Mid-South Chapter’s home building is the Leeds Historic Depot (Leeds, Alabama). Built in 1884, it is owned by the City of Leeds and managed by the Leeds Historical Society, which has granted use of the depot as headquarters for the Chapter.


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President: James Lowery
Vice-President: Dr. Carl Marbury
Secretary: John Troulias
Treasurer: James Lowery
Membership Chair: Warren Jones
Immediate Past President: John D. Browning

Webmaster for Mid-South Pages, Lamont Downs (deshtiran@gmail.com)

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Board Members:

Ken Boyd
John Browning
Bob Greene
Warren Jones
James Lowery
Peggy Lowery
Dr. Carl Marbury
Tim Smith
Matthew Stitt
John Troulias
Brad Watson
Marvin Clemons (Invited Visitor)
Nicholas Costa (invited visitor)
Brad Watson (Invited Visitor)

2024 Meeting Schedule:

February 10, 2024: Mid-South Chapter Annual Meeting and Election of Officers

2:00 pm

Speaker: John Stewart
Topic:  The Birmingham Industrial District as the Basis for a Model Train Layout Design


You must be a member of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society
to join the Mid-South Chapter.

R&LHS Dues : $35/year and up
Mid-South chapter dues: $15.00/year

For more information please visit https://rlhs.org/WP/membership-in-rlhs/