Book Reviews: Railways Worldwide

All Aboard, by R. Meyer, 110/90 (New Zealand) Review
André Chapelon: 1892-1978: Le Génie Franéçais de la vapeur, by H.C.B. Rogers,
       169/110 Review
Around the World in Search of Steam, by Colin Garratt, 161/112 Review
The Atlas of British Railway History, by Freeman and Aldcroft, 155/142 Review
Australian Railways Today, by J. Richardson, 110/93 Review

Die Bagdadbohn: Geschichte und Geacnwart einer heruhmten Eisenbahnlinie, by
       :Lodemann and Pohl, 176/137 (Turkey) Review
Baja California Railways, by John A. Kirchner, 162/132 (Mexico) Review
Balloon Stacks and Sugar Cane, by Dyer and Hodge, 106/80 (Fiji) Review
Barry Scrapyard: The Preservation Miracle, by Alan Warren, 161/114 Review
Beardmore: The History of a Scottish Industrial Giant,
       by Hume and Moss, 147/202 Review
Beginnings of Railway Development in Russia, by Haywood, 122/95, 123/109 Review
Beyer, Peacock: Locomotive Builders to the World, by Hills and Patrick, 148/106 Review;
       152/119 (England)
Beyond Dashwood: A History of the Railway in Marlborough, by Robert Merrifield,
       165/146 (New Zealand) Review
A Bibliography of British Railway History, by George Ottley, 118/101 Review
A Biographical Dictionary of Railway Engineers, by John Marshall, 139/102 Review
       (British and American)
Brewery Railways, by Ian D. Peaty 154/159 (England) Review
The British Bus Story - Early Seventies, by Alan Townsin, 162/142 Review
British Locomotive Types, 46/60 Review
British Railways, 1948-1973, by T. R. Gourvish, 159/95 Review
British Railways in Argentina, 1860-1948, by H.R. Stones, 172/106 Review
British Railways in World War I, by J.A. Hamilton, 118/103
British Railways in Action, by O.S. Nock, 97/85 Review
British Railway History, 1830~1876, by H. Ellis, 92/120 Review
The British Railway Locomotives, 1803-1853, by G.F. Westcott, 100/108 Review
British Railways Steam in Retrospect, by Eric Oldham, 180/168 Review
British Railway Waggons: The First Half Million, by Don Rowland, 153/114 Review
British Steam Locomotive Builders, by J.W. Lowe, 136/140 Review

Cambridge Introduction to World History: The Railways, by Arthur N. Evans,
       159/100 (Great Britain) Review
Cane Train, by Dyer and Hodge, 162/143 (Fiji) Review
Canterbury Provincial Railways, by W.A. Pierre, 112/82 (New Zealand) Review
Cavalcade of New Zealand Locomotives, by Palmer and Stewart, 97/86 Review
A Century Plus of Locomotives, 116/72 (Australia) Review
Changing Trains: Messages for Management from the ScotRail Challenge,
       by Steward and Chadwick, 159/99 (Scotland) Review
Chemin de fer en Lyonnais, 1827-1957, by Serge Michel, 163/115 (France) Review
China by Rail, by William D. Middleton, 157/145 Review
Chronicles of a Country Works, by R.H. Clark, 87/105 (England) Review
Coaling from the Clouds: The Mount Rochfort Railway and the Denniston Incline,
       by R.J. Meyer, 164/128 (New Zealand) Review
Colonial Engineer: John Whitton (1819-1898) and The Building of Australia's
       Railways, by Robert Lee, 187/139 Review
A Compendium of Railway Construction, part 2: North Island Main Trunk, by
       F.K. Roberts, 164/128 (New Zealand) Review
Crewe Locomotive Works and its Men, by Brian Reed, 153/112 (England) Review

Diagrams of Railroad Equipment Used to Construct the Panama Canal, 1881-1914,
       by Bert Davis, 171/146 Review
Diesel Locomotive Rosters, U.S., Canada, Mexico, by Charles W.
       McDonald, 155/135 Review
Dinner in the Diner: A History of Railway Catering, by Neil Wooler, 159/98 Review
       (Great Britain)
The Dragon and the Iron Horse: The Economics of Railroads in China, by Ralph W.
       Huenemann, 153/117 Review
Dunedin and Port Chalmers Railway, by T.A. McGavin, 130/122 (New Zealand)

Early British Locomotives, by C.D. Marshall, 53/76 Review
Early Railways, by Rodney Dale, 172/106 (England) Review
East European Narrow Gauge, ed. by Keith Chester, 174/115 Review
Eisenbahnen im Baltikum: Geschichte und Gegenwart der Eisenbahnen in Litauen,
       Lettland, Estland, by Hesselink and Tempel, 178/167 Review
Die Eisenbahn in Deutschland. Von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart, ed. by Gall and
       Pohl, 184/138 Review
The End of the Line, by B. Morgan, 94/170 (European short lines) Review
Engine Driving Life, by M. Reynolds, 120/92 (England, 1880s) Review

Famous Railroad Stations of the World, by Adele Nathan, 90/177 Review
The Fastest Trains in the World, by G. Allen, 142/109 Review
Fired by Steam, by Geoffrey Wheeler, 160/158 (England) Review
Forgotten Railways, vol. 6: South East England, by H.P. White, 161/113 Review
Franz Anton von Gerstner: Pioneer Railway Builder, by Voronin and Voronina, trans.
       by John C. Decker, 179/173 (Austria, Russia) Review
Vom Zauberf der Züge (From the Magic of Trains), by Axel Zwingenberger, 185/115 Review

A Gazetteer of the Railway Contractors and Engineers of Central
       England, 1830-1914, ed. By Lawrence Popplewell, 159/93 Review
George Stephenson, Father of Railway, by A.L. Barrett, 78/96 Review
The Golden Age of Steam, by O.S. Nock, 132/112 (England) Review
The Golden Age of Steam Locomotive Building, by Philip Atkins, 185/131 (England) Review
The Golden Years of British Trams: Colin Garratt on the Work of Henry Priestley
       in Association with the National Tramway Museum, 178/165 Review
Goodbye, Garcia, Adios, by Dedera and Robles, 136/136 (Mexico) Review
The Great British Railway: A Living History, by Tony Hall-Patch, 170/124 Review
Great Central Steam, by W. Tuplin, 118/103 (England)
Great Central, by George Dow, 127/107 (England) Review
Great Central Recalled, by G. Dow, 140/135 (England) Review
Great Railway Stations of Britain: Their Architecture, Growth and
       Development, by Gordon Biddle, 157/146 Review
The Great Steam Trek, by Lewis and Jorgensen, 141/122 (South Africa) Review
Great Trains of All Time, by F. Hubbar 108/78 Review
The Great Western Railway: 150 Glorious Years, ed. by Whitehouse and Thomas,
       153/105 (England) Review
The Great Western Railway: A New History, 2nd ed., by Frank Booker, 153/105 Review
Great Western Coaches from 1890, 3rd ed., by Michael Harris, 153/105 (England) Review
Great Western Locomotive Design: A Critical Appreciation, by John C. Gibson,
       153/105 (England) Review
The GWR Stars, Castles & Kings, combined ed., by O.S. Nock, 153/105 (England) Review

Happy Holidays: The Golden Age of Railway Posters, intro. by Michael Palin,
       181/157 (England) Review
Die Hedschas-Bahn: Eine deutsche Eisenbahn in der Wüste, by Noll, Bickel and von
       Denffer, 176/137 (Middle East) Review
The Hijaz Railroad, by W. Ochsenwald 145/125 Review
Histoire des Chemins de Fer en France,Volume 1, 1740-1883, by François Caron,
       182/119 Review
A History of British Railways Down to the Year 1830, by C.D. Marshall, 126/13 Review
How Steam Locomotives Really Work, by Semmens and Goldfinch, 188/127 (England) Review

The Impact of Railways on Victorian Cities, by J.R. Kellett, 122/95
De ijzeren weg in een land vol water: Beknopte geschiedenis van de spoorwegen in
       Nederland 1834-1958, by A.J. Veenendaal, Jr., 180/169 Review
The Influence of the United States Navy upon the Panama Railroad, by Julius Grigore
       Jr., 171/146 Review
Isle of Man Tramways, by F.K. Pearsc 124/87 Review

Jane's World Railways, 1970-71, 124/96
Julius Dorpmüller: Die Reichsbahn und die Autobahn, by Alfred B. Gottwaldt,
       176/138 (Germany) Review
Julius Dorpmüller - Ein Leben fur die Eisenbahn, by Bock and Garrecht, 176/138
       (Germany) Review

The Last Days of the Steam Railway, by Alan Postlethwaite, 179/175 (England) Review
Latin America by Streetcar: A Pictorial Survey of Urban Rail Transport South of
the U.S.A., by Allen Morrison, 176/136 Review
Law and English Railway Capitalism, 1825-1875, by R.W. Kostal, 174/96 Review
Learning the Hard Way: A Case Study of Selected Railway Accidents in New Zealand
       Since the 1920's, by Christine Johnson, 166/154 Review
Liebe alte Bimmelbahn, by K.E. Macdel, 124/96
A Life for Every Sleeper: A Pictorial Record of the Burma-Thailand
       Railway, by Hugh V. Clarke, 158/173 Review
Life and Times of a Locomotive Engineer, by Charles F. Steffes, 177/132 Review
Light Railways in England and Wales, by Peter Bosley, 165/147 Review
Line Clear for Up Trains, A History of No. 1 Canadian Railway Group, R.C.E.,
       1943-1945, by Allin J. Mandar, 168/106 (Europe, WWII) Review
Little Railways of the World, by Frederic Shaw, 100/108 Review
Locomotiefloodsen en Tractierreinen in Nederland, 1839-1958, by Waldorp and
       van de Meene, 170/126 Review
The Locomotives Built Machinefabrik "8reda," by A. DePater, 124/97
Le Locomotive A Vapeurr, by Andre Chapelon, trans by George W. Carpenter, 186/133 Review
London, Tilbury and Southend Album, by George Dow, 145/123 Review
London's Railways Then and Now, by Edwin Course, 162/141 Review
For the Love of Steam, by David Weston, 163/130 (England) Review
Luxury Trains of the World, by G.F. Allen 143/170 Review

La machine locomotive en France des origins au mileau du XIXe siècle, by
       Jacques Payen, 163/113 Review
The Making of a Railway, by L.T.C. Rolt, 126/138 (England) Review
The Manawatu Line, by T.A. McGavin, 100/107 (New Zealand) Review
Mexican Narrow Gauge, by G.M. Best, 120/91 Review
The Midland Main Line, by E. Barms, 122/95 (England)
Midland Railway Carriages, Vol. 1, by Lacy and Dow, 152/140 (England) Review
Midland Style, by George Dow, 135/115 (England) Review
Modern Locomotives of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway,
       by D.S. Barrie, 46/61 Review
Modern Railways, by Cecil Allen, 103/93 Review

The Nationalisation of British Transport: The Early History of the British
       Transport Commission, 1948-1953, by Michael R. Bonavia, 159/94 Review
Narrow Gauge to No Man's Land, by Richard Dunn, 164/127 (France, WWI) Review
Narrow Gauge Railways of the British Isles, by Whitehouse and Snell, 152/141 Review
New Ideas for Australia's Trains, by William P. Holmesby, 190/130 Review
New Zealand's First Railway, by A.N. Palmer, 108/78 Review
Northeastern Steam, by W.A. Tuplin, 124/97 (England)
NZR Locomotives and Cars 1990, by T.A. McGavin, 165/145 Review

The Old Patagonian Express, by Paul Theroux, 141/124 Review
On the Fast Track: French Railway Modernization and the Origin of the TGV,
       1944-1983, by Jacob Meunier, 189/113 Review
The Origins of Railway Enterprise: The Stockton and Darlington Railway,
       1821-1863, by Maurice W. Kirby, 170/123 Review
The Origins of the Scottish Railway System, 1722-1844,
       by J.A. Robertson, 149/144 Review
The Oxford Companion to British Railway History, ed. by Simmons and Biddle,
       181/155 Review

Pavel Melnikov and the Creation of a Railway System in Russia, 1840-1880, by
       Voronin and Voronina, 173/178 Review
Platform Souls: The Trainspotter as Twentieth-Century Hero, by Nicholas Whittaker,
       177/125 (England) Review
The Pocket Encyclopedia of 8ritish Steam Locomotives, by O.S. Nock, 130/121
Points and Signals, by M. Robbins, 118/103 (England)
A Practical Treatise on Railroads, by Nicholas Wood (1834; Reproduction of part
       of the French ed.), 163/112 (England) Review
Preserved Steam Locomotives of Poland, by S. R. Mazurk, 168/107 Review
Progress on Rails, by C. Walker, 112/84 (England) Review
Prototype Locomotives, by Robert Tufnell, 155/144 (Great Britain) Review

Le Rail au Conge Belge, Vol. 1, 1840-1920, by Charles Blanchart et al., 173/179 Review
Rail, Steam and Speed, by O.S. Nock, 124/97 (England)
Rails in the Isle of Wight, by Allen and MacLeod, 118/103
Rails in the Formative Years, by O.S. Nock, 130/121 (England)
Railroading at Its Wildest, by Ron Fitch, 171/148 (Australia) Review
Railway Accidents in the Twentieth Century,
       by J.B. Hamilton, 118/103 (England)
Railways Across the Andes, by E.A. Haine, 144/120 Review
The Railway Age, by C.B. Andrews, 46/60 (England) Review
The Railway Book: An Anthology, comp. and ed. by Stuart Legg, 165/144 (England) Review
The Railway Builders, by Anthony Burton, 170/124 (England) Review
Railways and the Economic Development of Western Europe,
       by Patrick O'Brien, 150/139 Review
The Railway Empire, by Anthony Burton, 175/139 (British-built Rys.) Review
Railway to the End of the Nineteenth Century,
       by T.M. Simmons, 112/84 (England) Review
The Railway Handbook, 46/61 Review, 53/76 (England) Review
Railway Heraldry, by George Dow, 132/105 (England) Review
The Railway Mania and Its Aftermath, 1845-1852, by H.G. Lewin, 43/82 Review
The Railway and Its Passengers: A Social History, by David Norman Smith,
       162/140 (England) Review
The Railways of Persia, 58/78 Review
Railways of the Raj, by Satow and Desmond, 144/121 Review
Railway Reminiscences of Three Continents, by G. Viullet, 122/96
The Railway Revolution, by L.T.C. Rolt, 117/73 (England) Review
Railway Station Architecture in Scandinavia: A Survey, by Keith L. Bryant, 176/140 Review
The Railway Station: A Social History. by Richards and MacKenzie, 159/96 Review
       (Great Britain)
Railways and the Victorian Imagination, by Michael Freeman, 184/117 (England) Review
The Railwaymen, by R.S. Joby, 152/143 (Great Britain) Review
The Railwaymen: The History of the National Union of Railwaymen, Vol. 2:
       The Beeching Era and After, by Philip S. Bagwell 154/158 (Great Britain) Review
Railwaymen and Revolution: Russia, 1905, by Henry Reichman, 158/173 Review
Railways of Rhodesia, by A. Croxton, 132/113 Review
"'Rattle and Shake:' The Story of the Bermuda Railway, by David F. Raine, 170/121 Review
Reorganization of the Motive Power Department of the London, Midland, and
       Scottish, 44/110 Review
Richard Trevithick, by Dickenson and Titley, 34/71 Review
Rimutaka Railway, by W. N. Cameron, 169/110 (New Zealand) Review
The Rise of the Midland Railway, 1844-1874, by E.G. Barnes, 116/71 (England) Review
Road to Power: The Trans-Siberian Railroad and the Colonization of Asian Russia,
       1850-1917, by Steven G. Marks, 166/153 Review
Russia Enters the Railway Age, 1842-1855, by Richard Mowbray Haywood, 183/141 Review
Russian Rail Transport 1836-1917, by the faculty of the St. Petersburg Transportation
       University, English translation by John Decker, 183/140 Review

The Sanson Tramway, by K. Cassells, 109/ 65 (New Zealand) Review
Signalman's Nightmare, by Adrian Vaughan, 161/111 Review
The South Western Railway, by H. Ellis, 97/85 Review
Southland's Pioneer Railways, by J. Watt, 114/75 (New Zealand) Review
Souvenir Illustrated Catalog of Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Permanent Way,
       and Signalling, 110/93 (New Zealand) Review
Spirit of Steam: Locomotives in South Africa, by Smith and Bourne,150/138 Review
Het Spoor: 150 Jaar Spoorwegen in Nederland, ed. by J.A. Faber, 163/115 Review
Spoorwegongevellen in Nederland 1839-1993, by R.T. Jongerius, 171/147 Review
Stalin's Railroad: Turksib and the Building of Socialism, by Matthew J. Payne,
       189/137 Review
Steam around Eastleigh, by Kevin Robertson, 179/174 (England) Review
Steam around Reading, by Kevin Robertson, 181/157 (England) Review
Steam Excursion Memories, by T.A. McGavin, 129/114 (New Zealand)
The Steam Locomotive, by Edgar A. Haine, 165/136 Review
Steam Locomotives, by O.S. Nock, 97/90 Review
Steam Locomotives in India: Part l -- Narrow Gauge, by Hughes and Jux,
       142/105 Review; Part-2 -- Metre Gauge, 142/106 Review; Part 3 -- Broad Gauge, 142/106 Review
Steam Locomotives of New Zealand Railways, by T.A. McGavin, 106/80 Review
Steam Locomotives of New Zealand, Part One: 1863-1900, by T.A. McGavin, 163/117 Review
Steam Locomotives of New Zealand, Part Two: 1900-1930, by E.J. McClare, 163/117 Review
Steam Locomotives of New Zealand, Part 3: 1930-1971, by E.J. McClare, 168/105 Review
Steam Locomotives of the South African Railways, Vol. 1,
       by D.F. Holland, 126/140 Review; Vol. 2, 129/112 Review
Steam Nostalgia, by G. Nabarro, 128/91 (England)
Steam Renaissance: The Decline and Rise of Steam Locomotives in Britain,
       by Tom Heavyside, 152/144 Review
Steam on the Veldt, by Durrant, Jorgensen, and Lewis, 129/113 Review
Steaming through Britain, by Anthony Burton, 160/157 Review
Stockton and Darlington, 1825-1975, by Peter Holmes, 134/84 Review
Sudan Transport, by R. Hill, 114/74 Review
Sugar and Railroads: A Cuban History, 1837-1957, by Zanetti and Garcia, 180/167 Review
The Swiss Railway Saga: 150 Years of Swiss Trains, ed. by Hans Peter Treichler,
       178/166 Review

Tales of the Great Western Railway: Informal Recollections of a Near-Lifetime's
       Association with the Line, by O.S. Nock, 153/105 (England) Review
Three Preserved NZR Steam Locomotives: A Souvenir, by E.J. McClare, 163/117 Review
       (New Zealand)
To China for Steam, by Robert Adley, 153/115 Review
Train Control in New Zealand, by J.A. Dangerfield, 164/128 Review
The Trains on Avenue de Rumine, ed. by Allen Levy, 153/117 (Switzerland) Review
Les Trains Blindés, 1826-1989, by Paul Malmassari, 165/136 (Europe, Armored
       Trains), 165/138 Review
The Tramways of Brazil: A 130 Year Survey, by Allen Morrison, 163/116 Review
The Tramways of Chile, 1858-1978, by Allen Morrison, 169/109 Review
Twenty Four Inches Apart, by Sydney M. Moir, 110/92 (South Africa) Review
Treacy's Routes North, by Whitehouse and Powell, 156/114 (Great Britain)Review
Twilight of British Rail?, by Michael R. Bonavia, 155/142 Review

Uncommon Carrier: The History of the Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company,
       1882-1908, by K.R. Cassells, 172/105 (New Zealand) Review
United States Military Railway Service: America's Soldier-Railroaders in WW II,
       by DeNevi and Hall, 170/109 Review
Unusual Railways, by Wilson and Day, 100/105 Review

Vapeur en Belgique, Vol. 1, Des origins à 1914; Vol. 2, De 1914 aux denières fumées,
       by Phil Dambly, 173/180 Review
The Victorian Railway, by Jack Simmons, 173/177 (England) Review
Victorian Railwaymen- Thc Emergence and Growth of Railway Labour,
       1830-1870, by P. Kingsford, 126/143

When Steam Was King, by W. Stewart, 124/93 (New Zealand) Review
Whistler's Father, by Albert Perry, 52/86 (Russia) Review
The White Plume, by C. Bowman, 137/106 (England) Review
A World of Tickets, by G. Fairchild, 130/115 Review

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