Introduction to the Digital Edition

The R&LHS Board of Directors, at its July 2002 meeting, determined to post on this website the Railroad History Index 1921-1984, compiled by Tom Taber. This document has been converted to digital form by using optical character recognition.

Railroad History and its predecessor (before 1972) the R&LHS Bulletin have since 1921 been the premier scholarly journal devoted exclusively to North American railroad history. Many of the earlier issues have become collector's items commanding high prices, the only journal of its type about which that can be said. Its pages are a treasure trove of historical information, much not published elsewhere.

As the webmaster proofread the copy, he came to realize what a superb job was done by Mr. Taber. If there were a Pulitzer Prize given for indexes, this would be a nominee. Tom Taber combines an exhaustive knowledge of railroad history in all its aspects with a temperament that allows him to spend massive amounts of time in tedious compilation activity that would exhaust most people's attention span. And it shows in this product.

Included here is the entire index text, including all introductory material. Some of the text is no longer current or relevant, and that part has been grayed out. The proofreading and correction of the OCRed copy has very likely not been done to perfection. Most common errors are the substitution of "U" for "ll", or "a" for "Cl". The OCR process has its most difficult time distinguishing between "l" (the letter after "k"), "1" (the digit "one"), "I" (upper case") and "/". We'd like to hear of any errors anyone may happen to notice. We believe the numerical content to be fully accurate, as no OCR errors were found in which digits were misread (except for a few "5"'s rendered as "S").

This index as compiled by Tom Taber extended originally through Railroad History #151, published in 1984. An extension compilation by Adrian Ettlinger has been completed under the guidance of Mr. Taber, who lent his collection for the purpose. All entries for Railroad History #152 and higher are the responsibility of Mr. Ettlinger. As the work progressed, some OCR errors were discovered and corrected, but it is likely that some remain. Conversely, a number of errors were discovered in the original 1921-1984 index, and these have been corrected.

Adrian Ettlinger, 2009 (1925-2013)

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