Book Reviews: Canadian Railways

The Algoma Central Railway Story, by Dale Wilson, 152/139 Review

The Bridge at Quebec, by William D. Middleton, 186/135 Review
The British Columbia Railway, by John F. Garden, 175/141 Review
The British Columbia Railway, vol. 1, by Timothy J. Burton, 164/106 Review
The British Columbia Railway, vol.2, by Timothy Horton, 170/120 Review
Building the Canadian West, by James B. Hedges, 53/78 Review
By Rail, Road and Water to Gananoque, by Douglas N.W. Smith, 174/110 Review

Canada Southern Country, by Robert D. Tennant, Jr., 167/165 Review
The Canadian: Canadian Pacific's Last Transcontinental Passenger Train, by
       Ness and Bain, 165/141 Review
Canadian National in the West, vol. 5, by Ray A. Matthews, 168/103 Review
Canadian National Steam Power, by Clegg and Corley, 122/96, 123/110 Review
Canadian National's Western Depots, by C. Bohi, 140/131 Review
The Canadian Northern Railway: Pioneer Road of the Northern Prairies,
       by T. Regehr, 138/94 Review
Canadian Pacific Diesel Locomotives, by Dean and Hanna, 146/116 Review
The Canadian Pacific Railway and the Development of Western Canada,
       1896-1914, by John A. Eagle, 165/139 Review
Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives, by Omer Lavallée, 154/141 Review
Canadian Pacific's Dominion Atlantic Railway, vol. 1, by Gary W. Ness, 162/138 Review
Canadian Pacific's Trans-Canada Limited (1919-1930), by Garry W. Anderson,
       165/141 Review
Canadian Pacific's Western Depots: The Country Stations in Western Canada, by
       Bohi and Kozma, 170/118 Review
Canadian Rail Passenger Yearbook, 1995 Edition, by Douglas N.W. Smith, 174/110 Review
Canadian Railway Development -- From the Earliest Times,
       by Thompson and Edgar, 31/32, 73/89 Review
Canadian Sunset: A Farewell Look at America's Last Great Train, by Adolf Hungry
       Wolf, 167/167 Review
Canadian Steam, by David Morgan, 106/78 Review
Cash,Tokens and Transfers - a History of Urban Mass Transit in North America,
       by Brian J. Cudahy, 165/148 Review
Clark's History of the Earliest Railways in Nova Scotia, by W.W. Clark, 46/62 Review
Close Ties: Railways, Government, and the Board of Railway Commissioners.
       1851-1933, by Ken Cruikshank, 168/101 Review
Coal to Canada: A History of the Ontario Car Ferry Company, by Ted Rafuse 185/121 Review
Constructed in Kingston: A History of the Canadian Locomotive Companies, 1854 to
       1968, by McQueen and Thomson, 184/119 Review
Credit Valley Railway, by James Filby, 132/111 Review

The Diesel Builders, vol. 2: American Locomotive Company and Montreal
       Locomotive Works, by John F. Kirkland, 162/130 Review
Diesel Locomotive Rosters, U.S., Canada, Mexico, by Charles W. McDonald, 155/135 Review
Desperate Venture: The Central Ontario Railway, by Plomer and Capon, 142/101 Review

Edmonton's Electric Transit, by Hatcher and Schwarzhopf 150/135 Review
Encyclopedia of North American Railroading: 150 Years of Railroading in
       the United States and Canada, by F. Hubbard, 146/105 Review
Engine Houses and Turntables in Canada, 1850-1950, by Edward Forbes Bush,
       166/151 Review
The Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway: The Dunsmuir Years - 1884-1905, by Donald
       F. MacLachlan, 160/147 Review

Four Whistles to Wood Up For! by F.N. Walker, 89/174 Review
       (Ontario, Simcoe & Huron Ry)
From Summit to Sea, by George H. Buck, 179/178 Review

The Grand Trunk Railway of Canada, by A. Currie, 100/110 Review
The Great Scott: A Biography of Donald Gordon, by J. Schull, 142/103 Review

History of the Canadian National Railways, by G. Stevens, 130/105 Review
History of the Canadian Pacific Railway, by W.K. Lamb, 139/96 Review
A History of the Newfoundland Railway, vol. 1, by A.R. Penney, 162/139 Review
A History of the Newfoundland Railway, vol. 2, by Penney and Kennedy, 165/142 Review

Interurban to St. Albert - The Edmonton Interurban Railway, by Corley and Parker,
       174/111 Review
I've Been Working on the Railroad: Memoirs of a Railwayman, 1911-1962, by
       William J. Chafe, 169/94 (Newfoundland Ry.) Review

Lines of Country: An Atlas of Railway and Waterway History in Canda, by
       Christopher Andreae, 179/176 Review
Lost Horizons: The Story of the Rathbun Company and the Bay of Quinte Railway,
       by Donald M. Wilson, 152/138 Review
Loyalist City Streetcars: The Story of Street Railway Transit in Saint John,
       New Brunswick, by Fred Angus, 142/118 Review

Magnetic North: Canadian Steam in Twilight, by Cook and Zimmerman, 183/129 Review
McCulloch's Wonder: The Story of the Kettle Valley Railway,
       by B. Sanford, 142/105 Review
Meet Me At the Station, by E.A. Willmot, 137/110 (Ontario depots) Review

Narrow Gauge Railways of Canada, by Omer Lavallee, 129/106 Review
Niagara Gorge Belt Line: A Pictorial Album, ed. by Gordon J. Thompson, 185/132 Review
North American Locomotive Production 1968-89, by James T. Bradley, 163/131 Review
North American Light Rail Annual and User's Guide, ed. by Mac Sebree, 172/102 Review

On Track: The Railway Mail Service in Canada, by Susan McLeod O'Reilly, 170/119 Review

Passengers Must Not Ride on Fenders, by Filey, Howard, and Weyerstrohs,
       132/115 (Toronto trolleys) Review
The Pictorial History of Railroading in British Columbia, by B. Sanford, 145/124 Review
Preserved Canadian Railway Equipment, by Raymond E. Corley, 129/106 Review
Promoters and Politicians: The North Shore Railways in the History of
       Quebec, 1854-1885, by B.J. Young, 142/103 Review

Railroad Recollections, by C.H. Heels, 145/123 (CNR-GT) Review
Railway Mileposts: British Columbia, Vol. 1: The CPR Mainline Route from the
       Rockies to the Pacific, and Vol. 2, The Southern Routes from the Crowsnest
       to the Coquihalla, by Roger G. Burrows, 154/153 Review
Railways of Southern Quebec, Vol. 1, by D. Booth, 149/133 Review
Railways of Southern Quebec, Vol. 2, by Derek Booth, 154/151 Review
The Railways of Toronto: the First Hundred Years, by John Riddell, 168/104 Review; 170/101

St. Clair Tunnel - Rails Beneath the River, by Joy Clare, 167/166 Review
Saskatoon's Electric Transit: The Story of Saskatoon's Streetcars and
       Trolley Buses, by Easten Wayman, 159/106 Review
Schools on Wheels, by Karl and Mary Schuessler, 157/144 Review
The Selling of Canada, by E.J. Hart, l50/137 Review
Signatures in Steel, by Greg McDonnell, 168/102 Review
Steam Into Wilderness, by A. Tucker, 141/ 122 (Ontario Northland Ry) Review
Steel of Empire, by J.M. Gibbon, 39/63 (Canadian Pacific Ry) Review
The Story of the B. C. Electric Railway Company, by Henry Ewert, 156/121 Review
Street Cars in the Kootenays: Nelson's Electric Tramways - 1889-1993, by Douglas
       V. Parker, 171/148 Review
Street Cars, Subways and Rapid Transit: A Canadian Bibliography.ed. by Robert
       M. Stamp, 164/126 Review

A Thousand Blunders: The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and Northern British
       Columbia, by Frank Leonard, 175/140 Review
To Stratford Under Steam, by Ian Wilson, 187/131 Review
The Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railway, vol. 1, by John Spring, 170/121 Review
Tracks of the Black 8ear-the Story of the ..., by
       Dale Wilson, 132/112 Review
Traction on the Grand, by John Mills, 141/123 Review
Two Divisions to Bluewater, by Peter Bowers, 150/137 (CNR) Review

Vancouver Island Railroads, by R.D. Turner, 130/110 Review
Van Horne's Road, by Omer Lavauee, 134/79 (CPR) Review

Wellington County History, Vol. 4, 1991, Railway Issue, ed by Ian Eastbrook et al,
       166/152 Review
West of the Great Divide: The Canadian Pacific Railway in British Columbia,
       1880-1986, by Robert D. Turner, 160/146 Review
Winnipeg's Electric Transit, by John Baker, 150/136 Review
Workers' Control on the Railroad: A Practical Example "Right under Your Nose",
       by R.E. Morgan, ed. by Pool and Young, 174/109 Review

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