Book Reviews: Railroads in the United States

Aberdeen & Rockfish RR: The Road of Personal Service: A Centennial History of the
       . . ., by Wrinn and Lewis, 172/95 Review
Alaska RR: The Alaska Railroad, by Edward M. Fitch, 118/99 Review; Railroads in
       the Clouds: The Alaska Railroad in the Age of Steam, 1914-1945, by
       William H. Wilson, 138/92 Review
Amtrak: Journey to Amtrak: The Year History Rode the Passenger Train, by
       H.A. Edmondson, 127/104 Review; Amtrak Car Spotter, by Robert Wayner,
       127/105 Review; Car Names, Numbers, and Consists, by R.J. Wayner, 128/84 Review; The
       Architecture and Engineering of Amtrak's Washington-New York Corridor,
       A Pictorial History," by E.P. Williams, 137/112 Review; Amtrak-Ten Years of
       Controversy: A Guide to Literature, by R.D. Karr, 149/143 Review; The . . . Story, by
       Frank N. Wilner, 173/161 Review
The Ann Arbor Railroad 50 Years Ago, by Henry Earle Riggs (reprint), 166/134
       (review under "Discussion")
Arcade and Attica Railroad, by Edwin A. Lewis, 128/88 Review
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry: Arid Domain-The Santa Fe Railway and its
       Western Land Grant, by William S. Greever, 91/172 Review; From Cab to
       Caboose, 50 Years of Railroading, by Joseph A. Noble, 110/93 Review; History of
       the . . ., by K.L. Bryant, 133/117 Review; Men of the Steel Rails: Workers on the. . .,
       1869-1900, by James H. Ducker, 149/128 Review; The Santa Fe's Big Three, by S.K.
       Farrington, 129/107 Review; Santa Fe Diesels and Cars, 132/101 Review; Santa Fe: The
       Railroad That Built an Empire, by James Marshall, 67A/45 Review; Super Chief: Train
       of the Stars, by Stanley Repp, 144/115 Review; Tehachapi, by John Signor, 150/127 Review;
       Chard Walker's Cajon: Rail Passage to the Pacific, by Chard L. Walker, 154/138 Review;
       Stock Cars of the Santa Fe Railway, by Frank M. Ellington, 164/108 Review; The Harvey
       Girls: Women Who Opened the West, by Leslie Poling-Kempes, 164/109 Review; Cajon:
       A Pictorial Album - San Bernardino to Victorville, by Chard Walker, 165/155 Review;
       Steam Locomotives of the Santa Fe: A Former Shopman's Scrapbook, by Frank
       M. Ellington, 166/146 Review; Warbonnets: From Super Chief to Super Fleet, by Pope
       and Lynn, 173/174 Review; The Story of the Santa Fe, by Glenn D. Bradley, 174/100 Review; Santa
       Fe: The Railroad Gateway to the American West, vol. 1: Chicago-Los Angeles-
       San Diego, by Donald Duke, 175/144 Review; Santa Fe in the Mountains, by George H.
       Drury, 175/145 Review; The Great Southwest of the Fred Harvey Company and the Santa
       Fe Railway, ed. by Weigle and Babcock, 176/113 Review; Santa Fe Rails, Volume 1, by
       Kevin EuDaly, 178/146 Review; Santa Fe in the Intermountain West: Colorado Rail
       Annual No. 23, ed. by Forrest, Cooley and Albi, 180/153 Review; Caboose Cars of the
       Santa Fe Railway, by Frank M. Ellington, 182/116 Review; Santa Fe's Eastern Oklahoma
       Railway Company: Book One -- The Stillwater District, by Joseph A Cammalleri,
       188/139 Review; Santa Fe The Chief Way, by Strein, Vaughan and Richards, Jr., 189/121 Review
Atlanta and West Point RR: Steam Locomotives and History, Georgia Railroad
       and West Point Route, by Richard E. Prince, 107/134 Review
Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast, by Larry Goolsby, 185/119 Review
Atlantic City Railroad: The Royal Route to the Sea, by Coxey and Cook,
       146/114 Review
Atlantic Coast Line: RR: . . ., Steam Locomotives, Shops[sic] and History, by Richard E.
       Prince, 117/74Review; . . . Passenger Service: The Postwar Years, by Larry Goolsby,
       183/123 Review; . . ., Steam Locomotives, Ships and History, (reprint) by Richard E. Prince,
       184/134 Review

Baltimore & Ohio RR: The . . . in the Civil War, Festus P. Summers, 52/86 Review;
       Baltimore and Ohio Power, by L.W. Sagle, 112/81 Review; The Defnitive History of the
       . . . Company's Q-Class Mikado Locomotives, by Barr and Barringer, 139/100 Review;
       The Early Motive Power of the . . ., by J. Snowden Bell (1912), 134/85 Review;
       The Failure to Preserve the Queen City Hotel, Cumberland, Maryland, by
       Dianne Newell, 133/124 Review; Impossible Challenge: The Baltimore and Ohio in
       Maryland, by H.H. Harwood, 142/95 Review; Louis McLane, by J.A. Munroe, 130/ 122;
       Daniel Willard Rides the Line, by Edward Hungerford, 49/105 Review; A Picture
       History of Baltimore and Ohio Motive Power, by L.W. Sagle, 88/174 Review; Steam
       Locomotives of the Baltimore and Ohio, by Alvin F. Staufer, 113/104 Review;
       The Story of the ..., 1827-1927, by Edward Hungerford, 18/72; History of the
       …, by John F. Stover, 157/127 Review; The Royal Blue Line, by Herbert H. Harwood, Jr.,
       165/130 Review; Daniel Willard and Progressive Management on the . . ., by David M.
       Vrooman, 167/162 Review; West End: Cumberland to Grafton, 1849-1991, by Charles T.
       Roberts, 168/92 Review; . . . Passenger Service, 1945-1971, vol. 1: The Route of the
       National Limited, by Harry Stegmaier, Jr., 170/111 Review; East End: B&O's 'Neck of the
       Bottle'", by Hollis and Roberts, 170/112 Review; The Great Road: The Building of the . . .,
       the Nation's First Railroad, 1828-1853, by James D. Dilts, 171/127 Review; Steam
       Locomotives of the . . .; An All-Time Roster, by William D. Edson, 171/143 Review; . . .'s
       E-Unit Passenger Diesels, by Nuckles with Dixon, Jr., 172/90 Review; Sand Patch: Clash
       of Titans - Cumberland to Connellsville and Branches, 1837-1993, by Charles S.
       Roberts, 172/94 Review; Cabooses of the . . ., by Robert Hubler, 173/175; Bridges Over
       Time: A Technological Context for the . . . Main Line Stem at Harpers Ferry,
       West Virginia, by Michael W. Caplinger, 181/140 Review; . . . in the Potomac Valley, by
       Martin J. McGuirk, 186/138 Review; E. Francis Baldwin, Architect: The B&O, Baltimore
       and Beyond, by Carlos P. Avery, 190/137 Review
Bangor & Aroostook: The Maine Railroad, by Angier and Cleaves, 158/167 Review
Black River & Utica RR: The Sapbush Run, An Informal History of the . . .,
       by Thomas C. O'Donnell, 78/96 Review
Boston & Albany RR: The State, the Investor, and the Railroad: The. . .,
       1825-1867, by Stephen Salsbury, 118/99 Review; . . .: The New York Central in New
       England, vol. 1, Boston to Worcester, by Robert Willoughby Jones, 179/169 Review; . . .:
       The New York Central in New England, vol. 2, Worcester to Albany, by Robert
       Willoughby Jones, 179/169 Review; Steam Locomotives of the New York Central Lines,
       vol. 1, Parts 1 and 2: NYCHRRR and B&A, by Edson and Vail, Jr., 179/171 Review
Boston & Maine RR: Through Covered Bridge to Concord, by Edgar T. Mead,
       124/92 Review; Mountains, Moguls, Memories, 144/104 Review; Railroad Stations of New
       England Today, VoL l -- The..., by M. Beauregard,142/119 Review; Philip Ross
       Hastings: The Boston & Maine, a Photographic Essay, by Frank Kyper, 164/121 Review;
       . . ., Three Colorful Decades of the New England Railroading, by Robert
       Willoughby Jones, 168/96 Review; The Mass. Central: Quabbin's Phantom Railroad, by J.R.
       Green, 176/120 Review; Behind the Iron Horse: The People Who Made the Trains Run in
       the Bellows Falls, Vermont, Area (1941-1980), by Giro R. Patalano, 181/138 Review
Boston, Concord & Montreal RR: The Up-Country Line, by Edgar T. Mead,
       134/90 Review
Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn RR: Narrow Gauge: The Story of the. . .,
       by Stanley Lieberman, 144/103 Review
Bradford, Bordell, & Kinzua, by Barber and Woods, 125/113
Bridgeton and Harrison RR: Busted and Still Running, by Edgar T. Mead,
       120/91 Review
Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad, by Paul Pietrak, 118/100 Review
Buffalo Creek & Gauley, by William E. Warden, 168/93 Review
Burlington Northern: . . . and Its Heritage, by Stephen Glischinski, 169/97 Review; 176/122Review;
       . . . Diesel Locomotives: Three Decades of BN Power, by Paul D. Schneider,
       171/145 Review
Butte, Anaconda & Pacific: Wired for Success: The . . . Railway, 1892-1985, by Charles V.
       Mutschler, 188/134 Review

The California & Nevada Railroad: Narrow Gauge in the East Bay, by Erle C.
       Hanson, 168/90 Review
Camden and Amboy RR: The John Bull: 150 Years a Locomotive,
       by John H. White, 146/107 Review
Canton RR: The History of the . . . Company: Artery of Baltimore's Industrial
       Heartland, by Gary W. Schlerf, 178/153 Review
Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio RR: "Clinchfield Country", by Steve King, 162/134 Review;
       Building the Clinchfiield, by James A. Goforth; 169/105 Review; When Steam Ran the
       Clinchfield, by James A. Goforth, 169/105 Review; Tall Tales of the Rails on the Carolina,
       Clinchfield & Ohio, by J.L. Lonon, 169/105 Review; Conquering the Appalachians, by
       Mary Hattan Bogart, 184/127 Review
Carson & Colorado RR: The Slim Princess, by John Hungerford, 99/78 Review; Steamcars
       to the Comstock, by Beebe and Clegg, 97/89 Review
Central of Georgia: Ry: . . . Album, by Beckum, Jr. and Langley, Jr., 159/92 Review; A Frontier
       Link with the World: Upson County's Railroad, by David E. Paterson, 183/118 Review
The Central New England Railroad, 1867-I967, 128/91
Central Pacific RR: The Central Pacific and the Southern Pacific Railroads, by
       Lucius Beebe, 109/65 Review; The Big Four, by Oscar Lewis, 48/41; The Building of
       the First Transcontinental Railroad, by Adele G. Nathan, 84/71 Review; The First
       Transcontinental Railroad, by John D. Galloway, 81/70 Review; Footprints of the
       Dragon, by Vanya Oakes, 85/68 Review; The Great Iron Trail, by Robert W. Howard,
       108/76 Review; Makin' Tracks, by Mayer and Vose, 134/91 Review; Moguls and Iron Men,
       the Story of the First Transcontinental Railroad, by James McCague, 112/81 Review; A
       Great and Shining Road: The Epic Story of the Transcontinental Railroad, by
       John Hoyt Williams, 177/126 Review The . . . Across Nevada, 1868 and 1997, by Lawrence
       K. Hersh, 184/115 Review; Empire Express: Building the First Transcontinental Railroad,
       by David Haward Bain, 185/123 Review
Central RR of New Jersey: Locomotives of the Jersey Central, by Crater and
       Owen, 98/97 Review; The Trail of the Blue Comet: A History of the Jersey Central's New
       Jersey Southern Division, by Baer, Coxey, and Schopp. 172/98 Review
The Central Vermont Railway, A Yankee Tradition, by Robert C. Jones, 148/111 Review
Charleston & Western Carolina Railway Album, by Albert M. Langley, Jr., 188/127 Review
Chesapeake & Ohio RR: ... Diesel Review, by C.W. Shaver, 148/110 Review; The ...:
       George Washington's Railroad, by P.C. Dorin, 146/110 Review; ... Lightweight
       Passenger Equipment, 1946-1972, by H.H. Harwood, 130/123; C&O Power, by
       Shuster, Huddleston and Staufer, 116/72 Review; Chessie's Road, by Charles W.
       Turner, 96/94 Review; Pictorial History of the C&O Train and Auto Ferries and Pere
       Marquette Line Steamers, by A.C. & Lucy F. Frederickson, 93/137 Review;
       Recollections, by Harry Frazier, 134/83 (1890s-1900s) Review; Steam Locomotive
       Diagrams of the . . ., by Alvin F. Stauffer, 112/85 Review; Chessie's Road, by Turner,
       Dixon and Huddleston, 156/105 Review;The World's Greatest Mallets: C&O H-8
       versus N&W Class A, by Eugene L.Huddleston; 156/105 Review; Riding That New
       River Train, by Edward L. Huddleston, 162/133 Review; Chessie: The Railroad Kitten,
       by Thomas W. Dixon, 163/126 Review; Appalachian Crossing - The Pocahontas Roads,
       by Eugene L. Huddleston, 163/127 Review; . . . BL2 Diesels, by John C. Paton, 167/170 Review;
       . . . Standard Structures, by Thomas W. Dixon, Jr., 167/171 Review; The . . . in Color,
       1950-1975, by Thomas W. Dixon, Jr., 169/103 Review; . . ., Coal and Color, by Gene
       Huddleston, 178/147 Review
Chesapeake Beach Ry: Otto Mears Goes East: The . . ., by Ames W. Williams,
       133/118 Review
Chesapeake Western Ry.: The Crooked & Weedy, by Charles Grattan Price, Jr.,
       169/104 Review
Chessie System: The Chessie Era, by Thomas W. Dixon, Jr., 172/92 Review; Working for the
       Chessie System, by Fred R. Toothman, 178/148 Review; . . . Diesel Locomotives, by Jerry
       Doyle, 183/135 Review
The Chicago & Alton Railroad, by Gene V. Glendenning, 187/135 Review
Chicago and Illinois Midland, by Wallin, Stringham, and Szwajkart, 143/166 Review
Chicago and North Western RR: . . . Steam Power, by C.T. Knudsen, 113/103 Review;
       The 400 Story, by Jim Scribbins, 149/139 Review Reprint, 161/120 Review; Pioneer Railroad:
       The Story of the . . ., by Casey and Douglas, 80/7; The "Pioneer": Chicago's
       First Locomotive, by John H. White, 135/116 Review; The Dinky: C&NW Narrow Gauge
       in Wisconsin, by Condon, Felton, and Nickoll, 174/101 Review; The North Western: A
       History of the . . . System, by H. Roger Grant, 178/142; ReviewThe C&NW Cowboy Line,
       by Bartels, Kratville, Mills, and Penry, 180/156 Review; . . . Final Freight Car Roster, by
       Pierson and Kulbersh, 183/131 Review; . . . Passenger Service - The Postwar Years, by
       Patrick C. Dorin, 184/122 Review
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR: Burlington Route, by R.C. Overton,
       113/101 Review; Burlington West, by R.C. Overton, 58/75 Review; Granger Country, A
       Pictorial Social History of the Burlington Railroad, by Lewis and Pargellis,
       78/97 Review; Nebraska C.B.&Q. Depots, by W. Rapp, 125/113; Perkins/Budd:
       Railway Statesmen of the Burlington, by R.C. Overton, 147/193 Review; Steam
       Locomotives of the Burlington Route, by Corbin and Kerka, 103/92 Review;
       The "Q": A Commemorative Pictorial of the Final Decades of the . . ., by
       the Northwestern Illinois Chapter - National Railway Historical Society, 164/108 Review;
       Burlington Route Steam Finale, by Lloyd E. Stagner, 177/138 Review; Burlington Route
       Across the Heartland, by Jeff Wilson, 181/153 Review; Burlington Bulletin No. 35: The Q
       in the Coal Fields, by John D. Mitchell; 182/114 Review; Burlington Route West: A
       Personal Journey, by Joseph C. Hardy, 185/127 Review
Chicago Great Western RR: The Corn Belt Route: A History of the ... by H.
       Roger Grant, 151/114 Review
Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville RR: Monon Route, by George W. Hilton
       139/95 Review; Monon: The Hoosier Line, by Dolzall and Dolzall, 158/165 Review; rev. ed. 187/140 Review
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific: The Milwaukee Road, by August
       Derleth, 74/66 Review; The Palimpsest -- . . . in Iowa, 113/104 Review; The Palimpsest -- . . .
       by Frank P. Donovan, 111/102 Review; Milwaukee Road West, by C.R. & D.M
       Wood, 129/111 Review; The Hiawatha Story by Jim Scribbins, 125/103 Review;
       Milwaukee Road Narrow Gauge: The Chicago, Bellevue, Cascade &
       Western: Iowa's Slim Princess, by Tigges and Jacobson, 155/128 Review, 156/92;
       Milwaukee Road Remembered: A Fresh Look at an Unusual Railroad, by
       Jim Scribbins, 164/112 Review; Milwaukee Road Steam Power, by John Tigges, 173/173 Review;
       The Milwaukee Road Revisited, by Stanley W. Johnson, 178/143 Review; The Milwaukee
       Road in its Hometown, by Jim Scribbins, 179/164 Review; Milwaukee Road Olympian: A
       Ride to Remember, by Stanley W. Johnson, 186/127 Review; Milwaukee Road in Idaho: A
       Guide to Sites and Locations, Museum of North Idaho Publication, 186/127;
       Milwaukee Road: Its First 100 Years, (reprint) by August Derleth, 187/137 Review;
       The Milwaukee Road, 1928-1985, by Jim Scribbins 189/131 Review
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific RR: The Palimpsest -- . . ., 110/90 Review; Rock Island
       Diesel Locomotives, by Louis A. Marre 147/197 Review; Rock Island Motive Power
       1933-1955, by L.E. Stagner, 143/167 Review; Rock Island Town, by Michael M. Bartels,
       182/105 Review; Rock Island Steam Power, by Krambeck, Edson and Farrell, 190/140 Review;
       Prairie Railroad Town: The Rock Island Railroad Shops at Horton, Kansas,
       190/142 Review
Chicago, South Shore & South Bend RR: South Shore: The Last Interurban, by
       William D. Middleton, 124/87 Review; reprint with new chapter, 182/124 Review; Moonlight
       in Duneland: The Illustrated History of the . . ., by Cohen and McShane, 181/149 Review
Cincinnati, Saginaw & Mackinaw RR: The Situation in Flushing, by Edmund G
       Love, 114/73 Review
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway, by Anna C.S. Pabst, 116/73 Review
Cleveland Union Terminal Co.: The Terminal Tower Complex, 1930-1960,
       by Toman and Cook, 149/140 Review
Clinchfiefd: see Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio
Colorado & Southern RR: Gulf to the Rockies, by R.C. Overton, 90/176;
       C&SNG: . . . Narrou Gauge, by M.H. Ferrell, 146/118 Review; . . ., by Ross B.
       Grenard, 161/108 Review
Conrail: The Historical Record of the Components of . . ., by Swanson and Gibb,
       140/127 Review; . . . Motive Power Review, vol. 1, The First Ten Years, 1976-1986, by
       Lloyd, Jr, and Marre, 168/98 Review
CSXT: Diesel Locomotives of . . . & Predecessors in Color, by Nuckles with Dixon, Jr.,
       172/92 Review; CSX Diesel Locomotives, by Patrick E. and Patrick H. Stakem, 184/137 Review
The Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad: Western Maryland's Historic Coai
       Carrier, by Deane Mellander, 149/132 Review
Cumberland Valley RR: History of the . . ., by Paul Westhaeffer, 144/98 Review
Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, The Historic Preservation Study, by Wilson
       and Glover, 144/111 Review

The Dardanelle & Russellville Railroad, by Hull and Pollard, 173/168 Review
Delaware and Hudson RR: Coal Boats to Tidewater, by M.B. Wakeville, 116/72 Review
       (D&H Canal); Delaware and Hudson, by Jim Shaughnessy, 118/102 Review
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR: Clear the Tracks, by Joseph Bromley,
       64/86 Review; . . . in the Nineteenth Century, by Thomas T. Taber, 137/99 Review; . . . in
       the Twentieth Century, Part 1, by Thomas T. Taber 111, 145/121 Review; The
       Lackawanna Railroad in Northwest New Jersey, by Lowenthal and
       Greenberg, 160/152 Review; DL&W Classification of Heavy Freight Equipment, Erie
       Lackawanna Historical Society, 168/100 Review; Lackawanna -- Superpower Railroad
       of the Northeast, by Robert A. LeMassena, 180/166 Review; Lackawanna Railroad
       Trackside, with Henry W. Peterson, by Mike Del Vecchio, 181/148 Review; The
       Merchant's Engines: A Nostalgic Review of the Lackawanna's Streamstyled
       Pacifics, by Jeremiah J. Segrue, 189/127 Review
Denver & Rio Grande Western RR: The Denver & Rio Grande Project,
       1871-1901: A History of the First Thirty Years of the ..., by O.M. Wilson,
       149/129 Review; Narrow Gauge to Silverton, by John B. Hungerford, 99/78 Review; Rebel
       of the Rockies, by Robert G. Athearn, 108/76 Review; Rio Grande Diesels: A
       Pictorial History, by J.A. Strapac, 151/118 Review; Rio Grande Glory Days, by Gilbert
       A. Lathrop, 135/117 Review; Rio Grande Mainline of the Rockies, by Beebe
       and Clegg, 107/135 Review; Rio Grande Steam Locomotives, Standard Gauge, by D.J.
       Heimburger, 148/113 Review; Rio Grande Narrow Gauge, by John B. Norwood, 152/131 Review;
       George L. Beam and the Denver & Rio Grande, by Jackson C. Thode, 157/133 Review;
       Rio Grande: Ruler of the Rockies, by R.C. Farewell, 158/163 Review; Ticket to Silverton,
       by Crist, Grenard and Krause, 161/109 Review; George L. Beam and the Denver & Rio
       Grande, vol. 2, by Jackson C. Thode, 162/126 Review; Rio Grande in Color, vol. 1,
       Colorado, by Ross B. Grenard, 169/100 Review; Gunnison, by Richard L. Dorman,
       170/115 Review; Colorado Rail Annual No. 21: Robert W. Richardson's "Narrow Gauge
       News," Colorado Railroad Museum, 173/167 Review; Rio Grande Secret Places, vol. 1:
       The Tunnel District, by R.C. Farewell, 180/152 Review; Rio Grande Steam Finale: The
       Years 1947-1968 on the . . . Standard and Narrow Gauge, by Lloyd E. Stagner,
       182/113 Review; Rio Grande Secret Places Volume Two: Ruby Canyon and the Desert, by
       R.C. Farewell, 183/125 Review; . . .: Superpower Railroad of the Rockies, by Robert A.
       LeMassena, 185/125 Review; A Ticket to Ride the Narrow Gauge: Colorado Rail Annual
       No. 24, by Herbert Danneman, 185/129 Review; A Century of Passenger Trains ... And
       Then Some, by Jackson C. Thode, 186/130 Review; Rio Grande Through the Rockies, by
       Mike Danneman, 188/137 Review
Denver & Salt Lake RR: The Giant's Ladder, by Harold A. Boner, 108/77 Review; Rails
       Tbat Climb: A Narrative History of the Moffat Road, by E.T. Bollinger,
       144/110 Review; The South Park Line, by Mallory Hope Ferrell, 190/139 Review
Denver, South Park & Pacific RR: The South Park Line: A Concise History,
       by Chappel, Hauck, and Richardson, 134/81 Review
Dominion Atlantic Ry.: History of the ..., by Marguerita Woodworth, 44/108 Review
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Ry: The Missabe Road: The . . .,
       by Frank A. King, 129/105 Review

East Broad Top by Rainey & Kyper, 149/130 Review
East Carolina Railway: Route of the Yellow-Hammers, by Henry C. Bridgers,
       130/114 Review
East Tennessee & Westem North Carolina RR: Tweetsie Country, by M.H. Ferrell,
       137/101 Review; Tweetsie Country, 2nd ed. by Mallory Hope Ferrell, 170/115 Review
Erie RR: Erie Power, by Westing and Stauter, 124/96; Erie Railroad,
       Rochester Division, by William R. Gordon, 116/73 Review; Men of Erie, by
       Edward Hungerford, 71/87 Review; 70/85 Review; The Next Station Will Be, VoL 3,
       133/122 Review; Steam Locomotives of the Erie, by Alvin F. Staufer, 113/104 Review
       The Next Station Will Be ..., Vol. 8: ..., Susquehanna, Pa. to Salamanca,
       N.Y., ed. by Dwight Carter, 152/127 Review; The Next Station Will Be ..., Vol. IX:
       Salamanca, N.Y. to Marion, Ohio, ed. by Wilson E. Jones, 158/180 Review; The
       Next Station Will Be ..., vol.10: . . . Marion Division, Marion, Ohio to
       Chicago, ed. By Wilson E. Jones, et al, 161/118 Review; . . . USRA Heavy Pacifics,
       by Daniel G. Biernacki, 168/100 Review; European Capital, British Iron and an
       American Dream: The Story of the Atlantic & Great Western Railroad, by
       William Reynolds, ed. by Gifford and Ilisevich, 189/125 Review
Erie Lackawanna: Death of an American Railroad, 1938-1992, by H. Roger Grant,
       173/162 Review

Florida East Coast: Speedway to Sunshine: The Story of the ... Railway,
       by Seth H. Bramson, 155/135 Review; Last Train to Paradise, by Les Standiford,
       189/116 Review; Florida's Great Ocean Railway, by Dan Gallagher, 189/116 Review
Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville RR: Steam and Trolley Days on the. . .,
       by Nestle and Gordon, 99/77 Review

Georgia RR: Steam Locomotives and History, Georgia RR and West Point
       Route, by Richard E. Prince, 107/134 Review; History of the . . ., by Robert H. Hanson,
       175/148 Review
Grand Trunk Western RR (and Grand Trunk):: Evening Before the Diesel: A Pictorial
       History of Steam and First Generation Diesel Motive Power on the . . ., by
       Charles R. Foss, 144/106 Review; The Grand Trunk in New England, by Jeff Holt,
       158/166 Review; Grand Trunk Corporation: Canadian National Railways in the United
       States, 1971-1992, by Don L. Hofsommer, 177/140 Review
Great Northern Ry: The . . ., A Pictorial Study, by C. & D. Wood, 141/118 Review; James J.
       Hill and the Opening of the Northwest, by A. Martin, 137/98 Review; The …: A History,
       by Hidy, Hidy and Scott with Hofsommer, 158/159 Review; . . . in the Pacific Northwest,
       by Jeff Wilson, 186/137 Review; Profiting from the Plains: The . . . and Corporate
       Development of the American West, by Claire Strom, 190/138 Review
Great Western RR (Colorado): Sugar Tramp, by Gary Morgan, 135/111 Review
Green Bay & Western: The First 111 Years, by Stan Mailer, 164/114 Review
Green Mountain Railroad, by R.W. Nimke, 155/126 Review
Guilford: Five Years of Change, by Scott Hartley, 163/125 Review

Hetch Hetchy RR: Hetch Hetchy and Its Dam Railroad, by Ted Wurm, 130/108 Review
Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington RR: Hoot, Toot and Whistle, by B.R. Carmen,
       110/90 Review

Illinois Central RR: History of the ..., by John F. Stover, 135/103 Review; Main Line
       of Mid America, The Story of the. . .,by       C.J. Corliss, 84/70; Organization
       and Traffic of the . . . System, 52/87 Review; A Pioneer Southern Railroad,
       by T.D. Clark, 41/54 Review; Limiteds Along the Lakefront: the . . . in Chicago,
       by Alan R. Lind, 158/164 Review; . . . Steam Finale, by Stagner and Lee, 172/88 Review

Kansas Central Narrow Gauge, by I. E. Quastler, 182/112 Review
Kansas City Northwestern RR: Missouri Pacific Northwest: A History of the . . ., by
       I.E. Quastler, 173/166 Review
Kansas City Southern RR: - . . .: Route of the Southern Belle, by Lynch and Caileff, Jr.
       159/91 Review; . . . in the Deramus Era, by Marre and Sommers, 184/120 Review; Steam
       Locomotives of the Kansas City Southern, by Donald G. Campbell, 184/121 Review
Kansas Pacific: An Illustrated History, by Robert Collins, 181/145 Review
Kennebec Central RR: Two Feet to Togus: The . . ., by Robert C. Jones, 183/128 Review

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