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Three new member written books: “The Great Yellow Fleet” concerning refrigerator cars by Jack White will appear shortly. All profits will be given to the Society. Don Hofsommer book on SP 1901-1975 and Fred Stindt’s NWP volume 2. 12-86/2

The “Railroad Historical Research Guide” in preparation by Tom Taber now has 500 pages. Taber requests members to help in their area 12-88/1, project described 12-89/3, 3-90/2, Su-90/2, F-91, W-91

Von Gerstner translation book project by Frederick Gamst includes support by RLHS headed by Karl Schlachter F-90/1 John Decker nominated for the Aurora Borealis Price for his translation of this book. Sp-99/3. “Early American RRs” translation of Von Gerstner book Sp-97/4.

Von Gerstner new cemetery monument paid for by the society and site visited with photo W-90/2 & Sp-91/2-3.

“Railroad History in Photographs” produced by members Thompson, Church & Pryor as fund raiser for RLHS, 80 pages, 92 pix. F-96/3 & 11. Sp-97/4

“Ogden Rails: A history of railroads in Ogden, Utah 1869 to todaty” published by the Golden Spike Chapter F-97/9