Newsletter Index: Rosters and Builder's Lists

Making copies of rosters and builder records began in 1976 with Bill Edson handling. In first 8 years made 104,449 sheets or about 13,000 per year. Made a profit of $1000 after $600 of expenses = $1600. 8-84/2 Charge of 10 per sheet should be increased as they only make 60% profit after copy and mailing costs. 3-84/2.

Tom Taber has taken over the service and went to Washington to seek additional records at the AAR Library. 3-86/2. Since taking over collection of records, Jerry Best has added his materialsalong with several other minor builders and equipment dealers, annual reports of railroads prior to 1880 all checked for locomotive records and new material found on about 60 roads. Many new short lines and private railroads added. These have been arranged by state rather than alphabetically. The catalog formerly $3.50 is now $2.00. 12-86/1

Tom Taber announces another service of locating negatives of 80,000 different negatives for which has catalogs. 3-87/1

Tom Taber announces that copies of any Bulletin and RRH article are now available at 10 per page. Additional locomotive information has been given by Don Robison, John S. Ingles, and Wayne Lincoln 12-87/2

Eight additional donors listed. A new builders only catalog is being prepared ($1.25) plus a want list of about 1400 railroads from 1850-1950. Major railroads that we are weak on and need more information are listed. Reprints of all articles in Bulletins and RR History now available at 10 per sheet with discount for more than 100 pages. 6-88/2.

During 1988 more than 100 members ordered photo copies and during the last five years 100,000 sheets have been reproduced. During a typical month there are 15 requests. Additional material was received but locomotive information is still inadequate for 13, their names being listed Nine individuals are named who helped. We also have about 15 catalogs of negatives for members looking for particular engines. Mrs. Pryor is now supplying information at such a rate that her work week has increased 4 hours. Fred Stindt has given 1300 prints to our Sacramento facility. 6-89/1

Harold H. Pollett collection of locomotive records comprising about 350 notebooks given to RLHS. Tom Taber to organize. F-90/2

Roster reproduction discontinued by Tom Taber when he learned the Muncy research center would go to Sacramento Sp-93/2

Roster and builder records now handled by James Larson instead of Bill Edson F-96/3. Price remains the same, 25 a sheet with $5.00 minimum.

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