Out-of-Print Issues: R&LHS Bulletin 76 (March 1949) through 87 (October 1952)

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March 1949. The Chicago and Aurora RR. Rails Among Peaks (Denver & Rio Grande in the San Juan Mts. of Colorado on 25 pages, including 8 photos and a map. Detailed station listings for the Silverton, Ouray & Lake City Branches). The RR's of McKean County, Pennsylvania, Including the Narrow Gauge System of the Erie (42 pages. including 4 full-page photographs of the Kinzua Viaduct).



July 1949. Locomotives of the Denver & Rio Grande (45 pages including 36 photographs and a map). A History of the Suburban Service of the Rock Island RR in the Chicago Area (30 pages including 4 photographs and 3 maps). The Annual Meeting. Resolution honoring the late Edward Hungerford.



October 1949. Short History of the Panama RR (49 pages, including 15 photographs, plus 2 foldout maps). The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR: February 14, 1855 -- July 9, 1856. Canada's Earliest RR Lines. The RR's of McKean County (Western Pennsylvania). Short History of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Ry (10 pages).


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March 1950. Single subject issue: The Norris Locomotives by P.C. Dewhurst. " Between the years 1831 and 1868, in this country, the Norris locomotive was equally famous with that of Baldwin, Rogers and other builders. By 1861 or 1862, they had probably built more locomotives than any other builder and by 1868, when the plant closed its doors, it had probably completed around 1500 locomotives. Their product went to all parts of this country and to other countries as well." Norris was located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area. The book has 99 pages devoted to the Norris machines, including 24 pages of photographs and drawings.



May 1950. The California Southern RR (San Diego to Barstow). The Central Military Tract RR (Galesburg, Illinois, to Chicago). Locomotives of the Panama RR. The RR's of McKean County (Western Pennsylvania). The Bennington & Glastenbury RR (Vermont).



October 1950. Steam Locomotives of the New Zealand Government Rys. Northern Cross RR (Illinois 1850's). The Railroads of McKean County (Western Pennsylvania). The Memphis Branch of the Louisville & Nashville RR (1850-1871). Some Notes on our Early RR's. The Norris Locomotives.



April 1951. The Gravity RR of the Delaware & Hudson Canal Co. by G.M. Best. The Peoria and Oquawka RR (Illinois). A Rail Fan on Foot (Hampden RR of Massachusetts). Virginia Antebellum RR Equipment. The Railroads of McKean County (Western Pennsylvania). An Old Rogers Locomotive? The Boston and Mt. Desert Limited.



July 1951. Single subject issue: Locomotives of the Canadian Pacific Ry. Co., on 107 pages that include 40 photographs, by Omer S.A. LaVallee and Robert R. Brown. Chapters are: Introduction, Locomotive Builders, Government Construction: Pembina Branch, Thunder Bay Section, Prairie Section, Pacific Section; Series 1: 1881-1905; Series II, 1905-1912; Series III, 1912-present.



October 1951. The Bellingham Bay & British Columbia RR Co. The Ithaca-Auburn Short Line (New York). The Savor of Old-Time Southern Railroading. Locomotives of the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Ry. The Scranton, Dunmore & Moosic Lake RR (Pennsylvania). The Northern Cross RR (additional information from No.81).



March 1952. Corrections to BR&P Roster. Pennsylvania RR in Maryland. Georges Creek and Cumberland RR. The Connellsville Extension of the Western Maryland RR. Hail and Farewell: Erie 4-6-2 No.2509, formerly ALCO No.50000 1910-1950. American Built Locomotives in South Wales. Ontario, Simco & Huron Ry. Narrow Gauge Locomotives in Western New York and Pennsylvania. The Hudson River Bridge (at Albany 1866). Manchester, Dorset & Granville Ry Co. (Vermont). The Boston and Mt. Desert Limited. The USRA Russian Decapods.



July 1952. Single subject issue: The Story of the Florida RR's. Florida's Transportation Background. The 3 Era's of Florida RR's: Prior to the Civil War; The Civil War and Reconstruction Era; The Bloxham Era and the Consolidations. Predecessors of the Seaboard Air Line Ry. Predecessors of the Atlantic Coast Line RR. RR's of the East Coast of Florida. Georgia Southern & Florida RR. Predecessors of the Louisville & Nashville in Florida. Florida's Forgotten RR's. Index of Corporate Entities.



October 1952. Some Early Locomotive Patents. Appendix to Historical Sketch of the Central Military Tract RR (a CB&Q predecessor). Louisville & Nashville's Pacifics and Mountains. Through Car Service from New England. 100 Years of RR Progress, 1851-1951. The Origin of Locomotive Class Names.


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