July Chapter Meeting set

The next R&LHS Mid-South Chapter Meeting will be held as follows:

Saturday, July 21
2:00 pm
Leeds Historic Depot

PROGRAM: Music of the Mines, Mills, and Railroads in the Birmingham District

PRESENTER: Karen Utz, Curator/Historian and Interim Executive Director
Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark

In 1999, Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark produced a work entitled "Spirit of Steel: Music of the Mines, Mills, and Railroads in the Birmingham District." The focus of the book centers on the labor-related music of the Birmingham district. Migrants pouring into Birmingham's industrial district, whether from the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta or the Appalachian hills, "carried" with them their unique styles of music, as well as their unique traditions and cultures. "Music of the Mines" presents the histories, personal recollections from the musicians and their families, and a social context for the music they made. The presentation not only includes an audio account of this unique labor-related music but also an overview of the individuals and cultures that made all of this possible. Copies of the book will be provided for the audience to follow (and sing!) along.

James Lowery, President

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