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Barriger Library described Su 93/5

Class I railroads in 1965 and what subsequently happened to each W-95/1-4, Sp-95/6, Su-95/3-6

Economic Activity Pattern and Rail Traffic W-96/2-5

Glover locomotive builder F-05/9-10

Great Britain: Missing historical railroad material sent to 1893 Columbia Exposition Sp-01/8-9. York Ry Museum described (Opened in 1975) 3-84/4

“Locomotive and Railway Preservation” magazine discontinuing after ten years (first significant railroad hobby magazine failure) F-96/5

Maglev trains description 9-89/2-3

Railroad loops – compendium of all in U.S. & Canada Sp.04/16-19

“Railroad and Preservation News” begun in 1995. SU-95/2

St. Louis passenger train service 4-1-63 and 4-1-93 – 32 trains decreased to 7. Sp. 1993/3-4

Transportation Equity Act of 21st Century – TEA-21 - history of the act Sp 99/6-7 & Su 99/8

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