Newsletter Index: Awards Program

Note: Instituted by Bill Withuhn with first awards in 1982 presented in handsome framed certificates. Visualized to recognize academic scholarship and outstanding writing for the popular audience.

Endowment program for Railroad History Awards with goal of $15,000. 3-84/1. The book and photographic awards of the four awards are being paid for, $5,000 each, by Geo. Hilton and Fred Stindt. 3-85/1, 7-82/1-2, 8-83/1 8-84/1-2

Publicity in Trains Mag and Railfan & Railroad Mag gave about 2 1/2 pages coverage for the 1983 awards which were reproduced in the N.L. 8-83/3-5 Comparable publicity reported 9-85/1 & 9-87/1.

Suggested nominations for book and article awards advertised for by members beginning in 1995 F-95/Insert

Wm. Withuhn resigns as chairman in Sept. 1997 Su-97/4 Bob Post resigns as Awards chairman Su 00/13.

Appreciation award 1990 to John H. White Jr.