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President’s Report: Digitization Update

By Robert Holzweiss

On November 19 the R&LHS marked a digitalmilestone when JSTOR (an acronym for Journal Storage,see http://www.jstor.org/) released a searchable digitalarchive of The Railway and Locomotive Historical SocietyBulletin (1921-1972) and Railroad History (1972- 2009).Although R&LHS publications were already available fromProquest and in the America: History and Life database,neither of these options allow for keyword searching or thedelivery of content in PDF format.

For those unfamiliar with JSTOR, it is a digital libraryof aca- demic journals, books, and primary sources. It ispart of ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organization helpsscholars, researchers, and students discover, use, and buildupon a wide range of scholarly content. In addition, the sizeof the database (1,800 scholarly journals and 7,000,000articles), ease of searching, availability and popularity in thescholarly community make JSTOR one of the leadingsources of scholarly information in the arts and sciences.

Our agreement with JSTOR allows us to retain allcopyright rights including the rights to our publicationwithin the JSTOR archive. That means we are free to sellback issues and copies of articles from our publicationswithout running afoul of our agree- ment. To advise theresearchers of this fact, each article downloaded from thearchives includes a full page copyright notice identifyingthe R&LHS as the copyright holder. For users unfamiliarwith our publication, each link to our content also includesproper citation information in American LibraryAssociation (ALA), American Psy- chological Association(APA) or Chicago Manual formats. JSTOR even allowsusers to export citation information directly into a wordprocessing program.

As you might expect, JSTOR does not provide contentfor free and our agreement does not allow for free ordiscounted access for R&LHS members. However, alluniversity libraries have a subscrip- tion as do communitycolleges and many high schools. Likewise, public librariesand some museums also have institutional subscrip- tionswhich permit unlimited searching and a reasonable numberof downloads. Some libraries may charge a small access feeand require you to bring a new (in the package) thumb driveto download your PDFs. Individuals can also purchase amonthly or yearly member- ship. A one month “JPASS” for$19.50 allows unlimited searching and reading anddownloading up to ten PDF documents. A one year JPASSfor $199.00 also allows unlimited searching and reading butincreases the number of PDF downloads to 120.

Users can search the entire database, browse by subjector select specific journals to search. Selecting RailroadHistory or The Railway and Locomotive Historical SocietyBulletin permits searching all of the content listed underthose titles. Downloading a complete issue re- quires onecheck mark in the “Select All” box. Each issue is dividedinto is constituent parts including front matter, illustration(if any), individual articles listed in the order they appear inthe journal and book reviews listed individually. Whenincluded, memorial notices are also listed individually.Contemporary issues of Railroad History also include theEditor’s Seatbox, Short Takes, Preservation Topics.

More Books in Brief and Worth Reading when thesesections are included in a particular issue. Each section isclearly marked with the proper heading and each listingappears as a hyperlink which opens the particular documentfor on-line viewing or downloading as a PDF.

Currently, JSTOR includes all issues of the TheRailway and Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin except#2, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10 and 39A, 43B, 50A and 52Awhich will be added when JS- TOR can locate reasonablypriced copies. The database also includes special issuesincluding “Locomotives of The Chicago, Burlington &Quincy Railroad: 1855-1904” (July 1937), “Locomotives ofthe Southern Pacific Company” (August 1941) and the“Millennium Special” ( 2000). Bonus issues 58A, 61A and67A are also available.

Railroad History issues from 1972 (when the namechanged from The R&LHS Bulletin) to #201 are alsoavailable. To protect our contemporary back issue sales andencourage new members to receive hard copies of recentpublications, the JSTOR agreement provides for a five yearblackout period for contemporary issues. The “movingwall” will advance when we publish new issues mean- ingJSTOR will always lack the ten most recent issues. With thepublication of #213, we expect JSTOR to add #202 and#203 to the database very soon.

Finally, a word about revenue. Because JSTOR is anon-profit organization their institutional and individualaccess fees are very reasonable. Therefore, their payout foraccessing and downloading R&LHS content is modest. Therevenue split is calculated us- ing a formula that includestotal number of available pages in the database, the numberof pages accessed and amount of revenue generated by theinstitutions and individuals paying for access. A best guessis that the R&LHS will receive between $800 and $1,200annually, a figure that matches the annual revenue fromback issue sales. Because many of our readers prefer atactile experience when reading Railroad History, I expectback issues sales to remain constant. However, sales ofindividual articles will likely decrease as researchersbecome more familiar with JSTOR. One change that willNOT happen any time soon is moving to a digital onlyversion of Railroad History. Before making a change of thatnature, we will first offer RRH in digital format to memberswho wish to receive it in that format.

I hope you enjoy the speed, convenience and robustsearch- ing capability JSTOR provides. Please feel free topass along your experiences (good or bad) and tips/tricksfor accessing the database and searching our content so Ican share your experiences with the R&LHS membership.

JSTOR, an acronym forJOURNAL STORAGE, contains a searchable archive of the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society'sBulletin(1921-1972) andRailroad History(1972-2013), with the most recent five years not included. R&LHS members can set up a free JSTOR account to access all articles and features in the R&LHS Bulletins and Railroad History's that are were published over five years ago, going back to 1921. Instructions on how to join and log into JSTOR are sent to new members by email, and are also posted in the MEMBERSHIP tab on the R&LHS web page: rlhs.org.

New sign-in directions as of February 2021: Here is the solution for member access to JSTOR until we can set up a password protected page on our web site. This access is effectiveimmediately.

(Please note: this information is case-sensitive

Username: rlhs
Password: researchers

To access your publications with this account, click on "Log In" in the upper right corner ofhttps://www.jstor.org/publisher/rlhsand enter the username and password on the JSTOR login page. You should now see the provider designation statement, "Access provided by Railway & Locomotive" at the top of any page on JSTOR.

Searching the JSTOR archives can be done in two ways:

    1. Search whole, individual Bulletin or RRH editions, by date or edition number, or
    2. Search by Author, Subject, or Keyword.

    The home page, after signing in, has a search block to perform a simple search. This is the easiest way to get started if searching for something specific.

To research individual editions, including tables of contents, all articles and all features, including Book Reviews, select BROWSE on the top banner on the home page. Under the BROWSE banner select PUBLISHER, and on the next page select “R”. Then select Railway & Locomotive Historical Society (R&LHS) from the list of publishers, and a page will open containing all R&LHS RRH and BULLETIN accesses. Under JOURNALS, first select RRH's or Bulletins, and selecting one of these will provide total access to all editions, in 10-year groups, in the archives. Selection of one edition will display that edition's Table of Contents, from which all articles and features may be selected, saved, downloaded and printed.

The next level of search by author, subject or keyword or combinations of them is designated ADVANCED SEARCH, accessible on the home page in two places. Once on the advanced search page, the search criteria by author, title or keyword (Use ALL FIELDS pulldown) may be inserted. The search should be further narrowed to “TRANSPORTATION STUDIES”, and then further to: “Railroad History 1972 – 2013/The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin 1921 – 1972”.