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First report of new president Fred Stindt 2-81/1. Many subjects have been indexed under the appropriate subject heading

1981 First year of Stindtís presidency the Society had a net profit of $14,428 vs a loss in 1980 of $2742. Details given 3-82/1.

1986. Fred Stindt renewed the long absent presidentís message in which he summarized accomplishments in 1985: The index of Bulletins #1-151, new membership roster made, Sacramento archive center activated, Newsletter improved format, Trading Post begun, almost $10,000 donated for awards and endowment, investments at $106,426, new chapter inquiries for New England, Arizona, Oregon, and Hawaii, income from investments up considerably, membership address mess corrected 2-86//1.

1987. The May 1-3, 1987 annual meeting Chicago one of the best, highlighted by the positive mood for the Societyís accomplishments. Membership was at an all time high, 2751, 223 new members, also a record high. Contributing members reached 314 and Sustaining 17 with 6 new Life memberships. Finances gained $19,012. Photo bank at Lowell improved. Tom Taberís negative files are a big assist for finding pictures, old roster sheets that canít be automatically fed are being replaced, new chapter for New England is likely, Trading Post is very popular 1987 7-2/1.

1988. During the next ten years a major effort will be made to increase the endowment. The first gift was from Karl Schlachter. 12-88/2.

1993. Summer 1993/1: Archives V.P. Bill Withuhn is talking with B. & O. Museum friends about moving everything there.V.P. Bill Howes to make known what we have to offer and work with railroads on their historical interests.

1995. Spring 1995 Auction of items at Edaville netted over $84,000.(which was put into the archives account). Society kept several items or gave to P.C.C. and Southern Calif. Chapters. Two items given to Tom Taber in appreciation of his work. 952 at St. Louis discussed. St. Louis not doing its agreement of restoring locomotive to its original appearance More members are needed Fall 1995/1. Discussed the 952. Former Muncy held materials are in a good warehouse at Sacramento Membership records mess largely corrected.Sp-98/3.

1998 Sp-98/3 Bill Lugg new membership secretary, New editor for RR History needed. The annual award program to be revamped. Lackawanna Chapter request to have 952 made their property instead of National. Fall 1998/3. 952 discussed and transferred to Lackawanna chapter. Mark Reutter new RRH editor. Book reviews in RRH discussed being coordinated with Lexington Group reviews . A website will be developed. Membership records mess still not fully resolved.

2000 Winter 2000/3 At Bd. Of Directors meeting 10-31-99, plaques given to Vernon Glover, H. Arnold Wilder, H. Roger Grant, and Wm. L. Withuhn. Summer 2002. Daniel Cupper replaces James Henwood as book review editor after 14 years . John Gruber quits as managing editor of RRH. Society had a small deficit and contributing membership raised from $45 to $50.

2005 A new membership category designed to attract younger members established for those under 25. Membership and an abridged financial report presented. 7-05/02.

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