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California State Railroad Museum

Plans for dedication of the Calif. State RR Mus. 5-1-81 as part of 1981 annual meeting, May 1-3. 2-81/3.

Opening celebration 5-1-81. 2-81/3

Added an M-K-T business car and Pacific Electric’s presidents car 7-81/5

A society member needs to be at CSRM to represent our collection and interests and answer inquiries now being done by CSRM staff. 8-84/4

RLHS owned UP #4466 0-6-0 in use on tourist train 8-84/4.

Toy train exhibit opening 8-84/3

Ground broken 1-8-85 for Central Pac Frt. Station 3-85/1

SP #1771 2-6-0 given to CSRM from Placerville, Cal. 6-85/1

Two special meetings at CSRM arranged by the Pacific Coast Chapter on 8-26 and 10-28 1988 had turnouts of over 200 at each session. Organized by Robt. Church, Dennis Anspach and Bruce Kleinschmidt 12-88/3

An encore of the two CSRM-RLHS sessions last year will be given at RR Museum of Pennsylvania at Strasburg, Pa. which is sponsoring the show Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 1989. Several RLHS members will be involved. 9-89/3.

CSRM and RLHS plan “Rail Fair” for May 1991 at time of annual meeting F-90/2

Rail Fair ’91 described Sp-91/1.

Collection policies of archives under review by CSRM Sp-97/4.

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