Out-of-Print Issues: Railroad History 127 (Oct. 1972) through 138 (Spring 1978)

(Beginning with Issue #127, the R&LHS Bulletin was renamed Railroad History)

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October 1972. Train Sheds Preserved in Stations of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. America's Oldest Railroad Shops--Mt. Clare by L.W. Sagle. Richard Norris Locomotives in California by G.M. Best. Stewart's Journal--Railway Travel 1869-1871. A History of the Railroad Hand Car by John H. White, Jr.



Spring 1973. U S R A Freight Cars by James E. Lane. Lomonossoff: A Diesel Traction Pioneer. The Broom Handle That Made Stoker History. Narrow Gauge to Oblivion: The Central Valley Railroad (New York's first narrow gauge RR running from Central Valley Junction to Smithville Flats in 1872).



Autumn 1973. Modern Steam in the South: An Informal Review by David P. Morgan. Michigan's Iron Cobweb (Detroit, Lansing & Northern). Canadian National Employees Magazine. Claudius Crozet: Napoleon's Captain Versus the Blue Ridge (Blue Ridge RR in Virginia). Nothing at the End of the Rainbow: The B&O in Western Pennsylvania. The Canton Viaduct (built in 1835 in Massachusetts, still in use by Amtrak Acelas). The Patton Motor Car. A Municipally Operated Mountain Railroad (Hetch Hetchy in California).



Spring 1974. Electro-Magnetism as a Motive Power: Robert Davidson's Galvani of 1842. Charles T. Harvey and the New York Elevated Railway. Big Man of the Big Four: M.E. Ingalls (Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway). A Civil War Iron Clad Car. The Beginnings of Telephone Dispatching. Why the Pennsy Modified the P5a Class Electrics. Richmond Locomotive Builders by John H. White, Jr.



Autumn 1974. The all-Erie Railroad Issue: An Outline History of the Erie. Erie Locomotive Notes by G.M. Best. The Orange (an 1841 Norris eng built for the NY&E). All Time Erie Locomotive Roster by Best, G.W. Armstrong and W.D. Edson. Index List by Locomotive Number. 115 Erie Railroad pages with 35 photographs.



Spring 1975. Cincinnati Passenger Stations Before 1930. The Texas -- A Forgotten Hero (visit it today in the Cyclorama in Atlanta). U.S. Steam Locomotive Builders. The Profitability of Early American Railroads. A Chronology of Iowa Railroads. (Benjamin) Dearborn's Railroad Memorial of 1819. A Trip on the South Pacific Coast in 1882.



Fall 1975. The all-Wabash Railroad Issue: The Wabash Railroad by William Swartz. Guide to the Predecessor Lines of the Wabash. Wabash Roster by Swartz and W.D. Edson. Index List by Locomotive Number. 109 Wabash Railroad pages with 42 photographs. Obituaries for Lawrence W. Sagle and Thomas T. Taber.



Spring 1976. J. Edgar Thompson and the Georgia Railroad. Two Live "Abandoned" Rail Lines (Mad River & Lake Erie). Susquehanna Bridge on the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad. Georgia Railroads During the Reconstruction Years. N.C.N.G End of the Line (Nevada County Narrow Gauge from Colfax to Nevada City, California).



Fall 1976. Railroad Shops and Car Building in Fond du Lac (Wisconsin Central, then Soo Line). Dallas and Its First Railroad. The Church Hill Tunnel (C&O in 1872, Richmond,Virginia). The Biography of A Heavy Pacific (Northern Pacific's Q-5's). Pullman's Board of Trade Special: The Train that came down Market Street (San Francisco 1870). Photo Use: Responsibilities and Rights.



Spring 1977. The all-Milwaukee Road Issue: The Singular Milwaukee --- A Profile by Wm. H. Schmidt, Jr. Predecessor Lines of the Milwaukee Road; All Time Steam, Diesel and Electric Roster; Index by Locomotive Number with all 3 articles by W.D. Edson. 125 Milwaukee Road pages with 47 photographs. John W. Barriger III obituary.



Autumn 1977. Erasmus Gest and the Cincinnati, Wilmington & Zanesville RR. Norfolk & Western's Roanoke Shops by Arthur M. Bixby, Sr. Railroad Manuscript Collections. Pennsylvania's Pioneer Rectifiers. Working on the (Branch Line) Railroad (MKT's Northwestern District) by Don Hofsommer.



Spring 1978. Railroad Car Builders of the United States by John H. White. The Taunton Car Company. Pullman Standard. Origins of the Steel Passenger Car. George P. Kimball: A Pacific Coast Car Builder.


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