Newsletter Index: Annual Meeting Activities

The publication of complete minutes of director and membership meetings was discontinued after the May 3, 1985 meeting. 9-85/5-7

1980 Chicago: Fri. evening-Sun, May 2-4. Fri . evening Director’s meeting.(Minutes not reported) Visited Stokie Swift shop and rode it and visited the Museum of Science & Industry. Al Lind spoke at dinner meeting on I.C.’s commuter service with 64 attendees. Sunday A.M. members annual meeting. Geo. Krambles honored on retirement as C.T.A’s director. 2-81/1

1981 Sacramento. 325 attended due to opening of C.S.R.M., page of pictures. Minutes annual Board meeting 4-30-81. Bill Withuhn suggested an annual awards program for authors. 2470 members (other items indexed separately below). Member annual meeting on Sunday 7-81/3.

1982 New York. Complimentary and Honorary Memberships discussed, #1 problem is no archive research center, 7-82/2; Details of agreement with C.S.R.M. for archive storage presented. C.S.R.M. will not be charged to borrow anything they want for a display and charges that CSRM has will also apply to the Society with money going to CSRM. Contract to be per letter from CSRM’s Stephen Drew 5-4-82. Artifacts not on display at Edaville and after the five year lease to Mus. Of Trans. expires should go to Sacramento now. Bob Buckley received permission to computerize. Financial secretary and president to be given annual allowances of $300 and $400.

1983 Pasadena. Friday National Officers meeting in A.M. and Board of Directors in the P.M. with Southern Cal. Chapter monthly meeting in the evening. Saturday tour of L.A. harbor was not railroad oriented. Banquet in evening with awards and speaker on Pacific Electric System. Sunday’s annual meeting had Ward Kimball speaking. 3-83/3. Good review of year’s doings Sp-93/1-2

1984 at Washington, D.C. had 98 members and guests with a tour of the B. & O. Museum at Baltimore and a tour of the transportation section of the Smithsonian 8-84/1

1985 El Paso Friday evening RR historical progress in El Paso. Saturday to see EP&SW #1 and University’s museum, Slide show of #3420, El Paso newly renovated RR station, speaker on Southwest history. 70 members and guests attended. 6-85/2

1986 Sacramento. 156 attended. Tours of S.P. Sacramento back shop, Roseville diesel shop. Rode tourist train at Sacramento. 5th anniversary of CSRM the museum being made possible by the RLHS. Visited light rail shop at Sacramento. Rollin Bredenberg, SP general mgr., discussed the upcoming merger of the SP and SF as to changes expected. 6-86/1-2.

1987 Chicago. Tours on Saturday were to Amtrak’s servicing facilities and tower and in P.M. to the Belt Ry of Chicago. Arthur Dubin showed slides of pass. trains. Canadian member Omer Lavallee spoke Sunday morning on his C.P.R. railroad experiences. 7-87/1-2

1988 North Conway, NH annual meeting included Mount Washington Cog Ry trip, North Conway Scenic Ry trip and awards 9-88/2. Reporting on 1987 results, the last year of Fred Stindt’s presidency: Membership 2750 with 340 contributing, sustaining 20. Increase in general fund and endowment for the year $29,441. Fred Stindt honored at retirement on June 12, 1988 with a Distinguished Service Award 9-88/2. The former separate officers and director meetings have been combined. Wm. Withuhn is new president.

1989 Los Angeles. Includes visiting the Pomona Fair Grounds, Grizzly Flats RR, S.P.’s intermodal terminal, L.A. light rail, and speaker W. Graham Claytor president of Amtrak. Sunday attended 50th anniversary celebration of Union Station. 6-89/1. National Society will sponsor one of the sessions of the annual meeting of the Society of the History of Technology, the leading historical society for technological history. Proposed by President Withuhn to enhance the R&LHS’s stature in the community of historians. The presentation is the afternoon session on Oct. 13, 1989 “Technology and the RR Industry.” Four from the R&LHS will do presentations. 9-89/3.

1990 Denver . Regular activities began on Friday with director’s meeting in the morning and ride on Georgetown Loop RR, Colo. RR Mus., Saturday Trip on Manitou & Pikes Peak RR and visit to Cripple Creek. Sunday rode the Fort Collins Birney car. Su-90/1-3 President Bill Withuhn resigns. Su-90/1 Search committee formed at annual meeting. Fred Stindt becomes interim president and Arthur Lloyd executive V.P., F-90/1. In the meantime Messrs Lloyd, Hauck, Zlatkovich and Schlachter will handle affairs. Su-90/1. Membership secretary is having problems. Su-90/1 Midyear director’s meetings planned due to fast pace of activities Su-90/2.

1991 Sacramento. Annual meeting dinner at “Rail Fair” had 285 members, wives and guests Su-91/1. An expanded archive center is needed at $100,000 cost Su-91/1.

1992 Southeast Chapter. Meeting had 36 members and 35 guests. Visited Auto Train at Sanford, dome lounge car, Jacksonville people mover, inspected CSX Waycross, Ga. Classification yard. Withuhn named vice president of archives and awards Sp-Su-92/1-2.

1993 St. Louis. Visited Alton & Southern Gateway Yard, St. Louis light rail, Barriger Library, and Mus. Of Transport Su-93/1 Arthur Lloyd gets up to 20 inquiries a week. J. Pryor is part-time and paid equally by P.C.C.. and National. Meeting at St. Louis W-93/2 with brief history of RRs in St. Louis

Grants sought. W-92-93/1

1994 Pomona. President Lloyd resigned 4-28-94 and at his suggestion Wm. Howes was elected president. Muncy facility will be moved to Sacramento “to make it more available.” Sp-94/1, 3. Will tour new light rail and Metrolink, Orange Empire Ry Museum W-93-94 [insert] commuter rail network F-93/3.

1995 Newark, N.J. Will cover the Newark subway on Thursday, Hoboken terminal, Grand Central Station and N.Y. City Transit Museum in Brooklyn Fri., & Sat. Su-94/1, F-94/1, 2, & W-95/insert.

1996 Reno, Nev. Bus trip to Nevada State RR Mus. and Feather River RR Mus. and ride on their tourist railroad F-95/1, Su-96/1, 2, 3. Discussion on making archives more friendly, strengths and weaknesses of RLHS collection, accessioning and deaccesioning, DL&W locomotive 952 situation Su-96/3.

1997 Ogden. To visited Promontory Point and the Golden Spike National Historic site W-97/4. (There was no report on the convention.) H. Arnold Wilder honored Sp-97/7.

1998 Scranton F-97/3, 4, adv. & Sp.-98/3, 4,8.

1999 Sacramento with NRHS with “Railfair ’99” in connection with 130th anniversary of transcontinental railroad Su-98/2. Special Pullman car, “Dover Harbor” will go from Washington, DC and return, 16 days trip $4299 W-99/3. Membership gradually increasing toward 2500. R&LHS ownership interest in 952 transferred to Lackawanna Chapter Su-99/3. 1200+ attended Rail Fair ’99 W-00/4

2000 Chicago, Annual deficit has risen to $10-20,000 a year with interest income just offsetting it. Membership is 2350 Su-00/13

2001 Jacksonville: Discussed ways to increase revenue, long range plan for Archives. Archives includes 200,000+ photos, rule books, employee's imetables, passes, public timetables, advertising literature. All inquires for help to go to Jacksonville and not to Sacramento. Su-01/6-8, 9.

2002 Colorado Springs to see the A.A.R’sPueblo Test Center, tourist train, log railway. W-02/5-8, Su-02/3-4, 8-9,11, Sp-03/12-13

2003 Baltimore with NRHS, “Star Spangled Rails” with numerous locomotives under steam planned and the B&O Museum (Note: Other activities substituted when B&O Museum sustained major damage in February storm.

2004 Ogden W-04/10-11 & Su-04/4 & F-04/8-15 (includes 1997 convention photo for comparison)

2005 Indianapolis Ride on Indiana RR and Whitewater Valley RR/ 3-05/1-2, 7-05/1

2006 Pagosa Springs, Colo with train rides on Cumbres & Toltec RR and Durango & Silverton RR 707/3, F-05/5