Book Reviews: Topics in Railroad History

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              1960s 102-121
              1970s 122-141
              1980s 142-161
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Topics in Railroad History

Across America on an Emigrant Train, by Jim Murphy, 171/141 Review
All Aboard! The Railroad in American Life, by George Douglan, 168/81 Review
Along the Iron Trail, by Richardson and Blount, 47/110 (railfan movement) Review
Along the Line, No. 1, by J. Richardson, 106/81 Review
Alternative Tracks: The Constitution of American Industrial Order: 1865-1917, by
       Gerald Berk, 171/129 Review
American Car & Foundry Company, 1899-1999, by Edward S. Kaminski, 182/117 Review
American Economic and Business History: A Guide to Information Sources, by
       Robert W. Lovett, 127/110 Review
An American Journey: Images of Railroading during the Depression, by Mark S.
       Vandercook, 187/120 Review
American Narrow Gauge, by Krause and Duke, 140/130 Review
American Narrow Gauge Railroads, by George W. Hilton, 165/127 Review; 167/159-160
The American Railroad Freight Car: From the Wood-Car Era to the Coming of Steel,
       by John H. White, Jr., 171/126 Review; soft cover ed., 175/154 Review
The American Railroad Network, 1861-90, by Taylor and Neu, 96/94 Review; reprint
       190/132 Review
The American Railroad Passenger Car, by John H. White, 140/124 Review
American Railroad Politics, 1914-1920, by K.A. Kerr, 120/92 Review
American Railroads, by John F. Stover, 179/154 Review
American Railroads of the Nineteenth Century: A Pictorial History in Victorian
       Wood Engravings, by Jim Harter, 181/139 Review
The American Railway: Its Construction, Development, Management and
       Appliances, by Robert Clarke et al, 163/110 Review
American Short Line Railway Guide, by Edward A. Lewis, 134/87 Review, 141/121 Review
American Short Line Railway Guide, 4th Edition, by Edward L. Lewis, 167/176 Review
American Shortline Railway Guide, 5th Edition, by Edgar A. Lewis[sic], 176/129;
       correction to "Edward", 177/121
The American Train Depot & Roundhouse, by Hans and April Halberstadt, 174/105 Review
America's Classic Railroad Places: A Geographical Dictionary of North American
       Railroad Locations, by Ernest H. Robl, 181/144 Review
America's Rail Pictorial, by Ross Porter, 181/155 Review
An Anthology of Railroad Poetry, ed. by Michael Gee, Volume 2, 161/120 Review
Appalachian Crossing - The Pocahontas Roads, by Eugene L. Huddleston, 163/127 Review
Architecture and Planning of Graham, Anderson, Probst and White, 1912-1936, by
       Sally A. Kitt Chappell, 168/85 Review
The Art of Railroad Photography: Techniques for Taking Dramatic Trackside
       Pictures, by Gary J. Benson, 171/140 Review

The Banshee Train, by Odds Bodkin, il. By Ted Rose, 173/185 Review
The Beauty of Americdn Railroad Bridges - Then and Now,
       by Richard J. Cook, 157/131 Review
Behind the Iron Horse: The People Who Made the Trains Run in the Bellows
       Falls, Vermont, Area (1941-1980), by Giro R. Patalano, 181/138 Review
A Biographical Dictionary of American Civil Engineers, ed. Antoinette Lee
       127/111 Review
Biographical Dictionary of Railway Engineers, by John Marshall, 139/102 Review
The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Industrial Archeology, ed by Barrie Trinder, 169/111 Review;
Bloomington's C&A Shops: Our Lives Remembered, ed. by Matejka and Koos,
       158/164 Review
A Book of Railway Journeys, by L. Kennedy, 145/122 Review
Booked on the Morning Train: A Journey through America, by George F Scheer III,
       165/131 Review
The Boomer, by Harry Bedwell, 61/95 Review
Borderland: Origins of the American Suburb, 1820-1939, by John R. Stilgoe, 164/101 Review
Bridges Over Time: A Technological Context for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
       Main Line Stem at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, by Michael W. Caplinger, 181/140 Review
British Investment in American Railways, 1834-1898, by Dorothy R. Alder, 125/111 Review
The Broadway Limited, by Rosenbaum and Gallo, 160/151 Review
Brotherhoods of Color: Black Railroad Workers and the Struggle for Equality, by Eric
       Arnesen, 186/124 Review
Building and Laying '0' Gauge Trackwork, by E.F. Carter, 87/106 Review
Buildings and Structures of American Railroads, 1893, by W.G. Berg, 137/109 Review
By Streamliner: New York to Florida, by Joseph M. Welsh, 173/162 Review

Call in Big Hook, by Samuel A. Dougherty, 152/130 Review
Canal or Railroad? by Julius Rubin, 106/80 Review
Canals and Railroads of the Mid-Atlantic States, 1800-1860, by Christopher T. Baer,
       162/124 (under "Discussion")
Capturing the Horizon: The Historical Geography of Transportation since the
       Sixteenth Century, by James E. Vance, Jr., 164/99 Review
Cavalcade of the Rails, by Frank P. Morse, 53/77 Review
Central Standard, A Time, A Place, A Family, by Patrick Irelan, 188/116 Review
A Century of Pullman Cars, vol. 1: Alphabetical List, by Ralph L. Barger, 161/104 Review
A Century of Pullman Cars, vol 2: The Palace Cars, by Ralph L. Barger, 164/110 Review
Chicago's Historic Pullman District, by Frank Beberdick and the Historic Pullman
       Foundation, 182/118 Review
Cincinnati Union Terminal: The Design and Construction of an Art Deco Masterpiece,
       by Cincinnati Railroad Club, 185/122 Review
Civil War Railroads, by George Abdill, 106/78 Review; reprint, 182/99 Review
The Civil War Career of Thomas A. Scott, by S.R. Kamm, 58/78 Review
Classic American Railroad Stations, by Julian Cavalier, 144/114 Review
Classic American Railroads, by Mike Shafer, 177/129 Review
Classic Railroad Advertising: Riding the Rails Again, by Tad Burness, 188/126 Review
Coal to Canada: A History of the Ontario Car Ferry Company, by Ted Rafuse 185/121 Review
Coast to Coast by Automobile. The Pioneering Trips, 1899-1908, by Curt McConnell,
       184/131 Review
Collection, Use, and Care of Historical Photographs, by Weinstein and Booth, 138/97 Review
The Compendium of American Railroad Radio Frequencies, by Sturm and Landgraf,
       173/176 Review; 177/132 Review
Commuter Railroads, by P.C. Dorin, 124/ 96
The Country Railroad Station in America, by Grant and Bohi, 140/131 Review;
       Reprint, 160/149 Review
Covered Bridges, by R.S. Allen, 99/75 Review
Covered Bridges of the Middle Atlantic States, by R.S. Allen, 103/95 Review

Decade of the Trains: The 1940s, by Ball and Whitaker, 138/98 Review
Desperate Men: The James Gang and the Wild Bunch, by James D. Horan, 184/132 Review
Destroyer of the Iron Horse: General Joseph E. Johnston and Confederate Rail
       Transport, 1861-1865, by Jeffrey N. Lash, 166/137 Review
Diesel Motor Trains, by Berge and Loftus, 81/72 Review
Dining by Rail: The History and Recipes of America's Golden Age of Railroad Cuisine,
       by James D. Porterfield, 169/93 Review
The Directory of North American Railroads, Associations, Societies, Archives, Libraries,
       Museums, and their Collections, comp. by Holly T. Hansen, 183/142 Review
Distant Horizon: Documents from the Nineteenth Century American West, ed. by Gary
       Noy, 182/100 Review
The DO Lines, by E.A. Lewis, 139/93 Review
Done and Been: Steel Rail Chronicles of American Hobos, by Gypsy Moon, 178/140 Review
Doodlebug Country: The Rail Motorcar on the Class I Railroads of the United
       States, by Edmund Keilty, 148/118 Review
Down at the Depot: American Railroad Stations of 1831 to 1920, by E.P.
       Alexander, 123/111 Review
Down Brakes, by Robert B. Shaw, 106/77 Review
Dreams, Visions and Visionaries, Colorado Rail Annual no. 20, ed. by Albi, Farewell,
       and Forrest, 171/134 Review

Early Railways, by Rodney Dale, 172/106 Review
Encyclopedia of American Business History and Biography, vol. 1: Railroads
       in the Age of Regulation, 1900-1980, ed. by Keith L. Bryant, Jr., 159/81 Review
Encyclopedia of American Business History and Biography, vol. 2: Railroads
       in the Nineteenth Century, ed. by Robert L. Frey, 162/125 Review
Encyclopedia of North American Railroading: 150 Years of Railroading in
       the United States and Canada, by Freeman Hubbard, 146/105 Review
The End of Steam, by William L. Petitjean, 189/129 Review
Energy and Transport: Historical Perspectus on Policy Issues, ed. by Daniels
       and Rose, 149/141 Review
Engineering in History, by Kirby, Withington, Darling, and Kilgour, 98/97 Review
Enterprise Denied - Origins of the Decline of American Railroads, 1897-1917, by
       Albro Martin, 126/125 Review

Fairbanks-Morse & Co., Locomotive Coaling Stations, Yard Storage Systems,
       Cinder Conveyors, Sand Plants, Bulletin No. 73001 (Reprint), 163/130 Review
The Fall of a Railroad Empire, by Staples and Mason, 74/64 Review
Famous Railroad Stations of the World, by Adele Nathan, 90/177 Review
Fares Please, by John A. Miller, 56/106 Review
This Fascinating Railroad Business, by R.S. Henry, 59/83 Review
The Fastest Trains in the World, by G.F. Allen, 142/109 Review
Financiers and Railroads, 1869-1889: A Study of Morton, Bliss and Company,
       by Dolores Greenberg, l51/112 Review
Firestorm (fiction), by Jan Neubert Schultz, 187/129 Review
Focus on Rails, by John Gruber, 162/128 Review
Forging Industrial Policy, by Frank Dobbin, 179/172 Review
Foundrywork for the Amateur, by B.T. Aspin, 93/138 Review
From the Cab: Stories from a Locomotive Engineer,, by Doug Riddell, 182/104 Review
From the Coalfields to the Hudson: A History of the Delaware & Hudson, Canal, by
       Larry Lowenthal, 180/162 Review
From Horsecars to Streamliners, by A.R. Lind, 139/92 Review
From Zephyr to Amtrak, by David Randall, 127/105 Review

A Generation of Boomers: The Pattern of Railroad Labor Conflict in
       Nineteenth Century America, by Shelton Stromquist, 157/121 Review
Getting There: The Epic Struggle Between Road and Rail in the American Century,
       by Stephen B. Goddard, 172/85 Review
Ghost Train, by Tony Reevy, 183/122 Review
Go Pullman, by Charles M. Knoll, 174/108 Review
Going Places: Transportation Redefines the 20th Century American West, by
       Carlos Arnaldo Schwantes, 190/115-116 Review
Grand Crossings: Railroading and People in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, ed. by Joseph
       Follmar, 169/95 Review
Great American Railroad Stations, by Janet Greenstein Potter, 177/128 Review
Great American Scenic Railroads, by Berger and Reid, 154/137 Review
Great Days of the Circus, by Freeman Hubbard, 107/134 Review
The Great Lakes Car Ferries, by George W. Hilton, 107/135 Review
The Great Locomotive Chase, by MacLennan Roberts, 95/93 Review
The Great Machines: Poems and Songs of the American Railroad, ed. by Robert
       Hedin, 176/130 Review
The Great Southwest of the Fred Harvey Company and the Santa Fe Railway, ed.      
       by Weigle and Babcock, 176/113 Review
Great Trains of All Times, by Freeman Hubbard, 108/78 Review
Great Trains of the World, by Wyatt Biassingame, 90/178
The Great Yellow Fleet: A History of American Railroad Refrigerator Cars,
       by John H. White, Jr. 156/98 Review
Grierson's Raid, by D.A. Brown, 92/120 Review
Guide to North American Railroad Hot Spots, by J. David Ingles, 186/139 Review
Guide to Railroad Historical Resources, United States and Canada, by Thomas T.
       Taber, 169/91 Review
Guide to Tourist Railroads and Railroad Museums, comp. by George H. Drury,
       164/102 Review; 173/176
Guide to Tourist Railroads and Railroad Museums, Empire State Railway Museum,
       183/143 Review

Handbook of American Railroads, by R.G. Lewis, 87/105 Review
Handcar Joe, by Gar Voss, 80/8
Hard Traveling: A Portrait of Work Life in the New Northwest, by Carlos A.
       Schwantes, 174/97 Review
The Harvey Girls: Women Who Opened the West, by Leslie Poling-Kempes, 164/109 Review
Headlights and Markers, by F.P. Donovan, 68/85 Review
Hear the Train Blow, by Beebe and Clegg, 88/172 Review
Highball, by Lucius Beebe, 67A/45 Review
High Iron, by Lucius Beebe, 49/105 Review
Highliners, by Lucius Beebe, 52/87 Review
Historic Railroads, by R.S. Holland, 44/109 Review
Historic Railroad Stations: A Selected Inventory, National Park Service, 132/105 Review
The Historical Guide to North American Railroads, by George H. Drury, 155/123 Review
Historical Sketches of Early Railroad Days, by William Schultz, 107/135 Review
A History of the ACF Center Flow, by Eric A. Newbauer, 157/132 Review
A History of Canton Junction, by Edward D. Galvin, 157/130 Review
The History of Civil Engineering since 1600: An Annotated Bibliography, by
       Darwin H. Stapleton, 155/138 Review
The History and Politics of a National Railroad, by David C. Nice, 180/145 Review
History of Railroad Accidents, Safety Precautions, and Operating Practices,
       by Robert B. Shaw, 149/135 Review
The History of the St. Louis Car Company, by Young and Provenzo, 139/92 Review
History of Transportation in the United States Before 1860, by B.H. Meyer, 73/89 Review
Hoboken's Lackawanna Terminal, by Theodore W. Scull, 158/177 Review
The Hoghead: An Industrial Ethnology of the Locomotive Engineer,
       by Frederick C. Gamst, 148/109 Review
Homecoming: The Art Collection of James J. Hill, by Hancock, ffolliott and
       O'Sullivan, 166/142 Review

If That Don't Beat the Devil, by J. McKeon, 141/123 (Baptist chapel cars) Review
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Railroad Lighting, vol. 1: The Railroad Lantern, by
       Richard C. Barret, 172/103 Review
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Railroad Lighting, Volume 2: The Railroad Signal
       Lamp, by Barrett and Gross, 183/121 Review
In the Traces: Railroad Paintings of Ted Rose, by Ted Rose 185/113 Review
Incline Railways of Los Angeles and California, by Donald Duke, 181/158 Review
Intercity Bus Lines of the Southwest: A Photographic History, by Jack Rhodes,
       160/144 Review
Interurbans Without Wires: The Rail Motorcar in the United States,
       by Edmund Keilty, 142/116 Review
Innovation and the Rise of the Tunnelling Industry, by Graham West, 159/84 Review
Invisible Giants: The Empires of Cleveland's Van Sweringen Brothers, by Herbert H.
       Harwood, Jr., 189/118 Review
The Iron Horse at War, by J.E. Valle, 139/98 Review
Iron Confederacies: Southern Railways, Klan Violence, and Reconstruction, by Scott
       Reynolds Nelson, 182/97 Review
Iron Road to the West: American Railroads in the 1850s, by John F. Stover, 140/127 Review

Jane's World Railways, 1970-1971, 124/96
Journey from Jim Crow: The Desegregation of Southern Transit, by Catherine A.
       Barnes. 154/150 Review
Journeys Through Western Rail History, Colorado Rail Annual No. 22, ed. by Charles
       Albi, et al., 178/144 Review

Kansas Depots, by H. Roger Grant, 165/133 Review

Landmarks on the Iron Road: Two Centuries of American Railroad Engineering, by
       William D. Middleton, 183/115 Review
Lanterns That Lit Our World, by Anthony Hobson, 166/148 Review
The Late, Great Pennsylvania Station, by Lorraine B. Diehl, 155/140 Review
Law and Locomotives, by Robert S. Hunt, 100/109 Review
Let's Operate a Railroad, by L.E. Roxbury, 97/90 Review
Life and Times of a Locomotive Engineer, by Charles F. Steffes, 177/132 Review
The Lincoln Funeral Train: The Final Journey and National Funeral for Abraham
       Lincoln, by Scott D. Trostel, 189/133 Review
Lincoln's America, by Adele Nathan, 106/79 Review
Living in the Depot: The Two-Story Railroad Station, by H. Roger Grant, 170/117 Review
The Locomotive Engineer, 1863-1963, by R.C. Richardson, 110/91 Review
Locomotives on Parade, by Edward Hungerford, 55/82 Review
The Lonesome Whistle's Call, by Stella E. Burns, 180/144 Review
Long Day's Journey: The Steamboat and Stagecoach Era in the Northern West, by
       Carlos A. Schwantes, 183/119 Review
Long Steel Rail: The Railroad in American Folksong, by Norm Cohen, 149/125 Review
Lost Railroads of New England, by Ronald Dale Kerr(sic)(Karr), 163/124 Review; 2nd ed.,
       176/121 Review
Luxury Trains of the World, by G.F. Allen, 143/170 Review

Ma Kiley: The Life of a Railroad Telegrapher, by Thomas C. Jepson, 180/143 Review
Mail by Rail, by Long and Dennis, 85/70 Review
Main Line to Oblivion: The Disintegration of the New York Railroads
       in the Twentieth Century, by R.B. Carson, 126/129 Review
Main Lines: Rebirth of the North American Railroads, 1970-2002, by Richard
       Saunders, Jr. 190/112-114 Review
Main Street of the Northwest: Rails from the Rockies to the Pacific, by T.O. Repp,
       163/128 Review
Manhattan Gateway: New York's Pennsylvania Station, by William D. Middleton,
       176/117 Review
Mansions on Rails, by Lucius Beebe, 103/91 Review
Men, Cities, and Transportation, by E.C. Kirkland, 76/75 Review
Men, Steam, and the Driven Wheel, by E. Yeomans, 53/77 Review
Merging Lines: American Railroads, 1900-1970, by Richard Saunders, Jr., 187/116 Review
Metropolitan Corridor: Railroads and the American Scene, by John R. Stilgoe, 150/119 Review
Miles of Smiles, Years of Struggle: Stories of Black Pullman Porters, by Jack Santino,
       166/136 Review
Milton Car Works, by Homer K. Folk, 185/129 Review
Mr. Lincoln's Military Railroads, by R. & A. Meredith, 141/119 Review
Mixed Train Daily, by Lucius Beebe, 71/ 90 Review, 106/79 Review
Modern Railways, by C.J. Allen, 103/93 Review
The Modern Wonderbook of Trains and Railroading, by N. Carlisle, 70/86 Review, 73/88 Review
The Mohawk That Refused to Abdicate and Other Tales, by D.P. Morgan
       with P.R. Hastings, 138/95 Review
More Classic Trains, by A.D. Dubin, 132/98 Review
More Rail Classics, by Jones and Albi, 136/142 (fiction) Review
The Movie Railroads, by Larry Jensen, 147/199 Review
My Sisters Telegraphic: Women in the Telegraph Industry, 1846-1950, by Thomas C.
       Jepsen, 185/128 Review

Narrow Gauge Railways in America, by H. Fleming, 80/8
A Nation of Steel: The Making of Modern America, 1865-1925, by Thomas J. Misa,
       177/127 Review
National Railway Historical Society Cumulative Index 1-35 (1936-1970), 127/112 Review
The New Dictionary of American History, by Martin and Gelber, 88/174 Review
New England Country Depots, by E.A. Lewis, 128/92
New England Rail Album: A Traveling Salesman Remembers the 1930's, by
       George Phelps, 163/125 Review
Night Trains, by Peter T. Maiken, 163/132 Review
1991 Steam Passenger Service Directory, pub. By Mark Smith, 165/153 Review
North American Commuter Rail, 1994, by William D. Middleton, 172/101 Review
The North American Railroad: It Origin, Evolution, and Geography, by James E.
       Vance, Jr., 175/138 Review
North American Railroad Stations, by Julian Cavalier, 142/119 Review
The Northern Railroads in the Civil War, by Thomas Weber, 88/171 Review; reprint, 182/98 Review

Off the Track: The Decline of the Intercity Passenger Train in the United States,
       by Donald M. Itzkoff, 153/109 Review
The Official Guide of the Railways, January 1930, 140/135 Review
The Official Railway Equipment Register, January, 1953, reprinted by the National
       Model Railroad Association, 176/128 Review
Oil Industry and Transportation, by P.H. Middleton, 64/86 Review
The Old Fall River Line, by R.W. McAdam, 46/60 Review, 93/136 Review
On Parade, by John Hungerford, 99/78 Review
On the Railroad, by R.S. Henry, 41/56 Review
On the Three Foot Narrow Gauge, by Edgar T. Mead, 168/92 Review
'00' Gauge Layout and Design, by E.F. Carter, 93/137 Review
The Orphan Trains: Placing Out in America, by Marilyn Irvin Holt, 170/106 Review
Our G.M. Scrapbook, 126/143
Over and Back: The History of Ferryboats in New York Harbor, by Brian J. Cudahy,
       164/121 Review
An Overland Journey from New York to San Francisco in the Summer of 1859, by
       Horace Greeley, 182/100 Review
The Overland Limited, by Lucius Beebe, 110/91 Review

Pacific Slope Railroads, by George Abdill, 102/73 Review
Passenger Terminals and Trains, by John A. Droege, 122/96, 123/111 Review
Passenger Train Annual 1988, comp. by Mike Schafer, 160/150 Review
Passenger Train Annual 1989, comp. by Schafer and Schneider, 163/133 Review
Passenger Train Annual 1990, ed. by Elmond G. Lawrence, 165/152 Review
The Passenger Train in the Motor Age: California's Rail and Bus Industries,
       1910-1941, by Gregory Lee Thompson, 172/86 Review
Passenger Trains of Yesteryear: Chicago Eastbound, by Joseph Welch, 187/134 Review
Passenger Trains of Yesteryear: Chicago Westbound, by Joseph Welch, 187/134 Review
Pathfinder in the Southwest, by Grant Foreman, 56/106 Review
The Phantom Brakeman and Other Railroad Stories, by Freeman Hubbard, 101/88 Review
A Picture History of Railways, by C. Hamilton Ellis, 95/96 Review
Pino Grande: Logging Railroads of the Michigan-California Lumber Company
       by R. S. Polkinghorn, 152/134 Review
Plains Country Towns, by John C. Hudson, 156/112Review
Piggyback and Containers: A History of Rail Intermodal on America's Steel Highway,
       by David J. DeBoer, 169/92 Review
Pioneer Railroads, by H.W. Bowman, 91/174 (1830-1869) Review
The Pioneer Stage of Railroad Electrification, by C.W. Condit, 139/98 Review
Portrait of the Rails, by Don Ball, 128/82 Review
Portrait of a Silver Lady: The Train They Call the California Zephyr,
       by MacGregor and Bensen, 139/90 Review
The Powder River Basin: A Guide, by Ernest H. Robl, 186/138 Review
Power at Odds: The 1922 National Railroad Shopmen's Strike, by Colin J. Davis,
       179/157 Review
The President Travels by Train, by Bob Withers, 176/115 Review
Priscilla of Fall River, by Roger McAdam 76/77 Review
Pullman, by Stanley Buder, 118/100 Review
Pullman Company List of Cars, 1950, 132/114 Review
Pullman Porters and the Rise of Protest Politics in Black America, 1925-1945, by
       Beth Tompkins Bates, 186/126 Review
Pullman and Private Car Pictorial, by R.J. Wayner, 127/106 Review

Rail Book Bibliography, 1948-1972, by F.K. Hudson, 129/109 Review
Rail Fiction Classics, by W.C. Jones, 132/111 Review
Rails Along the Chesapeake, by A. Tufts, 98/94 (fiction) Review
Rails Along the Chesapeake: A History of Railroading on the Delmarva Peninsula,
       by J.C. Hayman, 142/99 Review
Rails West, by G. Abdill, 105/90 Review
Rails Across America: A History of Railroads in North America, cons. ed. William L.
       Withuhn, 171/130 Review
Rails Remembered, vol. 1, by Louis M. Newton, 171/136 Review
Railroads in American Art: Representations of Technological Change, by
       Danly and Marx, 159/82 Review
Railroads and American Economic Growth, by Robert W. Fogel, 112/80 Review
The Railroad in the American Landscape: 1850-1950, by Susan Danly Walther,
       170/107 Review
Railroads and American Law, by James W. Ely, Jr. 187/122 Review
The Railroad Artistry of Howard Fogg, by Hill and Chione, 182/102 Review
The Railroad and the Flood - 1965, by Richard S. Prosser, 117/75 Review
Railroads and Regulation, 1877-1916, by Gabriel Kolko, 112/85 Review
The Railroad and the Space Program, by Bruce Mazlish, 114/74 Review
A Railroad Atlas of the United States in 1946, Volume 1, The Mid-Atlantic States,
       by Richard C. Carpenter, 190/123 Review
Railroad Avenue, by Freeman Hubbard, 67/120 Review
The Railroad Caboose, by Knapke and Hubbard, 119/86 Review
Railroad Car Journal No. 1, by G.R. Cockle, 126/143
Railroads and the Character of America, 1820-1887, by James A. Ward,
       156/110 Review
The Railroad Collection, Vol. 1, by V.J. Glover, 138/100 (railroad photos at
       Museum of New Mexico) Review
The Railroads of the Confederacy, by R.C. Black, 88/170 Review; 1998 edition, 180/146 Review
Railroad Development Programs in the Twentieth Century, by Roy V. Scott, 154/135 Review
Railroad Ferries of the Hudson and [the] Stories of a Deckhand, by Baxter
       and Adams, 158/170 Review
Railroads in the Heartland: Steam and Traction in the Golden Age of Postcards, by
       H. Roger Grant, 180/156 Review
Railroad History in Photographs, by Thompson and Church, editors; Jacqueline J.
       Pryor, Archivist, 177/131 Review
Railroad Leaders, 1845-1890, by T.C. Cochran, 90/176 Review
Railroad Maps of the United States: A Selective Annotated Bibliography of
       Original 19th-Century Maps in the Geography and Map Division of the
       Library of Congress, 134/90 Review
Railroad Men, by S. Kalisher, 106/79 Review
The Railroad Mergers and the Coming of Conrail, by R. Saunders, 140/125 Review
Rairoad Mergers: History, Analysis, Insight, by Frank N. Wilner, 179/155 Review
Railroad Names: A Directory of Common Carrier Railroads Operating in the United
       States 1826-1992, 3rd ed., by William D. Edson, 171/142 Review
The Railroads of the South, by J.F. Stover, 95/94 Review
The Railroad Passenger Car, by A. Mencken, 99/75 Review
Railroad Periodicals Index 1831-1999, compiled by Thomas T. Taber III, 185/114 Review
Railroads, Reconstruction, and the Gospel of Prosperity: Railroad Aid under the
       Radical Republicans
, by Mark W. Summers, 154/144 Review
Railroads for Rent: The Local Rail Assistance Program, by William R. Black, 156/99 Review
Railroad Signatures across the Pacific Northwest, by Carlos A. Schwantes, 171/131 Review
Railroad Spikes: A Collector's Guide, by James M. Joyce, 153/118 Review
The Railroad Station, by C.V. Meeks, 97/87 Review, 135/112 Review
The Railroad Station: An Architectural History, by Carroll L. V. Meeks, 176/116 Review
Railroad Stations of New England Today, Vol. 1 -- The Boston and Maine
       Railroad, by M.W. Beauregard, 142/119 Review
Railroad Stations and Trains Through Arkansas and the Southwest, by Clifton E. Hull,
       180/155 Review
Railroad Timetables, Travel Brochures and Posters, by Brad S. Lomazzi, 175/154 Review
A Railroad for Tomorrow, by Edward Hungerford, 68/84 Review
Railroads of the Trans-Mississippi West: A Selected Bibliography, by
       D.L. Hofsommer, 132/110 Review
Railroads Triumphant: The Growth, Rejection, and Rebirth of a Vital American
       Force, by Albro Martin, 168/82 Review
Railroad Vision: Photography, Travel, and Perception, by Anne M. Lyden, 190/122 Review
Railroad Voices, narr. by Linda Niemann, photo. by Lina Bertucci, 180/142 Review
The Railroad: What It Is, What It Does, the Introduction to Railroading, 3rd ed., by
       John H. Armstrong, 170/127 Review
Railroad Wrecks, by Edgar A. Haine, 172/104 Review
The Railroader, by W. Cottrell, 53/76 Review
The Railroadiana Collectors Price Guide, by S.L. Baker, 137/105 Review
Railroading Coast to Coast: Riding the Locomotive Cabs 1923-1950, by S. Kip
       Farrington, 136/138 Review
Railroading from the Head End, by S. Kip Farrington, 62/91 Review
Railroading from the Rear End, by S. Kip Farriington, 76/76 Review
Railroading in the Eighties, by L.E. Roxbury, 119/87 Review
Railroading in the Rockies a Half Century Ago, ed. by Charles Albi et al, 164/107 Review
Rails Across the Mississippi - A History of the St. Louis Bridge, by Robert W. Jackson,
       186/123 Review
Rails West, comp. by Elrond G. Lawrence, 164/103 Review
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