Out-of-Print Issues: R&LHS Bulletin 88 (May 1953) through 99 (October 1958)

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May 1953. 101 Valve Motions by Fred Jukes (1st installment -- 48 pages Single Eccentric to Engelmann). The Adirondack Ry Co. Shop Talk. Richmond & Alleghany RR. Chronology of Events Leading Up to Advent of Eastern Capital Into the Aurora Branch RR..... Gauges -- Standard and Otherwise. Additions and Corrections to Locomotive Rosters of the Florida RR's in Bulletin No.86. The New Jersey RR & Transportation Co.



November 1953. Henry Villard (Northern Pacific builder). 101 Valve Motions (2nd installment--65 pages Hackworth to Sissons). The Mason & Oceana RR (Ludington, Michigan, area). Diary of Horatio Allen (England, 1828). The Steam Locomotives of the Pennsylvania RR System. Pittsburgh, Chartiers & Youghiogheny Ry. More About the Rhode Island 4-6-2's for the CM&StP. More About Sir Humprey Davy.



May 1954. 101 Valve Motions (3rd installment -- 62 pages Walshaerts to Belpaire-Stevart's). Southern Ry System -- Memphis Division. Locomotives of the Rutland RR and its Subsidiary Lines..... A History of the Elkhart & Western RR Co. The Steam Locomotives of the Pennsylvania RR System. Aurora Branch RR Co. (Illinois). Some Comments on a Letter of 1833 from the B&O RR to the Stockton & Darlington Ry. The McConnell Locomotive (UP 1890's).



October 1954. The English Influence on American Railroads. 101 Valve Motions (4th installment -- 51 pages with drawings and descriptions from Bonneford to Loose Eccentric). Lot 646 (1880's narrow-gauge RR's in Pennsylvania's oil region). The Magnolia Cut-Off (B&O with 20 photographs). The Old Class HA Locomotives of the Central Pacific. The Early Moguls. Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR. The Steam Locomotives of the Pennsylvania RR System. John S. Powell (early PRR photographer). Recollections of the PRR Station at Lima, Ohio.



April 1955. The Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern (65 pages of text plus 24 photographs). The Strong Locomotives (1880-1900). Motive Power of the CB&Q as of May 1, 1858. French Locomotives for the Memphis, El Paso & Pacific RR. Of Builders Plates and Construction Numbers. More About Vermont's Railroad War (1867). The Vandalia (8 photographs). Henry Witherley Benchley (1822-1867), Massachusetts Lt. Governor, then Texas railway conductor.



October 1955. Frank H. Spearman--The Zane Grey of Railroading. The Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern, and All Associated and Predecessor Roads. Our Rooms in the Baker Library. The USRA Locomotives. Logging Railroads of Northern Minnesota (with foldout map & 7 photographs). The Wabash (8 photographs). Wilhelminastraat 59, Haarlem, Holland (unusual valve gear).



March 1956. Single subject issue: Locomotives of the Southern Pacific Company by Gerald M. Best and David L. Joslyn. As Jerry begins: "Since this is primarily a history of the steam locomotives of the Southern Pacific, it is not possible in the limited space available to more than briefly sketch the history of the railroad itself." Which he then covers on 2 pages. This book, ranging from a 1969 Rogers machine to a 1954 GE 3-foot gauge diesel, runs to 217 pages and includes 81 locomotive photographs.



October 1956. The Orient Road -- Kansas City, Mexico & Orient RR (36 pages plus 14 photographs). Railway Equipment up the River -- Minnesota; 1861-1869. Moguls or Ten-wheelers. Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR, Chicago Terminals. History, Development and Function of the Locomotive Brick Arch. Disaster at the "Tin Bridge" (aka Bussey Bridge, NYNH&H RR Dedham Branch, 14 March 1887, 23 dead).



May 1957. Pineapples, Sugar and War (Oahu Ry & Land Co. in Hawaii, with 16 photographs). The Pittsburgh, Shawmut & Northern, ...(13 photographs). The Beech Creek RR (a Pennsylvania coal road on 20 pages, plus 9 photographs). Eight Wheelers between New York and Philadelphia. Story of a Mountain RR (Pennsylvania's Pittsburgh, Westmoreland & Somerset RR on 17 pages). The Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton RR. B&O Renumbering.



October 1957. The Railway of the New York and Brooklyn Bridge (1883-1950). Some Early Brown Locomotives on the CPR. Phineas Banning and the Los Angeles and San Pedro RR by G. H. Kneiss (28 pages). More Otto Mears Passes. Elliott's Engines on the Reading. The Cylinder Cars. The "Clover Leaf" (Toledo, St. Louis & Western).



April 1958. The Lake Superior & Ispeming RR Co. (25 text pages plus 15 photographs). The Strange Case of Robert Schuyler (First NYNH&H RR President). Some early Locomotive Patents. Emmitsburg RR; Monocacy Valley RR (both in Maryland). Joseph Stubbs (First Locomotive Engineer, Aurora Branch RR, Illinois, 1850). "John Brown" Steel Rail. The Whitneyville & Machiasport RR (Maine). The Hocking Valley Ry (Ohio).



October 1958. Early Steam Suburban Railroads in Los Angeles by Gerald M. Best (20 photographs). The Reading "Columbias" (2-4-2's). The Mammoth Cave RR (from the L&N at Park City, Kentucky, with 6 photographs). The Maine Central in Northern New Hampshire (Mountain Division with 16 photographs). Swedish Steam with Richmond Plates. The Toledo & Ohio Central Ry.


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