Out-of-Print Issues: R&LHS Bulletin 64 (May 1944) through 75 (January 1949)

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May 1944. History of The 4-6-0 (Ten-Wheeled) Type Locomotive (24 pages, plus 10 more photo pages). The Rochester, New York and Pennsylvania RR. Notes on the Pittsburg, Shawmut and Northern RR Co. by C.F. H. Allen (7 pages plus 8 photographs). The Pittsburg and Shawmut RR Co. Financing Super-Railroads by J.W. Barriger, III. Robert Wright (inventor & Winans' mechanic sent to Russia). Pennsylvania RR Class O Engines. The Dismal Swamp RR Co.(42 inch gauge logging road in the Virginia tidewater area. 10 pages including 6 photographs). A Few RR Statistics Or Who's the Biggest? Brief History of The Argentine Central Ry. Co.by M.C. Poor (Colorado narrow gauge road on 9 pages, that ran 16 miles from Silver Plume, just above the Georgetown Loop, to the summit of Mt. McClennan at 14,007 feet above sea-level).



October 1944. Andrew Jackson Stevens (1833-1888, General Master Mechanic, Central Pacific RR, Sacramento). Selected Items From the Minute Book of the Galena and Chicago Union RR Co. (16 pages). History of the Denver, Boulder & Western RR Co. by M.C. Poor (12 pages, plus 10 photos, maps, equipment rosters, a profile chart, etc.). Louisa RR -1836-1850; Virginia Central RR -1850-1868 (became C&O mainline in Virginia). The Carrollton RR (Kentucky). A Trip to the World's Fair. Some RR Landmarks of New York City. The Numbering on the "Pennsy" (locomotives).



March 1945. The Monterey and Salinas Valley RR --- California's First Operating Narrow Gauge (21 pages plus 4 photographs). The Illinois Central Suburban Service During Steam Operation (Chicago). The Cumberland & Pennyslvania RR (Cumberland, Maryland, to Piedmont, West Virginia, on 14 pages, plus 24 photos). The Ten Wheeler on the Maine Central RR. We Observe 100th Anniversary of The Passing of the First Expressman (William Harnden). Railroad Song Night (Feb.16, 1945, at the New York Historical Society auditorium).



May 1946. Single subject issue: History of the Locomotives of the Reading Company by George M. Hart. 145 pages on Reading Locomotives, home built & purchased, including 55 locomotive photographs, 6 drawings and 2 maps. Contents include: Brief History of the RR; Bibliography and Acknowledgments; Reading Locomotives, 1836-1871; Locomotives Built (new) at Reading Shops, Reading, Pennsylvania, up to 1871, 1871 until April 1900 and April 1,1900 to December 31, 1944, ...; The 1900 Classification System; Valve Gear and Types of Valves; The Unclassified Locomotives. A most impressive book!.



August 1946. Single subject issue. The Narrow Gage Railroads of Colorado by Lucius Beebe. Now why did Lucius use gage instead of gauge? Or was he over ruled by the editor? Doubtful, see No.66 above. Gage has other meanings and gauge does not. Beebe was Beebe. Contents: Durango (13 pages plus 8 photographs); Telluride (10 pages plus 6 photos); Farmington (2 pages plus 2 photos); Silverton (6 pages plus 6 photos); Alamosa (4 pages and a grand photo of the San Juan at full throttle at Carbon Jct.). The photographs in this volume are professionally done as you would expect from Beebe & Clegg. A Rio Grande Southern steam power roster of 1941 is included.



November 1946. The RR Comes to Big Creek (eastern Tennessee). The Future of the Steam Locomotive As Viewed From a Historical Background. Locomotives of the Union Iron Works (San Francisco) by G.H. Kneiss. The Hardwick & Woodbury RR by John S. Kendall (Vermont, on 11 pages including a map and 6 photographs). The Class "R" Locomotives of the Pennsylvania RR. Pacific Type Locomotives by Paul T. Warner (22 pages of text, plus 24 photographs).



May 1947. Single subject issue: Whistler's Railroad, The Western RR of Massachusetts by Charles E. Fisher. Simply put, the Western Rail Road running from Worcester, Massachusetts, to Greenbush, New York, across the Hudson from Albany, was the first mountain railroad in the world. Fisher tells the story over 116 pages with chapters such as: Early Canal Routes; The Beginning; State Aid; Opened at Last; The Winans Engines; Why the Trains Ran Late; Addison Gilmore and Chester W. Chapin; The Battle for Rates; The Motive Power; Locomotive Roster; Three Famous Men: Whistler, Bliss and Chapin; A Plea for a Western RR; Report on the Running of the Road - 1839; Resignation of G.W. Whistler; Acceptance of Whistler's Resignation; Organization and Duties of Officers - Feb. 1, 1843.



August 1947. Ross Winans by L.W. Sagle. Hoosier Heritage -- The Monon. The Canada Southern Ry. The St. Lawrence and Industrie Village Ry. The Buffalo & Susquehanna RR Co. by C.F.H. Allen (20 pages). DL&W RR Locomotive Classification. The Milford, Matamoras & New York RR by G.M. Best (near Port Jervis, New York). A Much Traveled Engine, Pennsylvania RR No.1053. Our Silver Anniversary Dinner.



November 1947. The San Diego & Arizona Eastern Ry. Co. by R.P. Middlebrook and G.M. Best (18 pages, plus 24 photographs and a map). Montreal and Lachine Rail Road, 1847 - 1947 by Robert R. Brown. Atlantic and Great Western (an Erie predecessor), A Study in Values, by Edward Hungerford. George Stephenson by Ada Louise Barrett (a biography on 21 pages). The Virginia Southwestern RR System at War, 1861-1865. Railroad Paper Money.



July 1948. Single subject issue: The Locomotives of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, and Its Subsidiary Lines, by F. Stewart Graham. 140 pages, plus 30 photographs and a system map. Part 1 covers: Development of the Lackawanna RR System; The Wide Firebox Locomotives; Summary Tables of the Locomotives; Rosters of RR's Included in the Renumbering, May 15, 1899. Part 2 covers: Locomotives in Service at the Renumbering of 1899 and Placed in Service after that Date; Rosters of Roads Acquired After the 1899 Renumbering; The New Locomotives Since 1899; The 1899 Classification System; Locomotives Received Each Year, 1899 through 1947; Renumbering, 1900-1947 THE ROSTERS then runs from page 91 to page 141. Complex, but complete.



May 1948. The Otto Mears Passes (solid silver or buckskin). History of the Camden and Atlantic RR and Associate RR's. Tom Thumb: Little Known Facts About First Locomotive Built in America Slowly Come to Light. A History Sketch of the Baltimore and Ohio Chicago Terminal RR Co. and Its Predecessor Companies. The Locomotive Feed Water Heater. The Norfolk and Virginia Beach RR..



October 1948. Early History of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR in Illinois. The Locomotives of the South Park RR (Colorado. 13 pages with tonnage ratings). Locomotives of the Adirondack Ry Co. (New York). Howard Still, Western Railroader. Rails Among Peaks, Three Little Lines (running out of Silverton, Colorado, on 22 pages, plus 13 photographs and a map).



January 1949. Single subject issue: Locomotives of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway System by Sylvan R. Wood.182 pages,plus 62 photographs,detailing ATSF Locomotives up to 1948. 13 chapters cover development of the Santa Fe system, early and modern motive power, compound steam locomotives, summaries of steam locomotives of all types and by builders, a complete roster of all locomotives, 1869-1948, locomotive rosters of predecessor and subsidiary lines. And items of special interest, such as the Scott Special, "Famous Richmond Tramp," and formulas for determining the rated tractive effort of compound locomotives.


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