Book Reviews: Electric and Cable Railways, U.S.

An American Original: The PCC Car, by Koshin and Demoro, 156/124 Review
The Archeology of the Cable Car, by W.W. Hanscom, 125/106 Review
Arkansas Valley Interurban: The Electric Way, by Robert Collins, 182/121 Review

Baltimore and Its Streetcars, by Herbert H. Harwood, 154/156 Review
Baltimore's Light Rail: Then and Now, by Herbert H. Harwood, Jr., 174/113 Review
The Best Way to Go: The History of the Baltimore Transit Company, by Kevin A.
       Mueller, 179/180 Review
Breezers: A Light-Hearted History of the Open Trolley Car in America, by Stephen L.
       Meyers, 172/102 Review
The Brooklyn Elevated, by Greller and Watson, 159/103 Review
The Brooklyn Trolleys, by Greller and Watson, 159/103 Review
Building the Independent Subway, by Frederick A. Kramer, 165/149 Review

Cable Car Days, by E.M. Kahn, 55/82 Review
The Cable Car in America, by George Hilton, 126/132 Review
The Cable Cars of San Francisco, by Phil & Mike Palmer, 101/88 Review
California Electric Railways: An Illustrated Review, by Harre W. Demoro, 156/122 Review
Canal Boats, Interurbans and Trolleys: The Story of the Rochester Subway,
       by Arnberger, Barrett and Marling, 156/118 Review
Capital City Streetcar Days, 1878-1933, by O.R. Cummings, 178/163 (Concord, NH) Review
Cash,Tokens and Transfers - a History of Urban Mass Transit in North America,
       by Brian J. Cudahy, 165/148 Review
Centennial State Trolleys: The Life and Times of Colorado's Streetcars, by Ken
       Fletcher, 175/158 Review
Central California Traction: California's Last Interurban, by Stanley and Moreau,
       190/120 Review
Chicago Surface Lines, by A.R. Lind, 132/114 Review
The Chicago Tunnel Story: Exploring the Railroad Forty Feet Below, Bruce G.
       Moffat, 188/141 Review
Cincinatti: City of Seven Hills and Five Inclines, by John H. White, Jr., 187/142 Review
Cleveland's Dynamic Transit Heritage, by Blaine S. Hays, 156/119 Review
Cleveland's Transit Vehicles: Equipment and Technology, by Toman and Hays,
       177/147 Review
The Colorful Streetcars We Rode, by Norman Carlson, et al., 157/143 Review

The Derby Horse Railway and the World's First Electric Freight Locomotive,
       by John R. Stevens, 161/105 Review
Destination Loop: The Story of Rapid Transit Railroading In and Around
       Chicago, by B.J. Cudahy, 149/137 Review
Detroit's Street Railways, Volume 3: When Eastern Michigan Rode the
       Rails, by Schramm, Henning and Andrews, 156/120 Review
Diamond State Trolleys: Electric Railways of Delaware, by Harold E. Cox, 166/159 Review
The Diary of the Portsmouth, Kittery and York Electric Railroad, by John D. Bardwell
       156/95 Review
Duneland Electric: South Shore Line in Transition, by Donald R. Kaplan, 154/156 Review

The Electric Interurban Railways in America, by Hilton & Due, 103/94 Review
Electric Railroads of Indiana, by Jerry Marlette, 102/75 Review
Electric Railways Around San Francisco Bay, Volume One, by Donald Duke, 183/138 Review
Electric Railways Around San Francisco Bay, Volume Two, by Donald Duke, 186/141 Review
The Electric Railway Era in Northwest Washington, 1890-1930,
       by David Turbeville, 142/117 Review
The Electric Railway Snowplows Made by the Taunton Locomotive Manufacturing
       Company, rep. By Harold E. Cox, 166/149 Review
Electric Traction on the Pennsylvania Railroad, by M. Bezilla, 144/99 Review
Evolution of the New York Subways: An Illustrated History of New York City's
       Transit Cars, 1869-1997, by Gene Sansone, 187/145 Review
Fort Wayne and Wabash Valley Trolleys, by G.K. Bradley, 150/133 Review
Fort Wayne's Trolleys, by G.K. Bradley, 110/93 Review
"Forward is the Motto of Today": Streeet Railways in Charlottesville,
       Virginia, 1866-1936, by Jefferson Randolph Kean, 156/116 Review
From Boston to the Berkshires: A Pictorial Review of Electric Transportation in
       Massachusetts, by Stephen P. Carlson with Thomas W. Harding, 164/122 Review
From Bullets to BART, by William D. Middleton, 164/125 Review
From Rails to Roads: The History of Perley A. Thomas Car Works and Thomas Built
       Buses, by Clint Johnson, 178/160 Review

The Green Line: The Cincinnati, Newport & Covington Railway, by Lehman and
       Clark, Jr., 186/142 Review

A History of Baltimore's Streetcars, by Mitchell R. Farrell, 169/108 Review
A History of the Hudson Valley Railway, by D.S. Nestle, 119/87 Review
History of the J.G. Brill Company, by Debra Brill, 187/143 Review
Horse Trails to Regional Rails: The Story of Public Transit in Greater Cleveland, by
       Toman and Hays, 176/134 Review
Houston Electric: The Railways of Houston, Texas, by Steven M. Baron, 178/162 Review
Houston North Shore, by Robinson and DeVerter, 186/141 Review
How We Got to Coney Island, by Brian Cudahy, 188/143 Review

Illinois Terminal: The Electric Years, by Paul H. Stringham, 163/119 Review
Illustrated Treasury of Rail Rapid Transit Systems and Cars of North America,
       by James W. Kerr, 153/122 Review
Indiana Railroad: The Magic Interurban, by George K. Bradley, 170/116 Review
Inside Muni: The Properties and Operation of the Municipal Railway of
       San Francisco, by Perles and McKane, 147/200 Review
An Inside Story of PRT and PTC, 1930-1957, by Mervin E. Borgnis, 174/112 Review
Interurban Electric Locomotives From Baldwin-Westinghouse, by Joseph A. Strapac,
       186/143 Review
The Interurban Era, by W.D. Middleton, 105/90 Review
Interurbans Qf the Empire State, by Felix Reifschneider, 80/8

Jaybird: A.J. Moxham and the Manufacture of the Johnson Rail, by James R.
       Alexander, 166/150 Review

The Key Route: Transbay Commuting by Train and Ferry, Part 1, by Harre W.
       Demoro, 154/155 Review
The Key Route: Transbay Commuting by Train and Ferry, Part Two, by Harre W.
       Demoro, 156/123 Review
The Kite Route, by Jones and Holley, 157/140 Review

The "L": The Development of Chicago's Rapid Transit System, 1888-1932, by Bruce
       G. Moffat, 175/157 Review
Labyrinths of Iron: A History of the World's Subways,
       by Bensen Bobrick, 149/136 Review
The Lake Shore Electric Railway Story, by Harwood, Jr. and Korach, 186/140 Review
Last of the Red Cars: The Long Beach Rail Line Then - And Now, by Jim Walker,
       167/174 Review
The Last Interurbans, by William D. Middleton, 189/140
The Laurel Line: An Anthracite Region Railway, by Henwood and Muncie, 155/129 Review
Lehigh Valley Transit's Liberty Bell Route: A Photographic History, by William J.
       McKelvey, Jr., 161/116 Review
The Life and Times of the Pacific Electric, 150/127 Review
The Lima Route, by Scott D. Trostel, 183/136 Review
The Lindenwold Hi-Speed Line, by J. William Vigrass, 166/157 Review
The Longest Interurban Charter, by Larry Plachno, 163/118 Review
Louisiana -- Its Street and Interurban Railways, Vol. 1,
       by Hennick and Charlton, 109/67 Review

Memories of the Pacific Electric, Red Car Days, by R. Long, 150/127 Review
Metropolitan Railways: Rapid Transit in America, by William D. Middleton,
       189/138 Review
Moonlight in Duneland: The Illustrated History of the Chicago, South Shore and
       South Bend Railroad, by Cohen and McShane, 181/149 Review
Monterey and Pacific Grove Street Car Era, by Erle C. Hansen, 165/150 Review
Moving the Masses, Urban Public Transit in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia,
       1880-l912, by C.W. Cheape, 146/122 Review

The Nearside Car and the Legacy of Thomas E. Mitten, by Mervin E. Borgnis, 174/112 Review
Nebraska Street and Interurban Railways, by E.B. Phillips, 132/109 Review
The New York Elevated, by R.C. Reed, 142/111 Review
New York's El Lines, 1867~1955, 103/95 Review
The New York Subway: Its Construction and Equipment, by Interborough Rapid
       Transit, 166/156 Review
Niagara Gorge Belt Line: A Pictorial Album, ed. by Gordon J. Thompson, 185/132 Review
North American Light Rail Annual and User's Guide, ed. by Mac Sebree, 172/102 Review
Northern Indiana Railway, by George K. Bradley, 182/123 Review

Old Dominion Trolley Too: A History of the Mount Vernon Line, by John E.
       Merriken, 159/104 Review
Overhead and Underground: A Guide to Chicago's Rapid Transit, by Richard Kunz,
       166/155 Review

PCC: The Car That Fought Bak, by Carlson & Schneider, 144/118 Review
PCC -- From Coast to Coast, by Schneider III and Carlson, 153/120 Review
The People's Railway: The History of the Municipal Railway of San Francisco,
       by Anthony Perles, 147/200 Review
Pioneers of Electric Railroading: Their Story in Words and Pictures, ed. by John R.
       Stevens, 167/171 Review
PTC Rails, by Kramer and James, Jr., 178/164 (Philadelphia) Review
Pueblo's Steel Town Trolleys, by Cafky and Haney, 182/122 Review

Rail Transit Philadelphia: Twenty Colorful Years 1969-1989, by Elsner and Vible,
       164/124 Review
Rails in Richmond, by Carlton N. McKenney, 156/115 Review
Rails under the Hudson: The Story of the Hudson, Tubes, the Pennsylvania Tunnels,
       and Manhattan Transfer, by Brian Cudahy, 190/143 Review
A Rainbow of Traction, Bull. 126 of CERA, 160/155 Review
Red Arrow Lines Remembered, by Kramer and James, Jr., 169/107 Review
The Rochester, Syracuse and Eastern 'Travelectric,' 1906-1931,
       by Gordon and McFarlane, l09/67 Review

St. Louis Car Company Album: A Photographic Record,
       by Andrew D. Young 156/123 Review
St. Louis and Its Streetcars: The Way It Was, by Andrew D. Young, 176/135 Review
The St. Louis Street Car Story, by Andrew D. Young, 159/102 Review
San Diego's South Bay Interurban, Ralph Forty, 157/139 Review
The San Diego Trolley, by Gena Holle, 165/151 Review
722 Miles: The Building of the Subways and How They Transformed New York, by
       Clifton Hood, 175/156 Review
The Shaker Heights Rapid Transit, by James A. Toman, 166/157 Review
South Shore: The Last Interurban, by William D. Middleton, 124/87 Review; reprint with new
       chapter, 182/124 Review
Speedrail: Milwaukee's Last Rapid Transit?, by Larry A. Sakar, 167/172 Review
The Story of Metro: Transportation and Politics in the Nation's Capital, by Ronald
       H. Deiter, 165/152 Review
Straphanging in the USA: Trolleys and Subways in American Life, by Martin W.
       Sandler, 190/144 Review
Street Cars of Boston, Volume 6: Birneys, Type 5 Semiconvertibles,
       Parlor, Private and Mail Cars, by O.R. Cummings, 156/117 Review
The Street Cars of New Orleans, 1831-1963, by Hennick and Charlton, 113/104 Review
Street Cars to Old Orchard Beach: The Biddeford & Saco Railroad and Connecting
       Lines, by Cummings and Leavitt, 164/123 Review
Street, Interurban and Rapid Transit Railways of the United States: A Selective
       Historical Bibliography, by Thomas R. Bullard, 153/120 Review
Street Railways and the Growth of Los Angeles, by Robert C. Post, 163/120 Review
Street Railways of Harrisburg, by Steinmetz and Cox, 159/106 Review
Sunset Lines: The Story of the Chicago, Aurora & Elgin Railroad,
       by Larry Plachto, 157/141 Review

Texas Electric Railway, by J.J. Myers, 148/120 Review
TM, by CERA, 127/113 (Milwaukee Electric Lines)
Toonervilles of the Empire State, by F. Reifschneider, 80/8
Traction Classics: The Interurbans, The Great Wood and Steel Cars, Vol. 1,
       by W. Middleton, 150/129 Review
Traction Classics: The Interurbans, Extra Fast and Extra Fare, Volume 2, by
       William D. Middleton, 153/119 Review
Traction Classics: The Interurbans, Vol. 3: Interurban Freight, by William D.
       Middleton, 154/154 Review
Traction Extra No. 2: The President's Car, by Joseph P. Saitta, 159/107 Review
Traction Yearbook '82, by Joseph Saitta, 148/119 Review
Traction Yearbook '83, ed. by Saitta and Fletcher, 153/121 Review
Traction Yearbook 1987, ed. by Joseph P. Saitta 168/107 Review
Trains, Trolleys and Transit: A Guide to Philadelphia Area Rail Transit, by Gerry
       Williams, 181/160 Review
Treatise Upon Cable or Rope Traction, As Applied to the Workings of Street and
       Other Railways, by J.B. Smith, cd. Hilton, 139/101 Review
Trolleys to Beaver Lake: A History of the Chester and Derry Railroad Assn.,
       1891-1928, by O.R. Cummings, 167/173 Review
Trolley Days in Pasadena, by Charles Seims, 150/128 Review
Trolleys in the Valley, by A.S. Langley, Jr., 129/114 (South Carolina)
Trolley Lines of the Empire State, by F. Reifschneider, 81/72 Review
Trolley Pictures of the Empire State, by Reifschneider & Maquire, 82/83 Review
The Trolley Titans: A Mobile History of Atlanta, by O.E. Carson, 148/119 Review
Trolley to the Past, by Andrew D. Young, l50/134 (museums) Review
Trolley Wars: Streetcar Workers on the Line, by Scott Molloy, 176/133 Review

Under the Sidewalks of New York: The Story of rhe Greatest Subway System
       in the World, by B.J. Cudahy, 142/111 Review
The Union Trolley Line, by John Brinckmann, 161/118 Review
Uptown, Downtown: A Trip Through Time on New York's Subways,
       by Stan Fischler, 137/104 Review

Valley Railways: Trolleys on Harrisburg's West Shore, by Siebert, Jr.
       and Steinmetz, 156/117 Review
Veteran and Vintage, by Andrew D. Young, 179/181 Review

When Eastern Michigan Rode the Rails II: The Rapid Railway and Detroit-Port Huron
       by Rail-Ship-Bus, by Schramm and Henning. 156/120 Review
When Eastern Michigan Rode the Rails, vol. 3, by Schramm, Henning and Andrews,
       160/156 Review
Worcester Trolleys Remembered, by Carlson and Harding, 156/118 Review
Wyoming Valley Trolleys: Street Railways of Wilkes-Barre, Nanticoke and Pittston,
       Pennsylvania, by Harold E. Cox, 163/123 Review

Yale Bowl and the Open Trolleys, by John D. Somers, 179/181 Review

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