This mission statement was the work of a committee of the board of directors chaired by James Caballero, with members Jerry Angier, Bruce Heard, Bill Howes, Art Lloyd, and Tony Thompson. It was approved by the board at its meeting of May 19, 2005, in Indianapolis.

The mission of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society, Inc., is to collect, interpret, preserve and disseminate information relating to railroad history. The Society’s mission will be achieved by:

1. Publishing Railroad History and maintaining its status as the premier publication in the field.

2. Recognizing and encouraging scholarship in railroad history and other endeavors, such as the Society awards program.

3. Preserving historic documents, photographs and other materials, and providing access through national and chapter activities.

4. Maintaining communication among members of the Society through printed and/or electronic means.

5. Providing fellowship, education, and effective governance of the Society through the annual convention and membership meeting

6. Furthering knowledge of railroad history by publication of significant historical studies and reference works.

7. Encouraging appreciation of railroad history, and providing social enrichment opportunities through chapters and special ­interest groups.

8. Encouraging members to actively participate in the process of researching, recording, and disseminating railroad history by providing research guidance.

9. Promoting the significance of railroad history in schools and related organizations such as historical societies.