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A Benefit of Membership in the R&LHS

The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society publishes its Quarterly Newsletter (called just Newsletter before spring 2009), as a benefit for members. It covers topics of current interest about R&LHS. You may use the Trading Post for personal use to buy, sell, or ask questions. Send your item to the editor, John Gruber.

We thank John Fike for his services as editor from Spring 2011 to Summer 2014.

Spring 2015, Vol. 35, No. 1

What kind of leader can focus so many talented, passionate and eager people? Leaders must have contagious enthusiasm with a broad a deep knowledge of the subject that commands the respect of their peers. They must also be unassuming and yet be recognized experts in their field. They must also be modest but also have a history of personal achievement. Finally, they must be leaders yet always share credit with others. Add to those traits the patience and perseverance required to complete a long-term project, for example the creation of a major museum and archival repository, and you have Denny Anspach, the subject of this issue of the Quarterly Newsletter and the recipient of the 2014 Gerald M. Best Senior Achievement Award. --President Robert Holzwiss

Treasurer's Report for 2014: Operating revenue ended the year significantly ahead of operating expenses. Notes and full financial statement are in the newsletter.

Parker Lamb receives ASME award for locomotive books
Fellowships Deadine: June 30
Altoona Rails, June 4-6, 2015
Membership Gifts and Development
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Cover photo: Denny Anspach at awards ceremony.

Winter 2014, Vol. 34, No. 4

It’s been exciting year for railroad history and preservation, the beginning of ever expanding recognitions of the importance of railroading in American life. Big locomotives seem to get the headlines, but much is happening across the country, including a railroad-themed attraction planned for Galesburg, Illinois, and photography exhibit in Chicago.--pages 8-9

Message from the President: Digital Initiatives
Altoona Rails, June 4-6, 2015
2014 Railroad History Awards
Membership Development
Moscow, Idaho, 2016 Annual Meeting
MTC (Mechanical Temperature Control)
Guess the Station (Akron)
From the Dispatcher's Office
Cover photo: Tom Gildersleeve, photography award winner.

Fall 2014, Vol. 34, No. 3

More than 112 years ago, the railroad industry wrestled with the same big problems they wrestle with today including the need to rely on human judgment to operate safely. Today’s solution is Positive Train Control.--page 10, courtesy of Richard Palmer.

Message from the President: Now Departing
Board Meeting Summary
Annual Membership Meeting Summary
Membership Promotion: Additional Tips
2015 Annual Meeting, Altoona, Pennsylvania
2014 Friends Campaign
Moscow, Idaho, 2016 Annual Meeting Premier
Honor Engines, Order of the Red Spot
Danbury Railway Museum
Cover photo: Archives and Special Collections, University of Connecticut Libraies

Summer 2014, Vol. 34, No. 2

ASDE? What’s that? Well, way back in the Jurassic age, it was a great way to learn the railroad, especially locomotive and train operations. For many years the Santa Fe had locomotive troubleshooters who were supervisors and who rode some of the trains, mainly ATSF’s great fleet of passenger trains--page 6 by Forrest Becht.

Message from the President: Dues Increase
Promoting the R&LHS: Membership Development
World's Greatest Story, Circus or Railroad?
Assistant Supervisor Diesel Engines, Santa Fe
Trading Post
Guess the Station, from Lou Marre's Collection
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Cover photo: Sylvania Central #103, 1953. Photo by Gordon S. Crowell

Spring 2014, Vol. 34, No. 1

Railroads have played an enormous role in American history, particularly in the saga of the settlement of the American West in the nineteenth century. Railroads have also played a major part in military operations and civilian supply activities during wartime. David Pfeiffer, page 6

R&LHS Accounts Financial Statement
Membership Development
From the Dispatcher's Office
Researching at the National Archives
Research Fellowships
Lou Marre's Favorite Photos
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Cover photo: N&W’s Jawn Henry at Clare, Ohio, October 10, 1954. Lou Marre Collection

Winter 2013, Vol. 33, No. 4

Visit the Nevada Northern Railway, an authentic early 20th century steam railroad and relive the days of the Great Railroad Race to Tonopah and Goldfield.

President's Message: R&LHS Financial Update
Executive Meeting Summary: Kansas City
Silver State Rails, June 5-8, Ely, Nevada
Amtraking to Ely, June 2014
Membership Development
2015 Friends Campaign
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Cover photo: Nevada Northern 90 and 40 at Ely, Nevada

Fall 2013, Vol. 33, No. 3

Katy Steam at Staley (Oklahoma) Tower by Jim Hurt, whose first assignment as a Katy extra board telegrapher was two weeks on first trick at Staley in June 1953. "I was instructed to report to Staley a few days early, to become familiar with the plant and the daily happenings there. The teaching staff at Staley was superb," he writes.

Editor's Thoughts
Harold Vollrath Receives Stindt Award
Equipment Corner
2014 Members Meeting June 5-8 at Ely, Nevada
Announcing Deadline of June 15 for 2014 Research Grants
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Cover photo by MKT engineering department, courtesy of Ray George

Late Summer 2013, Vol. 33, No. 2

President's Message by Robert Holzweiss begins: "The recent publication 'Still Controversial: The Pacific Railroad at 150" (RRH #208, Spring-Summer 2013) generated more than the usual feedback from our membership. Most responses applauded the publiation of the transcript and expressed appreciation for the gathering of four eminent scholars … "

Southern California Capter Concludes Agreement with Union Pacific
Madison Meeting of the R&LHS
2014 Members Meeting at Ely, Nevada
Hiner and Brouws Receive 2013 Research Grants
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Cover photo of weary Penn Central E8 4274 by Ken Fitzgerald

Spring 2013, Vol. 33, No. 1

Members Meeting: Madison, location of the R&LHS 2013 meetings for members, is proud of its history including preservation of its two major railroad stations.

Editor's Thoughts
Badger Rails Information
2012 Financial Report
Announcing 2013 Research Grants
From the Membership Desk
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Cover photo of Milwaukee Road evening passenger train in 1964 by John Gruber


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