Out-of-Print Issues: R&LHS Bulletin 1 (1921) through 13 (1927)

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1971. A reprint in 1971 of the First Bulletin to celebrate the Golden Jubilee. With stiff gold covers, the inside material is identical to No.1, except the upper and lower margins are reduced to make a slightly shorter book. Photo reproduction is excellent. There are 2 staples instead of 4. The thick gold cover tends to age-crack at the spine, but should not come loose with normal use.



1921. Our Aims. Preface for: Yesterdays On the New York Central by Arthur Curran (on 9 pages including 5 photographs). The Story of the New England by Warren Jacobs (the New York & New England RR, operator of the famous White, or Ghost, Train, on 6 pages with 2 illustrations). America's Most Famous Trains by Chas. E. Fisher (on 11 pages with photos of the Twentieth Century Limited, California Limited, Black Diamond Express and Merchants Limited). Chapter and By-Laws of the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society (3 pages).



1921. Editorial Comment. The Fall River Line Boat Train (Massachusetts, started in 1847 and still running when this was written. On 7 pages, with 2 more of commentary by the editor). Eddy Clocks (superb Standards built in Springfield, Massachusetts, by Wilson Eddy. On 5 pages, including 4 photographs). Some Experimental and Historical Locomotives of the Chicago and Northwestern RR (on 8 pages including 3 photographs). The Rival Builders by Chas. E. Fisher (Taunton Locomotive Works and William Mason's Machine Works, covered in great detail over 16 pages including 4 photographs. Details of Engs built are as complete as known facts would then allow). The Clang of the Bells (a poem). The Affairs of the Society.



1922. Story of the Woburn Branch RR (Massachusetts, 1844, on 11 pages with 4 photographs). Single Driving Wheel Locomotives (on 4 pages including 5 photographs. Most were 4-2-2's). Some Famous Runs and Some Famous Engines by Chas. E. Fisher (on 7 pages with 4 photographs). The Illinois Central System (early history on 4 pages). The Capture of the "General" (U.S. Civil War in 1862 on 11 pages, with a drawing of the 1856 Rogers Eng as it looked when upon display in Chattanooga). The Maine Central RR and Its Leased Lines (early history on 8 pages including 2 photographs).



1923. Boston Old Depots (on 11 pages including 5 illustrations). Recollections by James F. Chadbourne (on the Boston & Maine in the 1870's, on 5 pages with 4 photographs). The Mount Washington RR (on 5 pages including 4 photographs). The Famous Color Trains of America by Chas. E. Fisher (discusses various paint schemes of the NYC&HR, PRR, C&O, C&A, B&O, etc. on 7 pages). The First Iron Passenger Cars by Walter A. Lucas (first one built in 1859 and sold to the Boston & Worcester RR. On 6 pages, with 5 illustrations). Extracts from Reports on Brigadier General D.C. McCallum, Military Director and Superintendent of RRs (listing Engs purchased, built and captured 1862-1865 during the U.S. Civil War, and Engs in Possession of the Government on 01 May 1865, all on 5 pages).



1923. Delaware & Hudson Co. Celebrates 100th Anniversary. The Early RRs of Kentucky by Chas. E. Fisher (on 9 pages, including 3 photographs and an L&N Motive Power Roster for 1867). Railroads of the West (Sacramento Valley and Central Pacific on 12 pages including 14 photographs). Some Anecdotes of the Old Colony (eastern Massachusetts, on 6 pages). Transportation by Jas. M. Kimball (a talk given at an R&LHS Exhibition at the Boston Public Library). "Commonwealth" B.&P.R.R. (being an Eng on the Boston & Providence RR. This is a folksy article on 20 pages that contains 5 photographs). Some Notes Upon Early English Locomotives in America. Locomotives Built by the Amoskeag Mfg. Co., Manchester, New Hampshire (listing over 100).



1923. Narrative of An Excursion on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (1832, on 17 pages with 3 illustrations). An Early List of Locomotives (to comply with a resolution of the U.S. Congress in 1838 to list all steam locomotives then in use in the U.S. Builders with their locations are also listed). Some Recollections (United Kingdom in the mid to late 1800s). Locomotives Built at Sacramento Shops (on 7 pages including 5 photographs). Early Railroad Times (14 pages of reminiscences of James H. French, 1840-1922, who began his career in 1854 as assistant to the agent at Bridgewater, Mass., and retired in 1901 as superintendent of the New Haven's Plymouth Division).



1924. Report of the Committee on Cars to the Direction of the South Carolina Canal & RR Co.(1833, on 20 pages including 3 Eng drawings). Early Locomotive Building in Lowell, Mass. (on 33 pages including 7 illustrations and a listing of early Engs built by Locks & Canals Co.). The Old Iron Horses of the Central Pacific (with 3 photographs, a roster of 163 Engs built 1863-1869 and 5 pages of text). Early Recollections by B.C. Vaughan, Retired Mechanical Foreman, L&N RR (starting on the Louisville & Frankfort in 1856). The Nova Scotia Engines (beginning with the Samson of 1838).



1924. Affairs of the Society. A Pioneer Locomotive Builder (Matthias W. Baldwin, 1795-1866, on 13 pages including 5 illustrations). First one Hundred Locomotives Built by M.W. Baldwin Previous to January, 1838, with Dimensions as far as Records Show. Locomotive Shops in the United States In 1855. Some RR History of the Province of New Brunswick (on 8 pages). The Early Dawn of Railways. Early Engineering on the Houston and Texas Central RR. How "Locomotion No.1" Went to Wembley. Man Who Worked on No.1 Engine. Recollections of the New York and Boston Express Line. Old Colony RR Motive Power (on 31 pages including 19 photographs).



1925. Famous Locomotives Now On Exhibition (DeWitt Clinton at GCT and the Lion at Univ. of Maine). The Portland Company (Maine Eng Builder on 9 pages, including 5 photographs). Portland Locomotive Works (a detailed roster of first 100 engs built 1848-1859). The Old Ship Ry of Chignecto (an 1880's scheme to cross the isthmus connecting New Brunswick with Nova Scotia). Some British Locomotive Reminiscences (on 7 pages, including 2 photographs). Railway Celebration at York, Pennsylvania. Railroad Chronology From the RR and Insurance Almanac for 1865.



1925. Notes on Early Baltimore & Ohio Engines and Models. Locomotives of the Long Island RR (comprehensive details on early Engs running to 22 pages with 2 illustrations). The Norris Locomotive Works (located near Philadelphia, built more Engs than any other builder during years 1831-1862. 19 pages of information from the Railway Age magazine). The Norris Engines on the Birmingham and Gloucester Ry (England, 1840).



1926. Locomotives at Purdue University. Our First Two Bulletins (announcing a reprint in one volume). George Althouse (a talented locomotive engineer, wandering from New England to Illinois, 1832-1921). Locomotive Builders of Paterson (New Jersey: Rogers; Grant; Swinburne; Cooke). The Jarrett and Palmer Special (New York City to San Francisco, 3313 miles, in 84 hours in 1876!). The First Locomotive Built in Scotland (the Earl of Airlie, 1833). A Short Historical Sketch of the Cheraw and Darlington and Cheraw and Coalfield RRs ( South Carolina, 1856, on 4 pages).



1926. Quarters for Our Society in the New Harvard Business Library. Celebration of America's First Ry (the Quincy, Massachusetts, Granite Ry Co.). Missouri Pacific Celebration (at Washington University noting ground breaking of 04 July 1851). Locomotives at Purdue University. Early Steam Rys in Great Britain. Early Days of Iron Horse in North Carolina. Brooks Locomotive Works. Early Locomotives of the Maine Central RR. English Single-Wheelers. American Locomotives in Great Britain. The New York and New Haven, the Hartford and New Haven, and the Western Massachusetts Railroads (describing a trip from New York City to Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in the winter of 1865). What the Engines Said by Francis Bret Harte.



1927. Single subject issue: Report upon the LOCOMOTIVE ENGINES and the Police and Management of several of the Principal Rail Roads in the Northern and Middle States, Being a Sequel to the Report of the 8th of January, 1838, upon Railway Structures by J. Knight, Chief Engineer, and Benj. H. Latrobe, Eng'r of Location & Construction. Baltimore, Printed by Lucas & Deaver. 1838. Facsimile Reprint, 1927, R&LHS, Boston. That is the title page and in order to make this appear like the original, this is the only major R&LHS publication with a blank cover. I defaced mine by writing R&LHS BULLETIN No.13 on it so it would not be misplaced. This detailed report runs to 32 pages and is followed by an Appendix on 9 more with instructions, rules and blank forms of the day. This was railroadin' in 1838 in the USA.

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