Newsletter Index: Research Center

200 boxes and framed pictures comprising RLHS archives moved from Kresge Hall and Baker Library to storage at Framingham, Mass. Costing $1600 plus storage fees. The ultimate hope is to have a history research center where we have a chapter at San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago or New York. 7-81/1

V.P. C. Hauck is in charge of finding a new location 3-82/2. C.S.R.M. appears best location and a half time cataloger should be gotten for the one year task. Expected that the Society will become the #1 railroad research center in the U.S. Considerable expense envisioned with special donations requested. All donations to archives will be published in Railroad History 7-82/1-2.

Oral history tapes from upper Michigan received 7-82/5.

Materials from Boston area moved to C.S.R.M. in Dec. 1982. A cataloger will be hired 3-83/1. Boston Museum items moved to Westwood, Mass.

Archives consists of 345 cubic feet corporate materials, timetables, scrapbooks, publications and periodicals, RLHS records, personal collections, photographs , and government documents. Being organized and cataloged by railroad by Thomas Norris and to take a year with P.C.C. paying half the cost of $9800. We need a volunteer member to head the research center. 8-83/7

Research center available for scholarly research. Has 350 linear feet of archives. Research will be handled by C.S.R.M’s staff 3-84/1-2

Thomas Norris quit and replaced by Mrs. J. Pryor 8-84/2

5000 negatives at Sacramento being catalogued by four people headed by J. Pryor. Lowell negatives to be included 9-87/2.

Cataloging should be virtually completed by 7-1-85. Volunteers needed to catalog incoming collections 3-85/1. Cataloging to be completed by end 1985 9-85/7.

Collection donations: Geo. E. Pettemgo--railroad books; John F. Zwicky--Oregon St. and interurban records 6-85/2

Mrs. Pryor spent two months at 4 hours per day sorting 13,000 public and employee timetables 9-85/5 & 7.

Douglas Richter will be the archives collection manager. Mrs. Pryor’s catalog largely done and her work cut back to two days a week. 12-85/2

Collection of Francis Guido photos and negatives and complete set of the Western Railroader given to Archives. 3-86/1

Collection of the RLHS’s oldest member, Thomas Annin, given to the society with delivery to the Muncy facility when it was organized. 3-87/1

Karl Schlachter donates 650 western negatives of his father's 6-87/3.

Cataloging of 150,000 photos at Sacramento virtually completed. Corporate ephemera will now be cataloged. 3-87/1.

Library has received from Ray McKnight 300 pages of 16”x16” mounted western railroad photos, timetables, ads, etc. 12-87/2

Fred Jukes collection of 550 negatives cataloged. The catalog is $4.

Map case given by Gary Taylor. 6-88/2. Archival records increased by Tom Taber’s trips to Harvard and American Antiquarian Society and planned trips to Chicago, St. Louis, and Washington. 9-89/1

The photo albums formerly used for the photo bank, about 60, have had their 2000 pictures removed and refiled with all other prints at Sacramento 9-89/1.

Sacramento has received four collections – Fred Stindt of eastern railroads in 1930s, Charles Dunbar Conrail material, George Kennedy includes ticket stub collection, and Lynn Farrar pictures western railroads. Su-90/2

The Society is heading for the establishment of the greatest Reference library in the nation. Su-90/2.

Bruce Heard donates a bell and timetables, Gilbert Kneiss Nevada RR correspondence and P.C.C. start-up info. Francis Guido collection of transit and railroad photos of northern Calif., Don Thrall gave his collection W-90/2

An expanded archive center is needed. Will cost $100,000, Su-91/1 V. B. Norte gives $5000 for archives Su-91/2.

Muncy facility will be moved to Sacramento to make it more available. Sp-94/1, 3

Franklin M. Swengel 7000 loco. bldr photo collection goes to Sacramento Sp-96/3.