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Arthur Lloyd 1981-3-1990. 28 issues. Newsletter reported complete information on membership, finances and anything other than routine membership meetings. It ran 4-6 pages.

Fred Stindt F-90 to Su-91, Vol. 10-11 4 issues

Bruce Heard F-91 to W-91, Vol. 11, 2 issues

Wm. Howes Sp-Su-92 to W-93-94 and prepared Sp-94 issue, 11 issues. Initiates a 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago column. Goes to 6 & 8 pages because Trading Post and including short items not related to the RLHS. Began inserting miscellaneous train pictures Sp-93 issue. With W-93 issue began to reprint interesting articles from chapter newsletters. Discontinued routine chapter news of meetings and replaced by featuring a chapter in each issue. Only two produced before Zlatkovich took over

Charles P. Zlatkovich Sp.-94 to Sp-95 5 issues

James Wilkie Su-95 to W-97. 7 issues; First organized table of member services. F-96/4

Vernon Glover Sp-97 to Su-99. 10 issues.

Clifford J. Vander Yacht W-00 (Vol. 20, #1) to (Vol. 24, #4) 16 issues. New masthead. Instituted color, advertising to pay for color, new book announcements, 6x 9 size.

Charles Zlatkovich New masthead. 3-05 (Vol. 25 #1, to 7-05 (Vol. 25, #2 2 issues.

David C. Lester F-05/3 (V. 25, combined #3 & 4) Mastheads. Chapter news including monthly programs to be reinstated. F-05/7

J. Parker Lamb Sp&Su-09 New masthead. Published by Robert Holzweiss.

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