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Tom Taber's Newsletter Index 1981-2005


Thomas T. Taber III has been a life member of the Society since 1983, and has a keen interest in its history, as well as having authored numerous historical works and compilations of aids to historical research, as is evidenced by many entries below. In early 2006, he prepared for his own use a document which related some of the history of the Society since 1981 from his perspective, and included an Index to the R&LHS Newsletter. He has shared this with the webmaster and given permission for publishing an edited version on this website. Editing was done by William F. Howes and Adrian Ettlinger.

Mr. Taber's father, Thomas T. Taber Jr., who joined R&LHS in the late 1920's, was one of the first railfans, having started taking photos of locomotives when given a box camera on his 13th birthday in 1912.

Newsletter Index 1981-2005 by Thomas T. Taber III

The Newsletter began under its first editor, Arthur Lloyd as originally intended, with content entirely describing Society activities. As it evolved over the years under other editors, it assumed a more general nature, including general railfan news and historical articles. Articles are indexed separately at the end.

The Newsletter originated from a suggestion in 1980 by Herbert Harwood and John H. White, Jr. Various formats were adopted as the editorship changed hands.. It was initially planned to appear in late winter to publicize the May/June annual meeting and in the summer to report on the meeting. The first issue of the semi annual, six page publication was February, 1981.

It became a quarterly March, June, Sept., and Dec. in 1984. In order to fill the additional pages preservation articles on tourist railroads, reactivating display park steam locomotives, etc. began to appear. Not all of these have been indexed.

Explanatory note:

Initials: W Winter, Sp - Spring, Su - Summer, F- Fall. Normally only the last two digits of a year are given. The W sometimes referred to the start of winter in Dec. and sometimes to the main part of winter. In other words W-00 and W-01 could be the same year. Several issues represented two quarters due to editorship problems, and there was no Vol. 12, #4. Issues that were identified by a month have the month shown as a number, e.g. July 2000 would be 7-00.

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