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Southern California Chapter: Los Angeles, CA

Steve Crise made this night photograph of Big Boy 4014 at the Southern California Chapter's fair grounds exhibit on August 17, 2013.

View from the fireman's side of the locomotive. You can see the work being done on the flexible staybolts. Photo taken on 5/23/18 by Shelley Hunter.

Big Boy steam locomotive (24K)

The cab of 4014 is receiving a fair amount of new steel. Areas such as below the windows have been replaced entirely. Photo taken on 5/23/18 by Shelley Hunter.

Big Boy steam locomotive (24K)

The Steam Shop has received all of the main driving wheels back with fresh tires applied. Photo taken on 5/23/18 by Shelley Hunter.

Big Boy steam locomotive (24K)

Southern California Chapter's second annual night photo shoot on August 2, 2014, at the Pomona (California) Fairgrounds. Photo by Steve Crist

Move to West Colton and other photos are in album by Steve Crise

September 2, 2013: What will the Southern California Chapter and railfans receive? Here are a few things:

An Operating Big Boy Steam Locomotive
The entire population, railfans, and the average citizen will experience a restored and operating Big Boy locomotive, which is one of the most awesome machines ever built. Union Pacific No. 4014 is expected to travel throughout the Union Pacific System for many years following its restoration and will be seen by millions of people and generations yet to come. Uncounted railfans have long dreamed of a Big Boy coming back to life on the rails after more than 50 years of retirement. Restoration may take five years to complete. After its restoration, Union Pacific will operate a special passenger excursion train in Southern California for the benefit of our organization. Nearly all excursion details wonít be determined for several years. This excursion promises to be the railfan trip of a lifetime.

SD40-2C Diesel Locomotive
Union Pacific locomotive number 3105 will be delivered to RailGiants Train Museum complete, freshly painted in Union Pacific livery, and in operable condition. While not a replacement for a famous steam locomotive, a modern diesel locomotive fulfills one of our strategic goals of appealing to a younger generation of railfans. The SD40-2 is one of the most successful classes of diesel locomotives. Though nearly 4,000 SD40-2 units were manufactured, Union Pacific No. 3105 was one of 74 SD40-2Cís built. This model was the heaviest of all SD40-2ís at 417,000 lbs. to meet Burlington Northernís specifications for pooling services on Wyoming-bound coal trains. Locomotive U.P. No. 3105 was built in June 1979 as Missouri Pacific Railroad number 6027. After MoPacís acquisition by Union Pacific, this locomotive was renumbered to U.P. No. 3927 on January 31, 1987. This locomotive obtained its current road number on January 7, 2003, when its previous road number was assigned to a new SD70M.

CA-13-2 Bay Window Steel Caboose
Union Pacific caboose number 24567 has until recently been used by the steam operations team in Cheyenne. This caboose was built in November 1967 as Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad (Rock Island) No. 17149. After Rock Islandís acquisition by Union Pacific, the caboose was renumbered to its current road number in April 1980. This steel caboose is a bay window design and has more recently trailed special trains lead by U.P.ís steam locomotives No. 844 and No. 3985. A modern steel caboose will enhance RailGiantsí rollingstock collection. Built in 1923, our wooden Santa Fe caboose No. 1314 is very popular with visiting children of all ages. We look forward to opening a second caboose to our railfans allowing comparison between the old and the new.

July 23, 2013, Announcement

The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society, Southern California Chapter, is pleased to announce an agreement with Union Pacific Railroad for return of the Chapterís Big Boy locomotive 4014 to Union Pacific for restoration and operation as part of its Steam Program. The locomotive will be moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming, for restoration. Information concerning the move, the restoration timetable, and operating schedule will be made available at a later date. Updates and historical information

After several months of discussion, the Chapterís Board determined that restoration and operation of the 4014 will be the best way to preserve the locomotive and expose thousands of people to the sight and sound of this awesome machine as it assumes the mantle of the largest operating steam locomotive in the United States. We are excited to be working with Union Pacific on this important project.

Union Pacific press release on the agreement

More on the Union Pacific Steam Program

Chapter Information

Chairman: Rob Shatsnider, 1438 Cambridge Ave, Upland CA 91786
Vice-Chairman: Paul J. Guercio
Secretary: Rick Brown
Treasurer: Steve McFerson, 12700 Newport Ave #17, Tustin CA 92780

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The Southern California Chapter meets in the Cowans Room of St. Edmund Episcopal Church in San Marino, California at 7:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of most months throughout the year. The church is on San Gabriel Blvd. just north of Huntington Drive.

The Southern California Chapter owns and operates the RailGiants Train Museum containing historic Western U.S. steam and diesel locomotives, rolling stock, and archives. Five giant steam and diesel locomotives are in its collection. Diesels include a Union Pacific Centennial, and a newly arrived SD40-2c. All three steam locomotives are the sole-survivors in their respective class. Two of those are of a small handful of three-cylinder steam locomotives existing today. RailGiants Train Museum is open the second weekend of each month and during the Los Angeles County Fair every September. The exhibit is located at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds in Pomona, California.

Please visit the chapter's Website for more information. Chapter meeting dates and RailGiants Train Museumís days of operation are included on the Events Schedule webpage. RailGiants Train Museumís telephone number is 909.623.0190.