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Beginning in April 1994 the newsletter carried pictures for which Archivist J. Pryor was seeking identifying information. Most were subsequently identified by members.

A. G. Trumball: Locomotive designer Sp-04/4-15

Locomotives lost in Great Lakes and elsewhere in 1851 W-97/1-2

4-4-0 #653 1890s pix, unidentified Su-98/7

Three Cylinder Locomotives – complete listing Su-99/4-6 & F0-99/8, F-00/6-8

First 4-8-4 (N.P.Ry) and 2-6-6-4 (P&WV, SAL, N&W) W-01/1, 3-5

Feed water injector w-02/3

Counter balancing 10 couple loco. Su-04/5-16

Booster W-02/4

Boiler and fireboxes drwgs and names of parts W-02/9

Traction motors W-03/8

U.S.R.A. heavy 4-8-2 Sp-03/I, 2,3-10 Steam locomotive design Su-01/3-5

Electric locomotive, first (Derby Horse Ry) restored. 9-88/2

General Electric Ingersoll Rand first diesel 1924 photo F-96/9 & W-97/8

Steam turbine, first in Western Hemisphere – Argentina, Ljunstrom of Sweden Su-96/8

Diesel Locomotive development F-01/3-6

Diesel Mechanical, Davenport F-01/8, 12

John Vaughn’s “Little Jack” ex mine locomotive Sp-94. (Mr. Vaughan was first railfan to own and operate a locomotive, this engine and the LV inspection engine “Dorothy.” Ward Kimball’s Grizzley Flats RR was second. Identified F-94/5)

Chinese built steam locomotives arrive in the U.S. 3-90/3

Glover locomotive builder F-05/9-10

Mystery photos – 4 locomotives not subsequently identified Su-04/22-23

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