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Recently visited. There are 750 RLHS items with about 75% on display in the museum, lunch room, gift shop and office and ticket space. 8-83/2

Peter Dollman, curator at Edaville is checking our inventory list.

Bankrupt F-92/1. Large bulky items to be auction and printed materials and pictures to Muncy where Tom Taber has found a suitable interim location. In Spring 1993.

Edaville R&LHS collection inventoried 1974 . Edaville closing and Society must remove its items. Artifacts will be auctioned and move archives decided 12-7-92. Sp-93/1

Sale of railroad and museum to be soon. Tom Taber spends 4 days inventorying RLHS items. Discovers that 20-25% of the items inventories by J. White, D. Duke and Dubin cannot be found plus finding several pictures missed by White. F-91/3

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