historical Notes on Locomotive Design, 1769-1840 (14 pages, with many drawings). The Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis RR (15 pages, including 6 photographs). Letters from Geo. A. Haggerty (as continued in Nos.17&18 below). Caledonian Ry 4-4-0 Locomotive (material omitted from Bulletin No.14). Locomotives on the New York & Erie RR (over 200 as listed in the 1856 annual report with pertinent details). Recollections of the Broad Gauge Line to Plymouth (England, on 11 pages). The Belfast and County Down Ry (Ireland, opened in 1846).



October 1928. Steam Tramways in the British Isles. F.C. Winby's "James Toleman (built at Newcastle-on-Tyne & exhibited at the 1893 Chicago World Fair). Dates of Some of the Principal Events in the History of 100 Years of the Railroad in New England 1826-1926 (14 pages). Letters from George A. Haggerty to Mr. Fisher with RR memories that preceded the U.S. Civil War (see No.18 below). The arrival of the "Countess of Dufferin" at Winnipeg, Man. (CPR No.1 on 09 October 1877). Train Speeds and Safety in 1826 As Expounded in the Early Writings of Claudius Crozet. The Beginning of S.P. (on 8 pages that include 5 photographs). Historical Notes on Locomotive Design II, 1840-1890 (on 15 pages, including many drawings). South Carolina Canal and Rail Road. The "Cincinnati," a Pioneer Southern Ry Locomotive. The "President Cleveland" (just rebuilt by B&O). Canadian Locomotive Practice in Early Days.



June 1929. Canadian Locomotives in the Fifties -- Memories of Old "Birkenheads". Historical Notes on Locomotive Design -- Part IV -- Modern Improvements in Construction. The New Castle Manufacturing Co. (1830-50's Delaware Eng builder on 12 pages). The London and North Western Ry Locomotive "Queen Empress". The Leicester and Swanington Ry (England, opened in 1832). Letters from Mr. Haggerty (of Southbridge, Massachusetts, regarding various early Engs in New England). An Interesting Locomotive of Thirty Years Ago (a Brooks 2-8-0 built for the Illinois Central (No.640), which was then the largest in the world with E&T weighing 369,050 pounds). Old Bury Engine (found on the ICRR). History of the "Best Friend of Charleston". Unparalleled Speed (GCT to East Buffalo on the NYC&HR RR on 14 September 1891, with Standard No.470, in 425.74 minutes for the 436.5 miles, as detailed on 6 pages).



September 1929. Single subject issue: The Michigan Central Railroad. Charles E. Fisher, R&LHS founder, editor and president, is conducting an experiment that he will continue often in further single subject issues devoted to one railroad. Using the collection of annual reports found at Harvard's Baker Library, he has put together this Michigan Central Bulletin amounting to 28 pages with 4 illustrations, 2 Engs & 2 buildings, worked in with the text. The road opened 30 miles from Detroit to Ypsilanti in February 1838 by private enterprise, faced financial difficulties, and was taken over by the state in 1846. This book covers reports from 1847 to 1876 and ends with a financial page of statistics listing psgr numbers & earnings, frt tonnage & earnings, net earnings and dividends paid for each of those years when known.



November 1929. 1829 -- Centenary of Rainhill, the "Rocket" 1929 and the "Stourbridge Lion". The Stourbridge Lion Centennial. The Rainhill Trials. Early Tramroads in Great Britain. Baltimore & Ohio RR No.600 (a psgr 2-6-0 built at Mount Clare & on exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876). Account of a Trip Over the Charleston & Hamburg RR Soon After Its Completion in October 1833. The Early English Engines That Came to America. The Atlantic City High Speed Line. Pioneer Locomotives on the Pacific Coast (1855-). Eastwick & Harrisons "Mercury" (1837). Some Interesting Letters (a journey by a mechanically-minded man, Levi L. Fletcher, from Lawrence, Massachusetts, to Richmond, Virginia, right after the Civil War. A dozen pages of fine locomotive reading that include 4 drawings).



March 1930. Single subject issue: The Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad Company by Chas. E. Fisher. Using material available at the Baker Library, the writer devotes 30 pages of text and 8 illustrations to this road that was noted for the first use of coal burning locomotives. The road was formed on 05 Feb. 1838 by the merger of 3 roads from as many states. Operating details are enumerated year by year including miles of road operated, numbers of Engs & cars when known and significant happenings during the year. The tale ends in 1881 with purchase by the Pennsylvania RR. Financial details 1838-1881, list psgrs & psgr earnings, tons of frt & frt earnings, net earnings and dividends paid, when known.



May 1930. The Genesis of the Western RR (Massachusetts, 1830's). Boston & Albany RR Locomotives--1832-1930. Kinmond Brothers' Locomotive Works, Montreal. The Montreal Ice Ry. The Liverpool & Manchester Ry (England, opened 1830). Incidents in English Ry History. A Brief History of the New York & New England RR (6 pages). Chevalier de Gerstner (tells of this man buried in Philadelphia in 1840, who was born in Prague, Austria, in 1793 and built the first railway in Russia that opened in 1838 between St.Petersburgh and Pawlowsk, 17 miles).



November 1930. Locomotive Performance of Nearly One Hundred Years Ago by Chas. E. Fisher (a record of performance of Engs on the Boston & Worcester RR 1835-1837). The Canterbury & Whitstable Ry (opened in England in 1830 & admonished for running thru a tunnel, causing psgrs to catch cold). A Veteran Locomotive Still on the Job (concerns Central Pacific No.68 built by McKay & Aldus in 1868. A photo shows CP No.68 in 1876 & another now as Southern Pacific No.2001, taken in Oregon @1928). The Carillon & Grenville Ry (along the Ottawa River rapids). The Nova Scota Ry. Outline of the History of the Grand Trunk Ry in Canada by William H. Breithaupt (36 pages, plus illustrations).



March 1931. Single subject issue: The Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad by Chas E. Fisher. This report on the early CB&Q runs to 39 pages of text, plus 10 photographs and various maps and drawings. After a general introduction on 4 pages, we go year by year from 1855 to 1886 listing locomotive roster data, miles of road operated and from where to where as new lines are opened, rolling stock numbers, and fascinating incidentals such as miles run per ton of Kewanee coal vs. Brookfield coal. The report ends with financial data listing psgrs carrried, psgr & frt revenues, and total & net earning 1854 - 1886.



May 1931. Theodore Dehone Judah (USA transcontinental RR promoter). The Hinkley Locomotive Works (of Boston, listing first 100 Engs built). Locomotives of the Grand Trunk Ry (20 pages, plus 30 photographs). Review of Locomotive "No.21" on the Boston, Hartford & Erie RR (by Thomas Appleton, gives an intimate 13-page look at the thinking and methods that resulted in the construction of this machine in 1867 at the Taunton Locomotive Works, which was sold to the BH&E for $12,500). The Birmingham and Derby Junction Ry (opening in England in 1842).



October 1931. Locomotive Building at Manchester, New Hampshire. The Locomotives of the Boston & Maine RR (starting with the $2,700 "Andover" of 1836). Pioneer Experience in Electric Traction and the New Haven RR (8 pages, plus 2 maps and 17 photographs). Some Notes Concerning Old Locomotive History (1830's & 1840's in Europe). Mineral Railways and Tramways in England. Early Railroads in Virginia. Accident on the Montreal Ice Railway -- 1881.



March 1932. Single subject issue: THE GALENA AND CHICAGO UNION RAILROAD by Chas. E. Fisher. In essence, this road was built to connect Chicago with the Mississippi River and in doing so it put Chicago on the map. And despite its handicaps, Chicago grew to become the Number 1 railroad city in North America, which it remains today. The G&CU was incorporated 16 January 1836 and it took 14 years to reach Elgin, 42.5 miles west of Chicago. The struggles of the company are enumerated in great detail. In 1864 the road was consolidated with the Chicago & North Western Railway. This report covers 24 pages and lists details year by year, locomotives by name and number and builder with pertinent statistics, psgrs and freight carried, revenue, net earnings, et cetera. THE "PIONEER", the first locomotive of the G&CU than rates two pages of coverage. It is now preserved at ?


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