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1987: Membership survey insert sent with Sept. 1987 N.L. prepared by Karl Schlachter 9-87/1. 400 replies received immediately showing very strong interest in preserving and writing history, but more desired 12-87/2. Results published show 28% under age 47 and 25% over 67. Also that the under 47 age group have little or no interest in railroad history. 50% of the members needed more information on the rosters and builders lists by mail and 71% knew nothing about the photo bank. 58% did research on railroads and 63% collecting books. 35% did writing. Numerous other items delineated. 12-87/2 Continued 7-88/2: 900 or 34% of the membership responded.
Services desired:
1. A research center owned and staffed by the Society;
2. Bibliography to identify resources on RR topics.
3 Ability to buy photos and other materials.
4. Lending service
5. Purchase surplus materials.
6. Advice on preservation techniques
7. A speakers bureau.
8. A membership directory indicating member interests instead of just their addresses .

1992. Sp-Su 1992 issue. Survey of Members' Interests sent out again. W-93/1 results given here. less response showing a less interested membership which is reflected in somewhat lesser chapter activities and much less national activities.--> ) 410 responded less than half the 1987 survey. Membership of those under 48 had dropped from 27.8% to 18.5%. Over age 67 increased from 25% to 30.7%. Members should recruit younger people For RRH the four most desired types of articles were
(1) corporate histories,
(2) engineering technology,
(3) rosters,
(4) operation of railroads. The time periods were (1) 1930-1955, (2) 1900-1929, (3)1870-1899

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