Book Reviews: Biography

Harry Bedwell, Last of the Great Railroad Storytellers, by Frank P. Donovan,
       102/72 Review
Mathew Boulton, by H.W. Dickenson, 44/108 Review
James Bridger: Biographical Sketch of . . ., Mountaineer, Trapper and Guide,
       by G.M. Dodge, 127/114
Charles P. Brown: Brownie the Boomer: The Life of . . ., an American Railroader,
       ed. by H. Roger Grant, 167/163 Review
Buffalo Bill, King of the Old West, by Leonard & Goodman, 95/97 Review

Erastus Corning, Merchant and Financier, by l.D. Neu, 104/71 Review
Claudius Crozet, by W. Couper, 41/54 Review
Claudius Crozet: French Engineer in America, 1790-1864, by Hunter and Dooley, Jr. ,
       164/100 Review
Hugh Roy Cullen, by Kilman and Wright, 95/95 Review

Rudolf Diesel, by Nitske and Wilson, 113/102 Review
Julius Dorpmüller: Die Reichsbahn und die Autobahn, by Alfred B. Gottwaldt,
       176/138 Review
Julius Dorpmuller - Ein Leben fur die Eisenbahn, by Bock and Garrecht, 176/138 Review
Thomas C. Durant: Dr. Durant and His Iron Horse, by H.K. Hochschild, 106/80 Review

John Murray Forbes: Bonds of Enterprise: . . . and Western Development in
       America's Railway Age, by John L. Larson, 151/111 Review
Henry Clay French: Railroad Man, by C.D. French, 47/109 Review

Franz Anton von Gerstner: Pioneer Railway Builder, by Voronin and Voronina, trans.
       by John C. Decker, 179/173 Review
Jay Gould: ..., His Business Career, 1867-1892, by Julius Grodinsky, 98/95 Review;
       The Life and Legend of ..., by Maury Klein, 155/121 Review; paperback reissue, 179/156 Review
Jay P. Graves: Shaping Spokane: . . . and His Times, by John Fahey, 173/166 Review

E. H. Harriman: . . .: Master Railroader, by Lloyd J. Mercer, 157/122 Review; The Life and
       Legend of . . ., by Maury Klein, 183/116 Review
John Henry: A Bio-Bibliography, by Brett Williams, 149/126 Review
James J. Hill and the Opening of the Northwest, by Albro Martin, 166/142 Review

Col. John Hough James: Buckeye Titan, by W.E. and O.D. Smith, 89/172 Review
John B. Jervis: The Reminiscences of ..., Engineer of the Old Croton,
       by Neal FitzSimons, 125/110 Review

T. Butler King of Georgia, by E.M. Steel, 111/101 Review
Otto Kuhler: My Iron Journey: A Life with Steam and Steel,
       by Otto Kuhler, 134/89 Review; 117/73Review; The Kuhler Prints, 100/109 Review

Albert Lewis: The Bear Creek Lumber and Ice King, by F. Charles Petrillo, 180/163 Review

Louis McLane: Federalist and Jacksonian, by J.A. Munroe, 130/122
Thomas S. McNair: With Rod and Transit, the Engineering Career of
       Thomas S. McNair, by James B. McNair, 85/69 Review
James Millholland and Early Railroad Engineering, by John H. White, 117/75 Review
Charles Morgan, by J.P. Baughman, 119/86 Review

A. Sheldon Pennoyer: Locomotives in Our Lives, by A. Sheldon Pennoyer, 92/121 Review
Otto Perry: Master Railroad Photographer, by Albi and Jones, 150/123 Review
Richard Peters, Champion of the New South, by Royce Singleton, 154/146 Review
Henry Varnum Poor, by A.D. Chandler, 97/88 Review
George Mortimer Pullman: Palace Car Prince: A Biography of . . ., by Liston E.
       Leyendecker, 168/84 Review

A.B. Stickney: The Man Whose Dream Came True: A Biography of . . ., by John M.
       Relf, 167/163 Review
Arthur E. Stilwell: Promoter with a Hunch, by K.L. Bryant, 126/130 Review
Bethel Henry Strousberg: Der Europäische Eisenbahnkäökonig . . , by Joachim
       Borchart, 170/125 Review

Richard Trevithick, Giant of Steam, by Anthony Burton, 189/115 Review

Samuel M. Vauclain: Steaming Up! The Autobiography of..., 130/106 Review
Charles Blacker Vignoles: Romantic Engineer, by K.H. Vignoles, 148/107 Review

Colonial Engineer: John Whitton (1819-1898) and The Building of Australia's
       Railways, by Robert Lee, 187/139 Review
Daniel Willard Rides the Line, by Edward Hungerford, 49/105 Review
Alf Wilson: Adventures of ..., by Alf Wilson, 128/90 Review

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