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LOCOPIX™: Index to Published Steam Locomotive Photos

LOCOPIX™ is a compilation of information for locating published photographs of North American steam locomotives. This was compiled from efforts that spanned 50 years by R&LHS member Eugene Lewis, a former civil engineer with the C&NW.

A total of more than 60,000 photographs are indexed. The main file is divided into sections to minimize loading time.

The data is presented in three basic sections:

  1. The main table, divided into a number of sections, giving the basic information for each photo. In this table there is a header for each railroad, and an abbreviation for the railroad name on each line. The list is in alphabetical order of railroad name. The publication identifications are abbreviated.
  2. A list of railroad company names, with the abbreviation codes used in the main table
  3. A listing of the publications in which the photos are to be found, listed in order of the codes used in the main table.

Note: This is an updated version as of early 2010. In the earlier version, the main table was in HTML, but this new version uses PDF files. It is an exact copy of Gene Lewis's master file, which was prepared with WordPerfect.

Explantation of main table (Fields from left to right):

  1. Railroad name abbreviation.
  2. Identification of locomotive (number or name).
  3. Wheel Arrangement.
  4. If a question mark follows, the wheel arrangement is uncertain.
  5. If "NG" follows, narrow gauge.
  6. Calendar date photograph was taken, if known. Might specify the month or year only.
  7. If a "C" follows, is a color photo.
  8. Code to look up bibliographical reference:
    1. For periodicals only, the volume number or year of publication.
    2. For periodicals only, the number or month of the publication.
    3. The number of the page on which the photo appears.

Main Table Sections: A   B   CA   CH   CI   D   E-G   H-L   M   N   O-R   S   T-Z