Out-of-Print Issues: R&LHS Bulletin 40A (September 1936) - 50A (August 1939

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September 1936. Single subject issue: Locomotives of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, 1904-1935. Part 1. 1904 was a year for major renumbering on the CB&Q and the reason for starting this book in that year. The two members who assisted the editor in this major work wished to remain anonymous. The text runs to 70 pages with as many as 5 dates for each locomotive such as date built, renumbered 1st & 2nd time, date rebuilt and when retired. 11 representative photographs are included ranging from an 1899 P-1 Atlantic to a 1930 O-5 Northern, both by Baldwin.



November 1936. New York and Pennsylvania RR. Mason's Bogies. American-Built Locomotives Sold in England. The Ashley Planes of the Central RR of New Jersey. The Canadian Centenary. Locomotives of the New Haven RR. Letters to the Editor. Yesterdays on the Long Island (New York). General Mining Association. Montgomery Iron Works, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Knox RR, Formerly Georges Valley RR (Maine). Brief Sojourns by Ann Arbor. New York Chapter Notes.



February 1937. Single subject issue: The Lehigh Valley Railroad by Chas. E. Fisher. Chapters are: The Lehigh Valley RR; Motive Power; Beaver Meadow RR; Lehigh & Mahanoy RR; Hazleton RR; Lehigh Valley RR Locomotives; Early Officers of the Lehigh Valley RR Co.; Motive Power Development on the Lehigh Valley RR Covering a Period of One Hundred Years. The 57 pages of text and rosters are augmented by a system map and 21 photographs.



April 1937. British & Foreign Locomotives in Canada & Newfoundland. Delaware and Northern (New York). A "Days of Gold" RR (Nevada County Narrow Gauge RR of California). The Ten-Wheeler on the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR. The Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Ry Co.(Maine two-footer). Locomotives of the New Haven RR. History of the Illinois Central Passenger Stations on the Chicago Lake Front. The Fall River Line Steamboat Express (Massachusetts).



July 1937. Single subject issue: Locomotives of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, 1855-1904. Part 2. This book follows Part 1, No.40A, which covered CB&Q Engs 1904-1935 as published in September 1936. And now we go to the earlier locomotives in great detail on 67 pages, covering many of the predecessor roads of the over 200 that went into making up the CB&Q. The two authors, who wished to remain anonymous, spiced up this book with a lot of running CB&Q history that would have made it much less valuable if omitted. 16 representative photographs are included.



August 1937. Single subject issue: The Railroads of Wisconsin, 1827-1937. A History of the Construction of Wisconsin Railroads, 1827 to 1937, compiled by James P. Kaysen, Civil Engineer, Madison, Wisconsin. This is a technical history, rather than a reading one, and the 69 pages contain such things as miles built per year for the various lines so you can actually determine which part of the railroads were built when. Or abandoned as the case may be. In 1936 the state had 6,949.45 route miles operated by 27 companies. The book contains 18 representative photographs.



October 1937. Reminiscences of the First Railroad Over the Allegheny Mountains (Portage RR in Pennsylvania). The Billerica & Bedford RR of Massachusetts (first two foot gauge common carrier). The Newfoundland Ry (Canada). The Rogers Locomotive "Sandusky". Genesee and Wyoming (New York). A Common Carrier of the South Before and During the War (South-Western RR of Georgia, 1845-1869). Locomotives of the New Haven RR. Development of Railway Signaling is a comprehensive 12 page overview. History of the Chicago & North Western Railway's Chicago Passenger Terminal Station and its Predecessors. Brief Sojourns by Ann Arbor. Federal Documents Relating to RR's -- Some Highlights.



January 1938. Single subject issue: The Virginia & Truckee Railroad (Nevada). Story begins with The Virginia and Truckee Railway by Gilbert H. Kneiss on 23 pages, including references, extensive notes and rosters, plus 26 photographs. Virginia & Truckee Railroad is from Williams "Pacific Tourist and Guide" of 1879 and describes the area as we travel along by rail over 4 pages. A 6-panel foldout map is attached at the rear of the book.



April 1938. A Century of Car Design and Examples of Present Construction. Standardization of Time in Connecticut. Seth Boyden (New Jersey Inventor, 1788-1870). Some Notes on the Origin of the Syracuse and Chenango Valley RR (New York). The Hoosac Tunnel and Wilmington (Massachusetts, Vermont). History of the Moira & Bombay RR (New York). Sawyer River RR (New Hampshire). The Comet and Catawissa, Two Historic Bury Engines Built for the Little Schuylkill RR (Pennsylvania). The American Locomotive of the Sixties. Locomotives of the New Haven RR. Seward Peninsula RR (Alaska). Grand Central Station (Chicago).



September 1938. RR Fans. The New "Century" (NYCS). The RR Mania in Amherst (Massachusetts). Messrs. Harrison, Winans & Eastwick (Early Engs for St. Petersburg, Russia). The Lackawanna and Bloomsburg RR (Pennsylvania). The Muddle of the Gauges. Lehigh and Hudson River RR. The Sterling Iron and Ry Co. (New York). Locomotives of the New Haven RR. History of the Northern New York RR. A Pen Picture (Excursion from The City to Fort Bragg using Northwestern Pacific and California Western)



October 1938. Single subject issue: The Locomotives of the Chicago & North Western Ry. by F.A. Cole was done with the assistance of the American Locomotive Company and the Baldwin Locomotive Works and is about as thorough and accurate as you'll find anywhere. Obviously, by the publication date, there is not much to be said for anything other than steam power, but there are listings of Oil-Electric Switching Locomotives built by Ingersoll-Rand in 1926 & 1930 and Gas-Electric Motor Cars built by Electro-Motive and Pullman in the years 1925-29. The author provides 16 pages of history and details and then gets into the rosters with number, class, wheel arrangement, builder, builder's number, date, origin and scrapping date when known. 91 pages overall.



March 1939. Single subject issue: THE ROMANCE OF THE RAILROADS ENTERING SACRAMENTO. Chapters: A Brief Outline of the City of Sacramento; The Sacramento Valley RR; The Central Pacific RR; History of the Sacramento Shops; California Pacific RR; California Central RR; The Western Pacific RR; Sacramento, Auburn & Nevada RR; The Freeport RR; The Sacramento Southern RR; Western Pacific RR; The Electric Lines.



May 1939. The South Eastern Ry (Quebec, Vermont). The Connecticut & Passumpsic River RR (Vermont). The Buffalo and Susquehanna and Its Subsidiaries. A Brief History of the North Western's Madison Division -- The Baraboo Air Line (Wisconsin). Big Abandoned RR's. Locomotives of the New Haven RR. Whistler's Report on the Gauge of the Petersburg - Moscow RR. "The Wheeler Station" in Malone, New York. Continuous Rail. Chicago Union Station Company.



October 1939. Locomotives of the New Haven RR. NY & NE Steam Car 1098. Early Rules and the Standard Code. Early Locomotives of the Lackawanna RR and Subsidiary Lines. New York's Oldest Ferry. The Unadilla Valley Ry (New York). The LaSalle Street Station, Chicago. Pacific Coast Chapter's Exhibit. The Society at the World's Fair.



August 1939. Single subject issue: LOCOMOTIVES of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe System by S.R. Wood begins with Origin and Development of the Santa Fe System on 9 pages. Then a Summary of Compound Locomotives, and another of All Types. Predecessor and leased lines are described briefly on 3 pages. The remainder of the book is devoted to rosters. There are 91 ATSF pages, plus 24 locomotive/train photographs and one of the Nickerson, Kansas, roundhouse in 1886.


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