Newsletter Index: Cable Car Museum

Fred Stindt researched the many types of cars and had member George Rahilly of Ft. Lauderdale make models. The museum is in the cable car barn 3-82/3

Created Powerhouse Gift Shop at Cable Car Mus 7-85/5.

Chapter will rebuild the cable car museum; 3-83/2.

Collection moved to Embarcadero for 20 months while cable car building is rebuilt 3-83/2

With restoration of cable car service in May the Cable Car museum and Gift Shop will move back from Embarcadero Center #4 to the newly rebuilt Washington/Mason cable car barn. 8-83/6

Cable Car Museum is being redone with chapter paying $15,000 of the $45,000 cost. Museum being redesigned by professionals. 9-87/3.

Designer Richard Steinheimer and Shirley Burmman working on it 12-81/3.

Cable Car Museum refurbishing now a $150,000 project 3-88/2

Architects plans to improve Cable Car museum drag along W-90/3. 50 car models by Geo Rahilly in storage. P.C.C. paying part of the rehabilitation. (The reconstruction of the museum was regularly reported in the Newsletter in 1990 and 1991.)

PCC to close Cable Car museum after $24,000 loss in 1992 Sp-93/5.

Museum closed 3-31-93. after 19 years due to losses and security. Chapter to dispose of its artifacts Su-93/4