Book Reviews: Locomotives, U.S.

The Allegheny: Lima's Finest, by Huddleston and Dixon, 153/111 Review
American Locomotives: An Engineering History, 1830-1880, by John H. White,
       119/85 Review
American Locomotives: An Engineering History, 1830-1880, revised and expanded
       edition, by John H. White, 179/153 Review
American Locomotives, 1871-1881, 82/82 Review
American Locomotives, 1900-1950, by Edwin P. Alexander, 82/82 Review
American Locomotives in Historic Photographs, 1859 to 1949, by Ron Ziel, 170/108 Review
American Single Locomotives and the "Pioneer," by John H. White, 130/119
The American Steam Locomotive, by F.M. Swengel, 119/85 (1870s-1950s) Review
American Steam Locomotives, by Brian Solomon, 180/147 Review
Articulated Locomotives, by Lionel Wiener, 125/111 Review
Assessment of Coal-Fueled Locomotives, by U.S. Department of Energy,
       157/127 Review

The Baldwin Locomotive Works, 1831-1915, by John K. Brown, 174/94 Review
Baldwin Locomotive Works-lllustrated Catalog (1881), 103/92 Review
Baldwin Records of Recent Construction Nos. 56, 72, 79, 109/66 (reprints) Review
Birth of the American Locomotive, 1830-1831, by Pangborn, 85/68 Review
Building a Lima Locomotive: The Steam Locomotive Construction Process of Lima
       Locomotive Works during 1924, by Scott D. Trostel, 167/170 Review

Cincinnati Locomotive Builders, by John H. White, 114/75 Review
Comprehensive Guide to Industrial Locomotives, by Jay Reed, 174/106 Review
The Contemporary Diesel Spotter's Guide, by Louis A. Marre, 173/176 Review

Dawn of the Diesel Age, by J.F. Kirkland, 150/120 Review
Development of the Locomotive Engine, by Angus Sinclair, 124/86 Review
The Diesel Builders: Fairbanks-Morse and Lima-Hamilton, by John. F. Kirkland,
       154/143 Review
The Diesel Builders, vol. 2: American Locomotive Company and Montreal
       Locomotive Works
, by John F. Kirkland, 162/130 Review
The Diesel Builders, vol. 3: Baldwin Locomotive Works, by John F. Kirkland, 172/89 Review
Diesel Locomotive Rosters: The Railroad Magazine Series, 130/117 Review
Diesel Locomotive Rosters, U.S., Canada, Mexico, by Charles W.
       McDonald, 155/135 Review
Diesel Locomotives: The First 50 Years: A Guide to Diesels Built before 1972, by Louis
       A. Marre, 175/152 Review
Diesel Spotter's Guide Update, by Marre and Pinkepank, 143/169 Review
The Diesel Years, by R.P. Olmsted, 134/85 Review
Diesels from Eddystone: The Story of Baldwin Diesel Locomotives, by Dolzall
       and Dolzall, 152/127 Review

E Units: Electromotive's Classic Streamliners, by Jeff Wilson, 187/128 Review

F Units: The Diesels That Did It, by Jeff Wilson, 183/135 Review
Famous Steam Locomotives of the United States and Canada, by R.J. Cook, 132/104 Review
Field Guide to Modern Diesel Locomotives, by Greg McDonnell, 187/127 Review
Fogg and Steam: A Regional Look at Steam in North America, by Frank Clodfelter,
       140/136 Review
4-8-0 Tender Locomotives, by D.R. Carling, 126/141 Review
4~8-4 Pictorial, by R.J. Wayner, 130/121
4-10-2: Three Barrels of Steam, by J.E. Boyton, 130/113 Review
From Steam to Diesel: Managerial Customs and Organizational Capabilities in the
       Twentieth Century American Locomotive Industry, by Albert J. Churella, 181/136 Review

The Georgian Locomotives, by H.S. Bryant, 107/134 (locomotives built in
       the 1920s-30s for southern railroads) Review
GM's Geeps: The General Purpose Diesels, by Paul D. Schneider, 186/137 Review
Guide to North American Steam Locomotives, by George H. Drury, 171/142 Review

The Heisler Locomotive, 1891-1941, by Walter Casler, 149/133 Review
A History of Electric Locomotives, by F J. Haut, 122/95

Illustrated Treasury of the American Locomotive Company, by O.M. Kerr, 168/97 Review
Iron Horses, by E.P. Alexander, 58/76 Review
The Iron Horse, by Nathan and Ernst, 43/82 Review
The Iron Horse, America's Steam Locomotive: A Pictorial History, by H.B. Comstock,
       126/139 Review
The Iron Horse: An Illustrated History of Steam Locomotives, 2nd ed., by Henry B.
       Comstock, 170/111 Review

The Last of Steam, by J.G. Collias, 104/72 Review
Lima: The History, by Eric Hirsimaki, 158/157 Review
Locomotive Catalog No. 786 (1905) Arthur Koppel Locomotives, 161/106 Review
Locomotives of the Dickson Manufacturing Company, by G.M. Best, 116/72 Review
Locomotives and Locomotive Building, 109/66 (Rogers 1886 catalog reprint) Review
Locomotive Valves and Valve Gear, 2nd ed.. by Yoder and Warren, 171/144 Review

The Mallet Locomotive, by A.E. Durrant, 133/120 Review
Modern Locomotive Construction, 1892, by J.G.A. Meyer, 173/172 Review; 175/135
The Mountains, by Farrell and Pearsall, 140/133 Review

New England Diesels, by Albert and Melvin, 138/101 Review
North American Locomotive Production 1968-89, by James T. Bradley, 163/131 Review

One Man's Locomotives: 50 Years Experience with Railway Motive
       Power, by Vernon L. Smith, 157/124 Review

Pacific: 2472's Family Album, by Kenneth G. Johnson, 163/129 Review
The Pennsy's P5 Electrics, by Westing, Bezilla and Keyser, 188/133 Review
Perfecting the American Steam Locomotive, by J. Parker Lamb, 190/118-120 Review
Porter Steam Locomotives, Light & Heavy, NMRA, 187/127 Review
The Search for Steam, by J.G. Collias, 128/81 Review
The Shay Locomotive-Titan of the Timber, by Michael Koch, 125/114
A Short History of American Locomotive Builders in the Steam Era,
       by John H. White, 148/105 Review
A Simple History of the Steam Engine, by J.D. Storer, 123/114 Review
The Splendour of Steam, by Hamilton Ellis, 118/101 Review
Steam to Diesel: Jim Fredrickson's Railroading Journal, by Jim Fredrickson,
       188/129 Review
Steam on the Feather River Route: Harold B. Miller Collection, ed. by Brent
       Lambert, 188/128 Review
Steam's Finest Hour, by David Morgan, 102/75 Review
Steam Locomotives, by L.H. Westcott, 103/91 Review
The Steam Locomotive in America, Its Development in the Twentieth
       Century, by Alfred W. Bruce, 88/170 Review
Steam Locomotive Directory of North America, by David Conrad, 160/139 Review
Superpower: The Making of a Steam Locomotive, by David Weitzman, 158/157 Review

Tandem Compound Locomotives, by P.M. Kalla-Bishop, 81/70 Review
Taunton and Mason: Cotton Machinery and Locomotive Manufacture in
       Taunton, Massachusetts, 1811-1861
, by John William Lozier, 159/86 Review
Trains and Technology: The American Railroad in the Nineteenth Century --
       Volume 1: Locomotives
, by Anthony J. Bianculli, 186/132 Review
The Twilight of Steam Locomotives, by Ron Ziel, 110/89 Review
Two Essays in Early Locomotive History, by C.F. Dendy Marshall, 18/73

Uncle Sam's Locomotives, by Eugene L. Huddleston, 188/121 Review
Unusual Locomotives, by E.F. Carter, 103/92 Review

Vintage Diesel Locomotives, by Mike Schaefer, 180/148 Review

The Willamette Locomotive, by Hauff and Gertz, 137/102 Review
Working Steam, by Hans Halberstadt, 182/110 Review
The World's Greatest Mallets: C&O H-8 versus N&W Class A, by Eugene L.
       .Huddleston; 156/105 Review

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